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Ageratum Flowers (Floss Flower) – All you need to know


Ageratum Flowers also called Floss Flower, is available in totally different colours like blue, pink and white blooms. The taller styles of the flowers are greatest for slicing and displaying in your house, whereas the dwarf bedding styles of the flowers are greatest stored within the backyard.

Ageratum Flowers requires a Full Solar / Partial Shade whereas their solar requirement is a well-drained soil. It operates in Zones of about 5 – 9. Its Top is round 0.5 – 2 toes tall and it Blooms in Mid‑Summer season – Mid‑Fall. It additionally has a novel function as it’s good for minimize flowers.

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What’s Ageratum Flowers (Floss Flower)?

For these new to flower gardening, you could also be questioning, “What is ageratum and how is it cultivated?”

Ageratum houstonianum, a local of Mexico, is among the many mostly planted ageratum varieties. Ageratums provide mushy, spherical, fluffy flowers in numerous shades of blue, pink or white with blue being commonest.

Ageratum vegetation develop from seed or from small seedlings generally present in backyard facilities. Greater than 60 cultivars of the blue ageratum flower can be found, usually reaching solely 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm.) when totally grown.

The wild ageratum is a taller specimen that reseeds abundantly, however most accessible seeds of the ageratum might be from hybrid varieties. Widespread styles of the ageratum flowers provide a variety of blue colours and embrace the next cultivars:

‘Hawaii‘ – This type has blooms of a royal blue. It flowers early and is one of the most long lasting of the species.

‘Blue Mink‘ – This cultivar has flowers in a powder blue color and reaches 12 inches (30 cm.) in height.

‘Blue Danube‘ – A variety that reaches just 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm.) and features blooms in a medium blue shade. Pink and white blooming cultivars are available as well, but tend to wither early and take on a worn, brown look.

How to Plant Ageratum Flowers

Ageratum plants may be started from seed when the soil has warmed outside. Cover seeds lightly, as seeds of ageratum plants need sunlight to germinate.

For an early start to blooms of the ageratum flower, start seeds indoors eight to 10 weeks before planting in the spring garden.

Ageratum Flowers

Caring for Ageratum Flowers

An annual and sometimes perennial flower, the ageratum flowers blooms from spring until fall when receiving proper care. Caring for ageratums includes regular watering until the plant is established.

Use warm water to irrigate the plant for a bounty of blue blooms. You should also deadhead spent blooms as needed to encourage more flowers. Growing and caring for ageratums is simple.

Stick with the popular blue blooms of the ageratum, deadhead as needed and enjoy the simple blue flower in your garden this year.

Pruning and maintenance:

While most will require deadheading to encourage new flowers, others will grow up over the spent blooms, covering them up, and may not need deadheading to look good.

Cut back if plants start looking tired or are outgrowing the space; they should rebloom within a week or two.


Plant in well-amended soil that drains well. Ageratum is not fussy about soil pH.

Amendments & fertilizer:

Ageratums are heavy feeders and benefit from regular fertilizing.

Mix a granular slow-release fertilizer into the soil at the time of planting and reapply mid-season, or use a water-soluble fertilizer twice monthly according to package instructions.

Yellow leaves may be a sign that plants aren’t receiving sufficient fertilizer.

Mulch with natural materials akin to shredded leaves or compost to suppress weeds and preserve moisture.

Maintain mulch a number of inches away from the bottom of the plant to keep away from crown or stem rot.


Ageratums have shallow roots, to allow them to rapidly dry out and wilt. Present constant water no less than weekly, or extra as wanted throughout heat spells.

To stop foliar ailments, water within the morning so vegetation can dry out, or irrigate across the base of the vegetation fairly than overhead.

Ailments and pests:

When planted within the very best web site, ageratums are resistant to most pests and ailments. An excessive amount of shade, lack of air circulation, or excessive humidity may cause fungal ailments akin to powdery mildew.

Poor drainage or overwatering can lead to root rot. Attainable insect issues embrace spider mites, aphids, and whiteflies.

Deer resistance:

Deer will typically depart ageratum alone, although excessive circumstances can lead to deer grazing on vegetation that they wouldn’t in any other case.

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Often grown as an annual; perennial in Zones 10-11.


4 to 36 inches tall, 6 to 18 inches huge.


Full solar to partial shade. Ageratum vegetation will flower greatest in full solar; an excessive amount of shade can lead to much less blooms and leggy vegetation. In hotter areas, vegetation profit from afternoon shade.

Bloom time:

From late spring to frost.

Coloration and traits:

Also referred to as floss flower for its floss-like petals, the tiny blooms resemble fluffy pompoms. Flowers are produced in dense clusters in colours of blue, purple, crimson, white, or pink.

Leaves are medium inexperienced and oval or lance-shaped. Plant behavior ranges from brief and densely compact to upright and unfastened.


Ageratum may be poisonous to grazing animals, inflicting liver lesions. All elements of the plant are toxic and could also be dangerous to pets or people if ingested. Name poison management or your native veterinarian for recommendation if mandatory.


When to plant Floss Flower:

Plant nursery begins outdoor from late spring to early summer season in spite of everything hazard of frost is previous. Sow seed indoors 8 to 10 weeks earlier than your final common frost date.

Seeds may be sown straight outdoor after your common final frost date; nevertheless, vegetation is not going to bloom till late summer season or fall. Ageratums are warmth lovers and can fail to thrive if it’s too chilly.

The place to plant Floss Flower:

In a mattress or container with wealthy, well-draining soil that can keep evenly moist.

How to plant Floss Flower:

Press seeds gently into the soil combine and don’t cowl, as seeds need mild to germinate. Maintain moist till leaves emerge (5 to 14 days), and transplant outdoor in spite of everything hazard of frost is previous.

For nursery begins, take away plant from the container and gently tease out the roots if potbound.

Dig a gap and place so the highest of the basis ball is degree with the soil floor.

Gently tamp down soil across the base and water nicely. House taller varieties 12 inches aside, and shorter varieties 6 inches aside.

Spacing of Floss Flower

Single Crops: 7″ (20cm) every manner (minimal)
Rows: 7″ (20cm) with 11″ (30cm) row hole (minimal)

Sow and Plant

Sow tiny ageratum seeds atop moist seed beginning combine and gently press them into the floor. Most gardeners purchase ageratum seedlings, however solely dwarf varieties are extensively accessible as bedding vegetation.

House dwarf varieties 8 inches (20cm) aside in all instructions; enable 12 inches (30cm) between very tall varieties.


Blue ageratum gives wonderful distinction when mixed with flowers with orange blossoms. Some varieties produce white or pink blossoms.

Harvesting of Floss Flower

Snip off spent blossoms to preserve vegetation wanting neat, and to delay flowering. Tall varieties make nice minimize flowers.


White ageratum blossoms go brown as they age, which isn’t as noticeable in varieties that bloom blue.

Planting and Harvesting Calendar


With totally different varieties to select from, listed below are some ideas to take into account:

For beds and borders:

Taller varieties may be planted halfway in a border together with different annuals and perennials. Shorter varieties may be sited on the entrance of a mattress or combined border.

For edging:

Shorter varieties are appropriate alongside pathways.

For containers:

Mix low growers with different annuals with related wants, akin to petunias, coleus, or pelargonium.

For bouquets, flower preparations, and slicing gardens:

Select taller varieties with lengthy stems for slicing.

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There are various methods to incorporate ageratum into your panorama. Right here’s how:

  • Mix blue varieties with white pelargonium and Vista™ Pink salvia for a patriotic 4th of July show.
  • Edge pathways and borders with dwarf varieties for months of prolonged shade.
  • Use dwarf or compact varieties as filler in a container, window field, or hanging basket together with different trailing and upright annuals for the “thriller, filler, spiller” impact.
  • Develop taller varieties in a cut-flower mattress with different summer season bloomers akin to cosmos, sunflowers, zinnias, and dahlias for seasonal bouquets.
  • Plant a dwarf selection in a brightly coloured ceramic pot and use as a centerpiece on a patio desk the place the diminutive flowers may be loved up shut.
  • Ageratum combines nicely with different sun-loving annuals. Attainable companions embrace petunias, bunnytail grass, candy alyssum, African daisy, calibrachoa, and coleus.


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