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BASF receives registration for new fungicide Veltyma


BASF Canada has acquired registration approval from the Pest Administration Regulatory Company for Veltyma fungicide.

Veltyma offers broad spectrum management in opposition to key leaf illnesses on a number of crops together with corn, potatoes, wheat, and soybeans, together with Group 3 resistant biotypes, says the corporate.

The product is registered for broad spectrum management in opposition to northern corn leaf blight, tar spot, widespread rust, eyespot, and grey leaf spot in corn. It’s also registered for safety in opposition to early blight, black dot, and brown spot in potatoes. In wheat, it’s registered for management in opposition to septoria leaf blotch, leaf rust, stripe rust, and tan spot.

Veltyma comprises pyraclostrobin (Group 11) and mefentrifluconazole (Group 3), a mix often known as Revysol. BASF says that Revysol’s distinctive molecular construction binds goal enzymes extra powerfully than different Group 3 merchandise, offering efficiency on a broad spectrum of illnesses.

“We know that farmers need new and innovative solutions to manage issues today, while at the same time, addressing the challenges of tomorrow. We are thrilled to be able to bring Veltyma – with the new active ingredient Revysol – to Canadian growers,” says Trevor Latta, model supervisor for corn, soybean and horticulture. “Veltyma provides growers with the best of both worlds: multiple modes of systemic residual activity while delivering proven plant health benefits, including increased growth efficiency and greater yield potential. With the launch of Veltyma, we are setting a new standard of disease control.”

Veltyma will likely be accessible for buy within the 2022 rising season.


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