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Beef Market Update: Basis tightens as dressed market drops in Alberta


It appears to be par for the course that the cattle markets are doing just a little little bit of every thing as of late.

Anne Wasko, of the Gateway Livestock Trade, says from a value perspective, the U.S. market is up, and the Alberta market is down.

“In the U.S., most of the trade is in the north, $1-2 higher is how I think it’ll finish, at that $125/$126 mark. There’s not much traded in the south yet — a few at that $122, but basically that would be steady to $1 higher as well,” she explains.

In Alberta, the story isn’t wanting nice, as the worth in the dressed market has dropped down $4, to $273 delivered, says Wasko, bringing that common all the way down to $162.

“So with that move, when you’ve got U.S. up, and local down, our basis narrows. It’s still a +8, but two weeks ago it was +19,” she explains. “Still a strong basis, but a big change in a short period of time.”

As Wasko notes, Canadian packers are going to need to do doing every thing in their energy to verify provide stays right here. Top-of-the-line methods to ship that message to cattle feeder suppliers? A powerful foundation atmosphere.

The opposite factor we’ve seen come down as properly is the cutout value — all the way down to $307 on alternative cutout. Within the U.S., that’s down $19 from per week in the past, coming off its highs from just a few weeks in the past.

“That’s normal, that’s seasonal, but it’s coming down from some pretty inflated levels,” says Wasko. “This is what’s to be expected.”

Take a look at the total dialog between RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney and Wasko, under:


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