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Beef Market Update: Frustration looms as cash market continues disappointing run


Many cattle feeders could also be describing this yr as one of the disappointing cash markets they’ve seen in a very long time, particularly given the demand that’s on the market proper now.

“Stuck” is the phrase host Shaun Haney is utilizing to explain it, whereas Anne Wasko of the Gateway Livestock Change, is utilizing “frustrating” and “disappointing.”

No matter phrases you’re utilizing, they probably aren’t good.

Within the U.S., we’ve completed the seventh straight week of the market being in that flat transition interval — with one other week at $114.

“Normally by now we are heading into a spring high. And don’t forget a month ago, the April live cattle futures told us that this market is going to get better. It peaked at $126.70 and here we are at $117 today for April,” Wasko says. “It’s very frustrating.”

Because the futures have come all the way down to cash, and with a few of the costs of feeder cattle at sure factors within the consumption, breakeven is simply not within the favour of the feedyard but once more. (Story continues beneath video)

As Wasko notes, we’ve obtained to get by means of this backlog, or the “COVID-19 hangover” with a view to actually see this market enhance for the cattle feeder.

“We knew we had them for the first quarter of this year — whether we are talking in the U.S. or Canada — but we truly have to get them behind us so that leverage can turn to the cattle feeders favour. And it will. But it’s just been frustratingly slow,” she explains.

However what actually is that feedyard leverage? What does it take for that tide to show — what must transpire for that to occur? As Wasko explains, one other manner to take a look at it’s your bargaining energy.

“It’s supply or demand. We’ve talked about it — and it’s not the demand piece. The demand for beef in both of our countries continues to be absolutely outstanding. So that’s not the piece,” Wasko notes. “This time for sure it’s that COVID hangover of cattle that we’ve really got to put clearly behind us. And certainly as we go through 2021, those numbers do come in our favour.”


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