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Causes of Vent Pecking, Prolapsed Vent and Cannibalism among Poultry Birds


Some farmers witness the intestines popping out and pecked as they lay from birds on their poultry farm however many occasions, the farmers determine to undergo in silence as a result of of not figuring out the trigger or the issue or the best way to resolve them and generally we blame a selected breeder that their birds peck an excessive amount of.

This will occur in broiler hen if you’re into broiler manufacturing , layer hen, or others which is the explanation why in poultry manufacturing, there may be additionally a necessity for high quality poultry feed manufacturing when producing hen feed as it could possibly assist to stop cannibalism among poultry birds particularly broiler farming and Layers manufacturing as a result of your poultry administration goes an extended strategy to decide the success price of your poultry enterprise.

There are such a lot of poultry farming for novices guides that may help you as a newbie.

Let’s check out some of the details concerning the trigger of the issues in your poultry home or hen farm as popularly referred to as by some farmers:

1. Mistaken regulation of progress of the birds throughout the grower part. You shouldn’t power the birds to put when they’re nonetheless younger. It’s very unhealthy. 18 to twenty weeks is safer to begin laying than 16 or 17 weeks

2. An excessive amount of boosting of the birds; the so referred to as egg boosters and heavy nutritional vitamins that you simply all the time complement your birds have quite a bit of vitamins which many occasions make the eggs very large to an extent that the birds small vent can not deal with.

The premix you have got within the feed is sufficient to give your birds good and properly balanced nutritional vitamins. Let no re-marketing vets mislead you into egg boosters

An excessive amount of of egg boosting on these beginning layers will burst their behinds.

3. Mineral imbalance
Sellers of concentrates are preventing onerous to have their formulations cheaper than the opposite opponents, so many occasions they’ve ended up with imbalance of minerals within the full feed.
Among these minerals is the calcium.

Insufficient calcium in feed results in weak bones, weak eggshells, cage layer fatigue, extra damages in eggs and weak muscular tissues.

The muscular tissues that maintain again the vent after laying turn out to be weak and simply depart the vent out, so exposing the vent to being pecked by different birds in hen rearing.

Add good high quality lime in feed, in its rightful quantities within the feed. Don’t adulterate your feed with extra damaged maize too.

Lime ( ideally white lime) is available calcium for utilization. So it places much less burden on the gut throughout digestion and works sooner than shells. White and granulated lime are extra pure than shells.

Shells need to go underneath critical digestion to get out the calcium. Shells carry a % of sand so you have to a bit extra shells than lime soiled shells too is usually a trigger of illness.

4. Warmth Stress
At one farm, the birds misplaced feathers and remained bare just because they’d quite a bit of warmth from the roof! The home was too quick, and this drawback used to occur solely throughout the dry season.

Causes of Vent Pecking, Prolapsed Vent and Cannibalism among Poultry Birds

So, as a result of the behind of the birds was bare, these different birds might simply see the vent popping out because the chook lays the egg and they began pecking even after laying, these birds as they attempt to prick off the feathers in a manner of cooling their our bodies from the warmth, a little bit blood got here out which attracted different birds to peck.
Plan the homes very properly! With correct air flow.

5. Debeaking
I don’t have mercy on beaks. Even when it results in an excessive amount of ache, I’ve to chop off the beaks utilizing this pair of scissors or computerized machine (appears like a pruner however a bit smaller).

Debeaking ought to all the time be accomplished proper, by the suitable individual, on the proper time( 10 to 12 weeks) and deal with the stress after debeaking utilizing an lively multivitamin.

6. Design of laying bins.
Your laying bins needs to be correctly coated to provide sufficient darkness when the chook is laying in any other case if it’s very uncovered by an excessive amount of mild, these birds will simply peck since they see different’s behind when they’re laying.

Attempt to place the laying bins in a darkish place, not direct within the solar or the place there’s a lot of mild to reinforce your egg manufacturing to allow you make extra revenue out of your poultry enterprise .

Complement your birds on multivitamin to manage stress after debeaking, after vaccinations, deworming, transportation ( brooder) and all different kinds of stress.

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