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AGCO enters targeted spraying with Bosch, BASF Digital, and Raven Industries


AGCO is asserting it can enter a proof of idea (PoC) collaboration settlement with Bosch, BASF Digital Farming, and Raven Industries.

The target of the collaboration is to guage targeted spraying know-how to make the appliance of crop safety merchandise simpler and environment friendly, by decreasing crop enter prices, whereas driving farm and environmental sustainability, says the corporate.

The targeted spraying PoC will deal with real-time sensing know-how, to make crop safety choices. The know-how will be capable of detect weeds in rising crops in addition to on fallow floor, in day or evening circumstances, says AGCO, and by doing so will execute exact targeted product placement, right down to the person plant stage.


The preliminary idea is being evaluated on a Fendt Rogator sprayer in Europe, with plans to increase to North America in 2022.

“Farmers have long been searching for innovative ways to minimize chemical usage and reduce passes through the field to achieve their crop protection goals,” says Seth Crawford, senior vp and basic supervisor for Precision Ag and Digital for AGCO. “Combined with the potential for further regulatory pressure, we believe this collaborative spraying effort advances our farmer-first focus and is further evidence that we will work with the best-in-class partners to serve farmers’ needs. This effort is aimed at validating targeted spraying solutions, delivering a reduction in product use to achieve the same results as broadcast spraying in both pre- and post-emergence with the flexibility of spraying day or night.”

Coupled with AGCO’s software gear experience, Bosch brings the capabilities in {hardware}, machine studying, and synthetic intelligence in addition to digital providers, with their xarvio platform. Raven Utilized Expertise brings sprayer efficacy and operational efficiencies to the desk, that will additional allow precision management of chemical purposes.


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