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2 merged Wisconsin co-ops announce new name: Alcivia


On July 6, the cooperative fashioned by the March 1 merger of Countryside Cooperative and Landmark Companies Cooperative grew to become Alcivia (pronounced ALL-siv-ia).

“We feel the new brand energizes and empowers our team to make the future even brighter for our members, customers and employees,” in response to Jim Lange, chairman of the board of Alcivia. “Our new tagline, ‘All Together Now,’ speaks to the shared excitement we all feel about how the merger represents the very best of both cooperatives. Embodying the cooperative spirit, Alcivia exists to succeed together.”

(*2*)On the unveiling of the cooperative’s new title on July 6, Jim Dell (pictured), CEO and president of Alcivia defined, “The new name means ‘community,’ coming from the same root as common words for community like ‘civic’ and ‘civility.’” The cooperative additionally launched a new brand with an upward-facing arrow form to “reaffirm a forward-thinking positive culture.”

“The brand development process involved extensive customer research, as well as close collaboration between the board of directors and a wide cross-section of employees over many months,” Dell mentioned. “Our mission, imaginative and prescient and values had been foundational to the hassle, which led to a particular, significant title that’s true to who we’re and the worth our clients can anticipate to get each now and sooner or later.

Dell mentioned the cooperative has 833 workers, together with 490 workers who work full time and serve greater than 25,000 members. The cooperative has $625 million in annual gross sales and extends throughout Wisconsin from northwest of Chicago to St. Paul, Minn., and consists of elements of northern Illinois, japanese Iowa and southeastern Minnesota.

Map of Alcivia locations throughout Wisconsin

WISCONSIN LOCATIONS: This graphic reveals Alcivia places all through Wisconsin.

Yearly, Alcivia handles 39 million bushels of corn, soybeans and wheat mixed. It additionally sells 82 million gallons of power, together with propane, diesel gasoline and gasoline. The animal vitamin division sells 250,000 tons of protein for dairy and livestock. The agronomy division sells 240,000 tons of crop vitamins, $30 million in chemical compounds and $20 million in seed.

“Combined, we exceed $50 million in direct financing to our customers through Verity Business Solutions,” Dell mentioned. “That was part of Landmark Services, and it has been available since March 1 to our customers who were Countryside Co-op members.”

Dell began working as president and CEO of Landmark Companies Cooperative in March 2018.

“Before that, I was in Nebraska, and I spent most of my career in Minnesota,” he mentioned.

Dell mentioned the merger occurred primarily as a result of “we want to make sure we can stay relevant in the marketplace. We want to continue meeting the needs of our customers.”


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