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Cages Vs Deep Litters: Which is better in Raising Birds? Find out


The place the birds are raised relies on the house of land at your disposal and the variety of birds you need to increase. The main good thing about elevating birds in battery cages is that it helps maximize house.

The efficiency of the birds whether or not in deep litters or in cages relies upon largely on how effectively they’re managed.

So in elevating your birds, an professional ought to be carried alongside in order to information you on correct administration of your birds for better outcome.

Allow us to clarify slightly additional to reinforce your understanding on this topic under.

In Abstract

  • In battery cage, better variety of birds are reared per unit space.
  • Land or free house is turning into a limiting issue and this is why free-range system of poultry rearing is close to out of date.
  • Feeding administration in cages needs to be fastidiously thought-about since many farmers largely depend on mash or crumbs for manufacturing.
  • Battery cage is related to greater incidences of leg drawback, cage fatigue, fatty liver syndrome which is elevated deposition of fats in the physique.

Now let’s evaluate the 2 programs of birds rearing primarily based on the next components:

Components that Decide which System of Birds Rearing to Select

1) Rooster Kind

This is to unravel the puzzle “which system is best for layers or broilers, cage or deep litter?” Commercially raised layer flock are often raised in cages, particularly from 16 weeks of age. This is largely to permit for simple administration of the big flock measurement.

Due to the additional price of cages, most small-scale farmers choose to make use of deep litter system for layers. Nonetheless, a few of them improve and purchase cages alongside the road due to the issue of dirty eggs.

For broilers, the reverse is the case. Most commercially raised broilers are reared on deep litter. A lot of small scale broiler farmers additionally choose to make use of deep litter however the adoption of the cage system is growing quickly.

Particularly with using netted flooring. The 2 hen sorts will be raised on both deep litter or battery cages, so hen kind is not a limitation.

2) Preliminary Price

Issues get extra severe once we start to contemplate the price of elevating chickens in each programs. Simply as I said in the earlier level, cages are costlier. Therefore, those that are beginning small typically put off cages for a begin.

Though, this would possibly quantity to extra work and extra workers wanted to handle the farm. However that is in the long term, and what number of small-scale farmers actually care about the long term. Just some.

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3) Administration Practices

This is the explanation why some small scale farmers push past their limits proper on the get go. Due to the convenience of managing birds in cages, those that have the monetary power would make this occur.

Right here is why: Most cages are geared up with nipple drinkers that permit water to get to chickens robotically. It is not at all times the identical in deep litter, as plenty of farmers nonetheless serve water in drinkers on a regular basis. Solely the wealthy can afford to make use of automated drinkers on a deep litter.

3a) Spillage issues

Additionally, spillage issues are minimal in cages in comparison with deep litter system for layers or broilers the place the birds’ free motion permit them to spill water.

For any skilled farmer, this is a expensive motion that should be managed by strict supervision. There might be have to pack and change any moist spots found, which suggests extra work.

3b) Labor requirement

When utilizing deep litter system for layers, it requires extra frequent choosing of eggs to keep away from soiling. Additionally, extra staff per thousand birds are wanted in a deep litter system than in cage system.

The place 3 individuals can conveniently handle 10,000 chickens in a cage system, an identical quantity of chickens would require extra labor in a deep litter system.


4) Efficiency

Do chickens carry out better in cage or deep litter?

For broilers, there is no clear-cut distinction between feed consumption in cages vs deep litter system. Whereas some research present that feed consumption and physique weight are greater in deep litter, there are different research that present in any other case.

Whereas cage reared broilers may additionally seem cleaner than deep litter raised broilers, breast blisters is one other situation to be cautious of in cage system. Furthermore, if there is efficient litter administration, broilers raised on deep litter may also be clear and with out breast blisters.

When utilizing deep litter system for layers, I might say that their efficiency can’t be as excessive as in cage. At correct stocking density, cage reared layers produce extra and have insignificant circumstances of paralysis.

Alternatively, when raised on deep litter, egg manufacturing could also be affected by points like egg consuming and broody hens.

5) Manure Elimination

Manure can pile up in no time in deep litter system for layers or broilers, and if not correctly managed, there could also be want for frequent removing. This typically requires plenty of labor in comparison with the cage system.

Water is used in the evacuation of waste in the battery cage system, which makes it so much simpler. You would possibly need to put together for this facet once you need to select between the 2 programs.

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6) Illness Management

This is one other vital facet to contemplate if you’re planning to make revenue. You’ll want to know the system that lets you handle illnesses extra effectively. The reality is illnesses unfold sooner in deep litter system than in cage system.

This is as a result of birds’ motion is restricted in battery cages and the chickens don’t come in contact with their poop. Beneath the deep litter system, a sick hen can transfer from one finish to a different transferring illnesses by contact with different birds.

One other factor to notice about illness management is that it is simpler to detect a sick hen on a deep litter than in cages. Beneath the deep litter system for layers or broilers, you’ll be able to detect sick birds extra simply.

You may make a wierd noise in the pen and observing the heads of your chickens raised. You too can entice wholesome chickens by standing at one finish of the pen whereas shaking a feeder.

However watch out for stampede, you will need to do what is essential to have them unfold again nearly instantly. In a cage, observing for sick birds is a extra thorough course of that entails strolling spherical and peeping into the cells.

In Conclusion

You’ll want to make this vital determination your self, however put in thoughts that price is first in every little thing.

Nonetheless, if you’re not restricted by price, be happy to weigh your choices and make that call.

We are able to’t wait to see you in the enterprise. Take that big step and start to unlock your development.

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