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Ants acting as ‘bodyguards’ for plants


Although you may not consider ants as formidable bodyguards, some do a formidable job defending plants from enemies. Now, scientists on the College of Toronto (U of T) have decided what makes some higher bodyguards than others.

Analyzing the connection between the Amazon rainforest plant Cordia nodosa in Peru and the Amazonian ant Allomerus octoarticulatus, they discovered the diploma to which the ants categorical two genes considerably impacts the quantity of safety they supply to their hosts.

The ant-plant relationship is an instance of a phenomenon in nature identified as mutualism, during which two seemingly disparate species work together in a fashion that’s mutually helpful for each.

Two frequent examples of mutualisms are pollination and seed dispersal, each of which contain plants attracting animals that carry out an essential service by providing them a meals reward. The options of mutualisms, nevertheless, differ throughout animals and species.

“Around 400 species of tropical plants have evolved specialized structures called domatia to house ant colonies that defend them, mainly against herbivorous insects,” mentioned Megan Frederickson, affiliate professor within the Division of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at U of T and senior writer of a brand new research printed in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. “Because there are many, many arboreal ants in rainforests, tropical trees are often completely covered in ants.”

Frederickson means that these domatia that give ants a house most likely developed as a result of they entice the ants that maintain herbivores off plants.

“The plant we studied is attacked by grasshoppers, beetles, and caterpillars, and although these insects are small, they can do a lot of damage to trees,” she mentioned. “And since ants eat a lot of insects and other arthropods, they reduce the density of such herbivores on the trees.”

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The researchers zeroed in on two genes of Allomerus octoarticulatus that regulate foraging behaviour, understanding that how an animal forages for meals usually determines how a lot profit its plant accomplice receives.

Working within the area within the Peruvian Amazon, they fed some colonies a chemical that will increase the exercise of the genes’ merchandise, and noticed the way it modified ant habits. They then collected the ants and introduced them again to Toronto for molecular evaluation.

“We found that when we activated the products of these two ant genes, more workers were recruited to attack herbivores, resulting in less damage to the trees,” Frederickson mentioned. “Gene expression in ant workers was also correlated with whether an ant colony discovered a grasshopper and how much damage was inflicted on leaves.”

The outcomes recommend a molecular foundation for ant safety of plants on this mutualism. Beforehand, little was identified concerning the genes or molecular mechanisms that make some ants higher bodyguards than others.

Frederickson and her colleagues recommend this analysis may sometime assist us perceive what makes some animals higher pollinators or seed dispersers too, though they warning that genetically engineering animals for these ecosystem providers may have unintended penalties.

The findings are reported within the paper “An ant-plant mutualism through the lens of cGMP-dependent kinase genes” within the September 13 concern of Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The analysis is supported by funding from the Pure Sciences and Engineering Analysis Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Canadian Institute for Superior Analysis (CIFAR).


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