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5 insects that have affected human history


For those who’re glad about studying this story in English as a substitute of French, thank a mosquito.

Particularly, thank Aedes aegypti, also called yellow fever mosquitos.

In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte was attempting to increase his holdings within the Americas when he was stopped brief in Haiti. At the least 30,000 troops fell to yellow fever and malaria, however principally yellow fever, delivered by mosquitos. Confronted with such devastating loss, the French determined to get out of the New World.

Napoleon and the French bought the Louisiana Buy, which included Arkansas, to then-President Thomas Jefferson to recoup their funding. The remaining is history…in keeping with the angle of entomologists Rob Wiedenmann and Ray Fisher.

Wiedenmann is a professor emeritus of entomology and a former entomology division head for the College of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and the Dale Bumpers School of Agricultural, Meals and Life Sciences on the U of A. Fisher is a post-doctoral analysis scientist in entomology for the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the analysis arm of the Division of Agriculture.

Ray Fisher, left, and Rob Wiedenmann wrote “The Silken Thread, Five Insects and Their Impacts on Human History.” Fisher is a analysis scientist in entomology. Wiedenmann is a professor emeritus and former entomology division head.

The pair authored “The Silken Thread: Five Insects and Their Impacts on Human History,” revealed by Oxford College Press this month.

The guide examines vital impacts on human history by home silk moths, human physique lice, oriental rat fleas, yellow fever mosquitos and western honeybees. The silk moth and the honeybee unfold financial advantages to civilizations. The opposite three unfold devastating ailments that interrupted the course of western civilization.


The concept for a guide was born from a category Wiedenmann taught known as “Insects, Science and History.” Initially an undergraduate course that launched college students from different majors to entomology, he revised the category to incorporate insects’ impacts on human life and tradition.

After Wiedenmann retired in 2019, he and Fisher, buddies since Fisher was engaged on his Ph.D. on the College of Arkansas, met for lunch frequently, normally at Hammontree’s. The Fayetteville restaurant will get a shout-out within the guide’s acknowledgments. Their dialog incessantly turned to tales concerning the impacts of insects on human history.

“Ray said, ‘You should write a book,’” Wiedenmann mentioned.

They determined it was a two-person enterprise. Wiedenmann had what he refers to within the guide as “zillions” of tales concerning the intersection of insect and human history. It was Fisher’s thought to trim these zillions down to 5.

“He had way too many stories to fit in a book anyone would want to read,” Fisher mentioned. “I had to rein him in.”

“We began with, ‘Can we write a cool history with these five insects?’” Fisher mentioned. “Many insects have had diffuse impacts on history. But these five drove huge leaps in history. They have a very narrative story where they made these right-angle changes in the trajectory of human history.”

Simply as they started working in earnest, the COVID-19 pandemic modified the course of human history in its personal manner. Wiedenmann and Fisher collaborated principally by Zoom. Wiedenmann had the important parts of history, however they knew they needed to discover clear historic information and organic proof to help their narratives.

Fisher proved to be the Indiana Jones of historic and entomological analysis. “Ray would find these arcane references,” Wiedenmann mentioned, including that these had been driving him loopy. Till they didn’t anymore. “The amoeba reference pushed me over the edge,” he mentioned. “But it was perfect.”

Amoebae eat micro organism. However the micro organism that causes plague has a trick that retains it from being digested and, as a substitute, makes use of amoebae to outlive underneath situations it in any other case couldn’t endure. The complete story is in chapter 6. You’ll adore it.

Relearning History

As Wiedenmann and Fisher dug deeper into the tales they needed to inform, they found that a lot of what they thought they knew about history was flawed.

“Everyone knows that fleas carried on rats caused the Black Death plagues in Europe,” Fisher mentioned. “Except they didn’t.”

Fisher mentioned the oriental rat fleas took the plague micro organism out of Asia, however they didn’t trigger the fast unfold, turning the plague into the Black Demise. One other pest — human physique lice are regarded as the culprits that quickly unfold the primary two plagues.

“When we think about the Black Death, everything we thought we knew was wrong,” Fisher mentioned.

Each discovery was like a revelation. Wiedenmann mentioned, “I kept asking Luann (his wife), ‘Did you know this?’ Almost daily, we were learning that the history we thought we knew was wrong.”

Their guide can be filled with little tales that linked their insect topics to huge historic moments, just like the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln with what could have been the primary try at organic warfare.

Earlier than anybody knew that Aedes aegypti mosquitos unfold yellow fever, many individuals believed that garments worn by the sick might unfold the illness. Dr. Luke Pryor Blackburn, a fervent supporter of the Confederacy and hater of something northern, collected clothes from yellow fever victims, packaged them up and shipped them to public sale homes in northern cities, hoping to contaminate as many Yankees as doable. He even despatched one load he claimed might kill at 60 yards to an public sale home on Pennsylvania Avenue, a stone’s throw from the White Home. He hoped Lincoln would go by and die.

Wiedenmann and Fisher additionally present how IBM owes a debt of due to home silkworms for his or her position in inventing computer systems. Take a look at chapter three for that story.

Tie that binds

The frequent thread working by every of those insects’ tales is the net of historical routes collectively known as the Silk Roads, by which Chinese language marketed silk to the world.

Silk grew to become a serious commodity that ultimately sure jap and western civilizations over the Silk Roads. “The history of silk is the history of humans,” Wiedenmann mentioned. And the history of silk begins with the domestication of the silkworm, maybe as way back as 7,000 years, he mentioned.

These Silk Roads grew to become main routes for a lot of functions, from commerce to battle. And the insect topics of The Silken Thread discovered their manner alongside these roads — each coming and going with the caravans that traveled them.

The human physique louse and oriental rat flea, each carriers of the Black Demise of their instances, discovered their technique to Europe, carried by the caravans that traveled the Silk Roads.

Aedes aegypti got here to the Americas by a unique and infamous route however was sure to the Silk Roads by exterior ties. Fisher mentioned the connection was sugarcane, which originated in tropical areas of Asia and located its technique to Europe over the Silk Roads. However Europeans, desirous to develop the crop for themselves discovered that the heat-loving plant thrived within the tropics of the New World. However they required a labor power.

The authors relate how the African slave commerce originated on the Atlantic island of Madeira and ultimately made its technique to the Americas.

Yellow fever originated on islands close to Madagascar and unfold to and throughout the African continent. When slave merchants started raiding western Africa to enslave the peoples there, Aedes aegypti and their lethal hitchhiker had been ready for them. The mosquitos and yellow fever had been transported to the Caribbean on slave ships and ultimately unfold to the remainder of the Americas.

Western honeybees, also called European honeybees, traveled the Silk Roads in the wrong way from the opposite 4 insects within the guide. Honeybees offered a bountiful agricultural product — honey — sought within the east. To not point out the bees’ present of pollination for fruit and vegetable crops.

Again to Bonaparte

Poor Napoleon’s dangerous luck didn’t start or finish together with his disastrous encounter with Aedes aegypti and yellow fever. He was defeated thrice by the disease-carrying characters of Wiedenmann’s and Fisher’s guide.

Earlier than he ran out of luck within the New World, Bonaparte’s Egypt and Syria marketing campaign was introduced up brief by oriental rat fleas. He set out with 13,000 troops on that mission. After shedding some 2,000 of them to flea-borne plague, and being hampered by many extra sick, Napoleon bailed out of that operation.

Lastly, his Russian invasion was misplaced in 1812 when his Grand Armée of 650,000 French and allied troops was lowered to twenty,000 who returned house wholesome. Historians principally attribute that defeat to the combating spirit of the Russians and the extreme chilly of the Russian winter, they usually’re not solely flawed. However Wiedenmann mentioned many died from typhus, unfold when the shivering survivors placed on the lice-infested coats of those that died from the illness.


Wiedenmann and Fisher concede that fashionable historians could not solely share their views on history. “We’re not historians,” Wiedenmann mentioned. “We’re just entomologists who have a love for history.”

Wiedenmann and Fisher say the guide was a pleasant journey of discovery for its authors.

(*5*) Wiedenmann mentioned.

Wiedenmann and Fisher will maintain guide signings on the College of Arkansas Bookstore on Oct. 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and at Pearl’s Books in downtown Fayetteville on Nov. 9 from midday to 1 p.m.

Supply: College of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, which is solely liable for the knowledge offered and is wholly owned by the supply. Informa Enterprise Media and all its subsidiaries will not be liable for any of the content material contained on this data asset.


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