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Assess hair loss in beef cattle


How a lot hair a cow has could have an effect on efficiency. For beef cattle, shedding hair is essential to coping with summer season warmth stress.

Eldon Cole, College of Missouri Extension livestock specialist, says farmers want to concentrate to “shaggy cows” as they have an inclination to battle to achieve weight in scorching, humid temperatures.

“Mid-April to mid-June is the ideal time to evaluate your cow herd’s hair shedding ability,” Cole says in a latest information launch. “This may seem to be a silly thing to do, but hair shedding is a moderately heritable trait.”

Researchers on the College of Missouri, with assist from researchers at Mississippi State and North Carolina State, have been monitoring the time of shedding and its impact on animal efficiency. Since 2011, they discovered the speed of shedding performs a considerable position in cattle’s tolerance to warmth, Cole explains.

An animal’s hair retention is so vital that the American Angus Affiliation is in creating anticipated progeny distinction (EPD) values, he provides.

Charge your cow’s hair loss

Based on the MU information, cattle shed hair from entrance to again and from topline to stomach, however some animals range this sample. One of many final spots cattle shed is the decrease quarter above its hock and its underline.

A preferred hair scoring system makes use of a worth of 1 to five. Here’s a fast visible evaluation information for beef farmers based mostly on info from MU Extension Guide “Hair Shedding: A tool to select heat tolerant cattle.”

With the intention to get a constant hair ranking, Cole provides a couple of tricks to scoring:

  • Use just one or two scorers.
  • Rating cattle inside a seven-day time-frame.
  • Rating solely yearlings or older cattle
  • Take notes on every pasture and age of cattle scored to check animal’s sire and calving dates.

Shedding knowledge assortment

Hair shedding scores might be decided as cattle go by way of the chute or when they’re out on pasture. Farmers don’t have to restrain cattle for scoring.

The information recommends sustaining lists of which cattle are in which pastures and utilizing knowledge recording sheets when accumulating shedding info. And it’s quick. MU says the speed of scoring averages is one cow per minute.

One other time to gather hair shedding rating knowledge is throughout routine cattle dealing with.


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