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Assume a two-step weed control strategy for waterhemp


Glyphosate resistant waterhemp has unfold from Essex Nation, Ontario, all the way in which to Leeds-Grenville County, almost 700 kilometres away in simply seven rising seasons.

Whereas the precise path of unfold will not be identified, Dr. Peter Sikkema, weed administration professor with the College of Guelph, says that introduction could be by means of wind dispersal, in livestock feed, or seed.

Irrespective of the way it travels, attempting to tame this resistant weed requires planning, and as Sikkema explains in Day 1 of the 2021 Ontario Diagnostic Days, a two-pass plan is probably going the usual now.

Sikkema says that there’s already confirmed resistance to herbicide Teams 2, 5, 9, and 14 in Ontario. Upon additional testing, it has been discovered that the waterhemp genetics first discovered right here that have been proof against glyphosate probably originated in Missouri.

Due to the multi-active resistance, Sikkema has been evaluating a number of two-pass herbicide methods utilizing two or extra merchandise. His work means that an efficient soil-applied product plus an in-crop choice must be the bottom of any waterhemp control strategy.

“The key there, is even in a dry year the soil-applied product will offer some control. It’s up to farmers and agronomists to then scout and control the “escapes” or later rising inhabitants of the weed. Planning for a pre- and post-emerge system is required as a result of if you’re drawing up plans in March, you don’t know what the moisture circumstances might be like at planting, or how dense the waterhemp might be,” he says.

In Sikkema’s work, his crew has checked out a number of soybean varieties, and have used Zidua plus Sencor, and Zidu, plus Sencor, plus Liberty in-crop for efficient choices. The strategy is comparable in corn, he says.

A 3-product system can obtain almost 100 per cent control, he says.

“Every farm should start with your best set up program, and plan for a post-emerge pass if there are escapes,” he says. With out administration of these escapes, you’ll be able to strategy 100 per cent yield loss over time.

Watch or take heed to the whole dialogue on herbicide choices with Dr. Peter Sikkema, right here!


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