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AGCO introduces AutoDock header docking system


AGCO has launched its newest harvesting resolution, the AutoDock header docking system, for Fendt IDEAL combines.

AutoDock is the business’s first automated system for connecting and disconnecting mix headers, with out having to get out of the mix, says the corporate. It eliminates the job of manually lifting and attaching or detaching drivelines, which, as anybody who has finished this earlier than is aware of, takes time.

Now, the operator maneuvers the mix to the header, lifts the header from the bottom or trailer with the mix, then pushes the connect icon on the touch-screen management panel. AutoDock makes use of information pins and hydraulic actuators to routinely join the drives on either side of the header, connecting all mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic techniques with a single-point coupler, whereas mechanically latching the header in place in solely 5 seconds. Pushing the detach icon reverses the method when it’s time to take away the header.

Barry O’Shea, product line lead with AGCO, says this can particularly enhance effectivity for farmers which are repeatedly altering between harvesting corn and soybeans.

“In the morning, when it’s wet, many will go ahead and harvest corn, and in the afternoon they will want to go back to beans. So they are doing a lot of switching headers. So it makes that time much more efficient, while keeping the driver cleaner because they aren’t having to get in and out of the combine.”

It is also designed in such a manner that when it decouples, it covers itself again as much as hold itself clear.

“If you look at farmers they will just wipe it with a rag or their hands to clean the couplet. So that helps a lot, especially when you are leaving the header in the field. and there is dust and stuff blowing. So there are several areas where it saves time — so more productive — and some great creature comforts,” O’Shea notes.

The AutoDock system could also be ordered as an possibility on all Fendt IDEAL combines. It’s obtainable for the DynaFlex 9300 Collection draper head and 3300 Command Collection corn heads geared up with AutoDock drivelines and adapters for the multi-coupler attachment. DynaFlex 9300 Collection headers are available in 5 slicing widths from 30 to 50 ft. The 3300 Command Collection corn heads can be found in chopping and non-chopping fashions with 30-inch row spacing in eight-, 12- and 16-row configurations.

O’Shea additionally provides that there’s a equipment your supplier can order, which lets you convert non AGCO headers to make use of AutoDock, to make sure you should use it on an IDEAL mix.

Take a look at the total dialog between O’Shea and Kara Oosterhuis, beneath:



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