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Broiler Starter Mash Feed Formula (For Male Broilers)


all the things created by God is made up of two genders (Male and
Feminine), together with poultry birds. In poultry farming, after we speak
about Layers as the feminine, we additionally speak in regards to the Cockerels as their

In the meantime in broilers, there are female and male broilers they usually posses some distinctive traits which barely differentiate them from others (as mentioned in our earlier subjects, you possibly can search the web site for extra info on this).

Animal feed akin to Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) is blended with different components in animal feeds. DCP is especially designed for breeding functions (cattle and poultry). It strengthens the skeleton and accelerates the animal’s development.The next are the DCP values for every of the frequent components utilized in feed making: Complete maize—8.23%, Soya—45%, Fishmeal—55%, Maize bran—7percentand Sunflower—35%

Every class of rooster has its dietary requirement. For instance, if we wish to make feed for layers, the feed ought to have no less than 18% crude protein. Feed components for poultry diets are chosen based mostly on a few elements akin to nutrient content material, anti-nutritional elements or toxins, palatability and value.

Success within the poultry farming enterprise principally is determined by feeding high quality feed and feed formulation system. For correct development, egg manufacturing and good well being, poultry birds require power. As a way to acquire the specified development price, you need to need to buy and supply extremely nutritious poultry feed. Aside from enough and high quality feeding, you possibly can’t run your enterprise correctly.

At the moment we’re going to focus on in regards to the broiler starter mash feed method for the male broilers:

Here’s a video of the audio model of broiler starter mash feed method for the male broilers under:

Utilizing a complete compounding amount of 1 ton (1,000kg) under is the method to your male broilers:

Broiler Starter Mash Feed Formula for Male Broilers

Maize = 554kg

Bean Meal = 103kg

Offals = 274kg

Oil = 20kg

DCP = 16kg

Limestone = 15kg

Agrar = 4kg

Premix = 3kg

Binder = 3kg

Salt = 3kg

Lysine = 2kg

Methionine = 2kg

Chloride = 1kg

Complete =
1,000kg (one ton)

There are specific elements that
can alter this method supplied above which embrace however not restricted
to the next: Climate, Availability of Uncooked-Supplies, Value of
Uncooked-Supplies and many others. Subsequently, the above supplied feed method is
topic to alter or adjustment which is why I usually strongly
advocate that you simply carry an skilled alongside.

Additionally, all the time guarantee to buy your uncooked supplies from respected sources to make sure that the raw-materials procured are at their finest dietary state to keep away from serving your birds unhealthy or contaminated feeds that may vastly have an effect on your poultry birds.

Broiler Starter Mash Feed Formula (For Male Broilers)

You may divide or multiply the method to the amount of feed you want to compound to your birds, As an example: if you wish to produce 100kg complete feed then all you’ll want to do is divide all of the uncooked supplies supplied above utilizing 10 together with your calculator and if you wish to compound 10,000kg of feed as a substitute, all you additionally must do is to multiply all of the uncooked supplies supplied above by 10 utilizing your calculator.

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