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Beef Market Update: Cattle placements rise year over year

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It’s been one other regular week for money cattle commerce in each the U.S. and Canada.

Anne Wasko, of the Gateway Livestock Alternate says that within the U.S., commerce has been at $118-$119, and round $187-$191 dressed, whereas the storyline from earlier weeks for cutout values continues.

“Choice closed last night at $330 USD, which is up $6 from a week ago. This continues to make amazing progress, but again, high wholesale prices, high retail prices… all of us are wondering, once we get past this demand barbecue season, do things slow off? Beef is pretty pricey at these levels,” Wasko explains.

On the Canadian facet of issues, Alberta stayed pretty regular with dressed costs at $273-$275, and Ontario gaining floor on the $255-260 mark.

Nevertheless, as Wasko notes, robust markets imply a robust foundation stage for Western Canada — sitting at that +19 mark.

While you examine Alberta to what’s occurring in different elements of Canada, in addition to the U.S., many are asking as we get by means of this log of cattle, if it is a main indicator or not.

“I do think the strong basis this year has pointed towards the whole supply and demand piece, but I do think the currentness piece is a part of that for sure. Last week in Canada our steer carcass weights were 896, so that’s down 22 pounds from a year ago. That’s the first time we’ve dropped under a 900 pound steer weight in this country since last July. But it’s still pointing to some heavy weights compared to say, the five year average,” she says, including that tendencies in weights is often a number one indicator, alongside the cattle on feed report.

From the cattle on feed studies, Wasko says the underside line is that placements proceed to be bigger, with Western Canada inserting 23 per cent extra cattle than 2020, and the U.S. has positioned 13 per cent extra cattle.

Try the complete dialog between Wasko and RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney, beneath:


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