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5 Wild Grains You Can Cook With


When you’re trying to develop your pantry—and to maneuver away from a number of the kitchen’s extra anticipated carbohydrates—wild grains could also be for you. As a class, wild grains are outlined as uncultivated grains that develop naturally and have been used for hundreds of years as a supply of sustenance. From the seedpods of foraged grasses to the acquainted seeds that represent aquatic wild rice, wild grains run the spectrum by way of use and taste profile.

Listed below are 5 wild grains—a few of which can be rising in your personal yard—with which you’ll prepare dinner or bake.

A mature curly dock plant in its seed stage. Picture by TippyTortue/Shutterstock.

Curly Dock

A plant that thrives in wooded and moist areas, curly dock is an invasive species that may simply be harvested for dwelling use. Seeds will be toasted, husks intact, and floor right into a buckwheat-style flour. (Like buckwheat, it has an attendant bitterness and advantages from a mix with different flours when utilized in baked items.)

Curly dock is pretty recognizable, with a low-growing, green-leafed plant that sprouts tall, slender crimson flowers in spring. The seeds that can be utilized for cooking seem in late summer season and fall and are brown in shade and oval in form. Grind the dried seeds into flour in a spice grinder or with a mortar and pestle. The flour can be utilized in every little thing from brownies to bread to crackers.

Lamb’s quarters is a typical plant of meadows and fields. Picture by Ungrim/Shutterstock.

Lamb’s Quarters

A part of the amaranth household (of which quinoa can be a member), lamb’s quarters perform each as greens and as grains. The plant’s leaves will be harvested and cooked the best way most greens are (sauté them with garlic in oil for a tasty facet). The seeds, nevertheless, are the substantive wild grain on this plant, they usually can be utilized to make a light-weight, versatile flour.

Harvest the seeds in fall and separate the outer layer from the interior seed. The seeds can then be dried and floor into flour for use in a dense model of bread. Raw lamb’s quarters seeds include an ingredient that’s poisonous to people, so the seeds—and their attendant flour—should be cooked earlier than consuming.

Wild rice isn’t really rice in any respect. Picture by Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock.

Wild Rice

Wild rice is just not technically rice and is, as a substitute, a kind of seed from a special sort of aquatic plant. The grain grows in marshlands, rivers and creeks within the northern United States and in Canada. Its seeds, that are excessive in protein, iron and potassium, float above the water and are sometimes the goal of waterfowl.

This gluten-free different to different kinds of rice will be boiled on the range (a agency grain, it takes a very long time to prepare dinner, so give your self no less than 45 minutes), fluffed and served to enhance protein or vegetable dishes.

Wild rye can be known as perennial ryegrass. Picture by Doikanoy/Shutterstock.

Wild Rye

Also called ryegrass, wild rye grows prolifically within the northern United States and in components of Canada. The wild grain can be utilized in a lot of iterations, together with a porridge or “breakfast mush”: Rye chops, or rough-cut rye berries, are soaked in sizzling milk and eaten like oatmeal. Rye berries will be cooked in boiling salted water, too, and handled nearly like pasta. Eat them after they’ve grow to be tender, as a part of a grain bowl, accompanied by greens or with butter and cheese.

Wild rye berries can be dried and floor in a spice grinder for a nutrient-dense flour that can be utilized in bread-baking.


You would possibly already be rising barnyard grass in your yard. Picture by John Tann/Inventive Commons

Barnyard Grass

This yard weed—its scientific identify is Echinochloa crus-galli—grows all through the US and Canada. It’s the seed of this plant, and never the grass blade, that can be utilized in cooking. The imminently versatile seeds, actually, will be floor into flour, like most grains, however they can be roasted, boiled and even popped right into a meals resembling popcorn.

Barnyard grass falls into the millet household and is used all through the world in related purposes. In Asia and India, the seeds are processed right into a pearl grain. The prolific weed has additionally been proven to extend HDL (“good”) ldl cholesterol and to stabilize blood sugar ranges.


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