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Common Rabbit Diseases and How to Cure them


Rabbits are one of many smallest but regular meat sources you possibly can have on a homestead thou there are some frequent rabbit illnesses that have an effect on them which is what we will probably be discussing about at present. In addition they are a really wholesome meat supply as they’re all chicken.

Nonetheless, in my time of elevating rabbits (and speaking with loads of others who elevate rabbits) I’ve observed there are particular sicknesses and illnesses that generally happen in rabbits. It is crucial to perceive these and additionally acknowledge them in a well timed style in order that they don’t get out of hand.

So I’m bringing you an inventory of the ten most typical sicknesses and illnesses amongst rabbits (for my part) and how one can successfully deal with them or cease them from occurring.

Listed here are the most typical rabbit illnesses and how to deal with them:

1. Ear Mites

The primary time I got here throughout ear mites I panicked. Ear mites are tiny little bugs that arrange store in your rabbit’s ears. The ear will look actually crusty, brown, and itchy.

So in case you see your rabbits scratching their ears rather a lot, verify them. After having a bout with ear mites, I now verify my rabbit’s ears virtually every day to be certain I preserve a leap on them.

But when your rabbits get ear mites, don’t really feel unhealthy. My rabbits stay in actually clear circumstances and are fed a correct weight loss plan and nonetheless ended up with them. What I discovered in my analysis is that ear mites typically stay in hay.

Nicely, in case you are feeding your rabbits a correct weight loss plan it ought to embody primarily hay. In case you discover your rabbits ears are filled with gunk, then it’s time to get to work. You’ll want a dropper.

Then fill it with oil of any form. I normally use vegetable oil as a result of it’s cheap, and then place a couple of drops of oil within the contaminated ear twice a day for 7 days. This smothers the ear mites and relieves the crusty pores and skin from the ear.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to point out, do NOT decide the scabs out of your rabbit’s ears. They’ll clear up naturally. Choosing at will probably be painful to your rabbit and additionally open them up to extra risk of an infection. Simply let the oil do the work.

However you possibly can strive to forestall ear mites by retaining hay in a hay feeder and not simply permitting your rabbits to lay in it. I additionally strive to put a drop of oil in every of my rabbits’ ears as soon as every week as a preventative measure for ear mites.

2. Snuffles

You want to notice up entrance that it isn’t regular for an animal to ‘get a cold.’ I made this error with my chickens and misplaced a big portion of my flock one 12 months.

So whenever you see that your rabbits have nasal discharge or are sniffling you then want to listen to what is going on. Different signs of the snuffles are matted paws, sneezing, and watery eyes.

Principally, this illness is greatest prevented by retaining your rabbits on a nutritious diet and additionally retaining your rabbitry clear. The snuffles is a micro organism so in case you preserve their immune system prepared to combat whereas additionally not giving micro organism a spot to develop, then you must keep forward of this illness.

Nonetheless, if by some likelihood your rabbits develop this illness, then it’s normally greatest to strive and deal with them with antibiotics, although they don’t seem to be assured to deal with this sickness.

So one of the simplest ways to defeat this illness is to by no means let it set-up together with your rabbits.

3. Warmth Stroke

Warmth stroke is one thing you could have to actually listen to when it comes to retaining rabbits. The reason being that they’re very nicely insulated.

So on blistery chilly nights you may be petrified of them freezing to demise. When in actuality in case you present a means to block the wind and give them additional hay (as chewing retains them heat), then your rabbits must be simply advantageous.

Nonetheless, summer time is a distinct story. Your rabbits want to be saved within the shade with a lot of water as warmth can rapidly get to them. So in case your rabbit is torpid and it’s hotter exterior, you then’ll want to act rapidly.

Ensure to rapidly lower their physique temperature by spraying them gently with cool water. Then you will have to take them to a vet to allow them to be handled with IV fluids.

However your greatest wager is to strive to keep away from warmth stroke all collectively. You are able to do this by giving your rabbits frozen water bottles. They’ll lay subsequent to these bottles and soak up a number of the cool.

Additionally, you possibly can blow a fan in your rabbits not directly so cool air can flow into round them. Don’t blow it instantly on them as this could trigger issues to your rabbit.

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4. GI Stasis

GI Stasis is a critical and typically deadly rabbit illness. Your greatest wager is to utterly forestall the illness by feeding your rabbits a weight loss plan excessive in fiber which principally means giving them a lot of hay.

Nonetheless, you’ll acknowledge GI Stasis as a result of your rabbit will turn out to be bloated, torpid, endure from lack of urge for food, not drink fluids, and additionally stop going to the lavatory.

In case your bun begins displaying any of those indicators it is necessary to give them a lot of fluids and hay. In addition to therapeutic massage their bellies.

However in case you see no motion of their methods, it may be time to name your vet because it might doubtlessly require surgical procedure.

5. Sore Hocks

In case you’ve ever seen a rabbit with sore hocks, it simply seems to be painful. However the excellent news is that sore hocks is well preventable.

So sore hocks is when the rabbit is both residing in lower than superb circumstances, or they haven’t any the place to relaxation their ft and their ft turn out to be callused and sore on the bottoms. That are two necessary issues to have in mind in case you are elevating rabbits in wire hutches.

It is crucial to present your rabbits with both nesting bins to relaxation their ft in, a board to relaxation their ft on, or to present them with mats.

Nonetheless, in case you have a bigger breed rabbit this is quite common with them the place they’ve a lot weight on their hocks. So make certain that they particularly have actually clear residing circumstances and a lot of room to relaxation their ft.

Common Rabbit Diseases and How to Cure them

6. Bloat

Bloat is a giant deal! In case your rabbit develops this it can almost certainly be a deadly blow to them. So one of the simplest ways to deal with bloat is to forestall it from occurring.

However first issues first, bloat is when your rabbit’s abdomen has an imbalance of micro organism in it. This causes their bellies to seem like a balloon and start to swell.

This illness occurs when your rabbit eats an excessive amount of inexperienced meals, moist grass clippings, moldy meals, not sufficient fiber of their weight loss plan, if they’re fed irregularly, or in the event that they eat meals that’s spoiled.

So preserve this in thoughts when feeding your rabbits. We feed our rabbits protein pellets, however they eat primarily a weight loss plan of hay. In the course of the hotter months we use contemporary greens and weeds as a deal with, however they don’t get them usually for this very cause. We additionally feed our rabbits fodder. They find it irresistible, however they don’t get an extreme quantity of it both.

It is crucial to listen to what you feed your rabbits. Additionally, you must listen to their poop. Guarantee that they’re nonetheless going usually and that all the things seems to be prefer it ought to.

7. Coccidiosis

That is one thing you hear talked about usually in case you belong to any sort of rabbit group on-line. As quickly as somebody posts a abdomen difficulty with their rabbit this dreaded illness is among the first strategies thrown on the market.

However I’m very grateful for all the info that has been shared in a number of the teams I belong to as a result of I discovered rather a lot about Coccidiosis (additionally referred to as Cocci.) That is why I ended elevating my rabbits in a colony setting. It makes breeding exhausting to sustain with and cleansing much more tough too.

So out of worry that my rabbits would develop this horrible illness I made a decision hutches have been a safer wager. A lot to my shock, my rabbits really seem a lot happier in a hutch. I believe they really feel safer.

However so far as cocci goes, you’ll know your rabbits might presumably have it if they start to develop diarrhea, have an absence of urge for food, received’t drink, turn out to be very weak, and their abdomen seems bloated. It is a illness that’s carried my parasites. The parasites arrange store within the intestine of the rabbit and due to this fact is unfold by their feces.

It’s normally deadly and will typically instances arrange in child kits across the ages of 4-6 weeks. If you’re elevating your rabbits for meat, you’ll want to listen for this illness as a result of you’ll not need to eat a rabbit that has been impacted by this illness.

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8. Flystrike

It is a horrible illness and one which I hope it is possible for you to to preserve out of your rabbits. Flystrike occurs when flies lay their eggs in moist areas of pores and skin on a rabbit. These eggs will hatch into maggots inside 24 hours.

They then will stay underneath your rabbit’s pores and skin and launch poison that may kill your rabbit. Once more, the very best technique to deal with this illness is to forestall it.

You have to to make certain that your rabbit’s hind quarters are saved very clear. You probably have a rabbit that’s chubby or a feminine that has a big dewlap, then it might be exhausting for them to clear themselves correctly.

If so, be certain to clear your rabbits every day.

Additionally, be certain to preserve their hutches clear and be sure that your rabbit doesn’t sit round in soil bedding. You’ll additionally need to restrict the quantity of contemporary veggies and grass they get as this causes diarrhea which additionally attracts flies.

However in case you discover maggots hooked up to your rabbit’s hind quarters, you’ll want to instantly name your vet. They are going to be ready to administer therapy in a means that received’t hurt your rabbit.

Nonetheless, in case you aren’t close to a vet, then you will have to rigorously administer these subsequent steps.

First, you’ll want to seize the tweezer and start pulling the maggots out of your rabbit’s pores and skin. Then you definately’ll need to soak your rabbit’s bum in heat water. However be certain to dry their hind quarters completely after the actual fact.

Subsequent, you’ll want to rigorously shave off any soiled or dirty hair round their bum. However you should be cautious as rabbit’s pores and skin may be very skinny and you may actually hurt your rabbit.

Lastly, you’ll want to administer antibiotics to your rabbit to insure that no an infection units up. However once more, in case you have the power to get to a vet, I’d suggest letting them do these steps as they’re ready to sedate your rabbit so nothing is uncomfortable for them whereas they obtain this therapy.

9. Head Tilt

Head tilt is one other illness that is quite common to hear about in rabbit teams, however I’ve additionally been very grateful for all the data I’ve gained on this matter from the teams too.

So head tilt is when your bunny flops his head to one aspect. It’s also referred to as wry neck. Their eyes typically go aspect to aspect in a speedy motion too.

The rationale for head tilt is many, and the therapy will rely upon the rationale. I’ll go forward and inform you, a vet would be the solely true means to decide what has induced your rabbit’s head tilt.

These are what can doubtlessly trigger rabbit head tilt:

Trauma: A blow to the top could cause mind injury which equates to the rabbit holding his head to one aspect or the opposite completely.

Most cancers: In case your rabbit has a tumor rising in his head, neck, or backbone this might trigger the rabbit to develop head tilt.

Stroke: We regularly see related bodily indicators in people which have had a stroke. A rabbit actually isn’t all that totally different. So in case your rabbit instantly develops heads tilt don’t rely out the thought of them having had a stroke.

Center/Interior Ear An infection: In case your rabbit has an ear an infection, it could possibly be inflicting indicators of vertigo which equates to him leaning his head over.

There are a couple of different causes as nicely reminiscent of: cervical muscle contraction, intoxication, and cerebral larva migrans.

However as talked about above, there isn’t a means of understanding precisely what has occurred to your rabbit with out the assistance of a vet. Then understanding what induced the difficulty will make the therapy differ vastly.

10. Pink Urine

The primary time I encountered this with my rabbits, I used to be so glad I had completed my analysis and participated in rabbit teams as a result of I knew what I used to be .

So crimson urine simply signifies that your rabbit is urinating a reddish, pinkish, or possibly even a brownish colour. However don’t panic. It normally simply signifies that they’ve been consuming an excessive amount of of one thing like carrots as an example.

Nonetheless, if nothing of their weight loss plan has modified, or they preserve urinating odd colours after the meals has cleared their system, then it may be clever to get a urine pattern and let a vet test it out.

Clearly, there are much more sicknesses that happen in rabbits. However I do hope that this overview of some frequent sicknesses with rabbits will aid you as you elevate your individual rabbits whether or not it’s for farming functions or as a pet.

Nonetheless, we wish to hear your ideas. Is there one other sickness that you simply suppose new rabbit house owners ought to concentrate on?

If that’s the case, what are the signs and the remedies for such an sickness?

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