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Comprehensive Step by Step Guide on SoyaBean Farming


Soybean is called the golden bean and Soybeans belong to the legume crop household and are principally native to East Asia. Its botanical identify is Glycine max. Soybean is an exceptionally nutritive and really wealthy protein meals. Soybean oil is likely one of the hottest edible oil utilized in Africa.

Soya additionally used as milk product and out there within the type of soya chunks.

By: Dr Samuel Nsubuga (Good Agribusiness Discussion board Africa)


A number of the Soyabean well being advantages are talked about beneath:
• Soybean is low in fats with no ldl cholesterol.
• Soybean comprises important coronary heart pleasant omega-3 fat.
• Soybean gives vital minerals equivalent to calcium, magnesium, iron and selenium.
• Soya is wealthy in probiotics within the type of fermented soy merchandise, equivalent to tem soy yogurt.
• Soybean is a wonderful supply of fiber.
• Soybean is an efficient supply of enriched Calcium and Vitamin B12.
• Soybean is a whole protein meals, containing all of the amino acids important to human physique.
• Soybean comprises isoflavones that are good in decreasing danger of assorted cancers, coronary heart illness and osteoporosis.


Soybean thrives nicely in heat and moist local weather. A temperature of 26 to 32°C seems to be the best for many of the forms of soybean. Soil temperatures of 16°C or above assist fast germination and vigorous seedling progress in soybean farming.

A decrease temperature might trigger to delay the flowering. Day size is the important thing issue within the soybean varieties as they’re quick day vegetation.


Finest season to plant soybean from third week of June to mid of July/August.


Soybean requires nicely drained and fertile loamy soils with a pH vary between 6.0 and seven.5 are most favorable for its cultivation.

Saline soils and sodic inhibit germination of Soybean seeds. Water logging damages the crop, so it’s obligatory to have good soil drainage in wet season.


The seed charge varies from 16-25kg/acre. Seed charge additionally relies upon on seed dimension, germination share.


In Soybean farming, blended cropping crops like sesame & maize has been discovered possible and fetching extra returns. In inter cultivation, plant row spacing of maize must be at 100 cm maintaining plant to plant distance 10 cm and three rows of soybean in between maize rows. Soybean has glorious scope as an intercrop in cotton, and upland rice too.


Land choice is essential in soybean farming as this may affect the general manufacturing of soybean. The primary land should not have been sown with soybean crop within the earlier season to keep away from volunteer vegetation that trigger admixture.

Land repeatedly cultivated with soybean might harbor wilt pathogen. so these form of fields have to be prevented. By following the crop rotation, endemic pathogen will be lowered. A soil with excessive natural matter defiantly helps in main manufacturing of vigorous seed.

The sphere must be made into ridges & furrows of 1feet large or beds & channels of 4 toes x 6feet relying on cultivation practices adopted.

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Completely different pre-planting elements must be taken into consideration as a result of they affect eventual soybean institution, high quality and amount of seed/grain. Growers should make a plan on when and the place to buy inputs, timing of functions and scouting for pests and illnesses. They will have interaction within the following pre-planting actions:


Earlier than seedbed preparation it’s advisable to clear all types of vegetation from the sphere. Land could also be ready by hand hoe or animal-drawn ploughs or tractor. Single ploughing and harrowing is really useful for making ready an appropriate soybean backyard.

A perfect soybean seedbed ought to comprise fertile loam soils which can be unfastened and nicely aerated to make sure fast germination and seedling emergence which reduces weed strain. A effective seed mattress additionally gives satisfactory moisture and optimum temperature (above 21oC).

Farmers should keep away from tight, excessive clay soils since these soils are usually low in humus, are imbalanced in vitamins and act as obstacles to seedling emergence.


Soybean seeds used for sowing have to be from an genuine supply. Genetic purity is a crucial consider choosing sowing seeds. Keep away from diseased, immature, exhausting, broken, shrunken seeds. Seeds chosen for sowing must also be vigorous for a superb discipline stand.


Profitable and environment friendly soybean manufacturing requires farmers to pick out varieties with maturities that make the most effective use of the rising season of their areas. One can choose for good yields and vital traits equivalent to oil and protein content material.

Relying on the fields’ pest and illness histories, its really useful to decide on varieties with genetic resistance to these pests and illnesses. The place the farmer has a number of soybean fields, a number of soybean varieties could also be planted to make sure genetic diversification throughout fields.


Like many oil crops, soybean seed quickly loses viability below ambient situations. This leads to poor plant stand, resulting in appreciable lowered productiveness. It’s subsequently really useful to at all times use seed from credible sources and or seed harvested within the earlier season to keep away from poor germination.

Earlier than planting, growers have just one likelihood to ascertain the potential optimum stand by finishing up a germination take a look at. Figuring out the potential germination charge helps farmers to know what quantity of seeds to be planted are viable.

The germination experiment is easy and will be carried out by farmers as follows:
• Depend out 100 complete soybean seeds and place them on one half of paper towel.
• Moist the paper towel and permit free water to drip off for a minute.
• Lay the moist towel on a clear floor and fold the towel over and roll it right into a reasonably tight tube.
• Place the rolled towel so the tube is upright in order that roots will develop downwards whereas shoots will develop up-wards, for ease in eradicating seedlings throughout counting.
• Maintain the rolled towel in a heat place (between 23° and 30°C). Depend the primary germinated seeds after three days by opening the towel. Fold and roll again right into a tube.
• Repeat counting after one other three to 4 days. Good viable seeds are anticipated to have a germination charge of over 90 p.c, notably as a result of germination time for many legumes is between 5 – 7 days.


To manage any seed borne illnesses, Soybean seeds must be handled with carbendazim fungicide at 4g kg-l of seed.



The sowing in Soybean farming must be carried out in traces 45 cm – 60 cm aside with the assistance of seed driller or behind the plough or handbook. Plant to plant distance will be saved from 4 cm to five cm. The sowing depth of soybean seed shouldn’t be greater than 3 cm – 4 cm below very best moisture situations.

Precise planting is a crucial interval for managing soybeans as a result of it’s throughout this stage that growers need to suc¬cessfully implement or apply all the choices made in the course of the pre-planting stage. This part will present agro¬nomic suggestions and tricks to contemplate in the course of the planting stage. In fields the place inoculated soybean has by no means been grown, seed must be inoculated with Rhizobium japonicum which will be bought at Makerere College, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

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Throughout planting it’s really useful that the farmer attire/ mixes the soybean seed with an inoculum Rhizobium Japonicum. It is a nitrogen fixing micro organism that improves on nodulation capability and subsequently yield of soybean.
Inoculation is most vital within the discipline the place soybean has by no means been grown.

1. Take clear water in soda bottle, add one desk spoonful of sugar and shake nicely to dissolve. You’ve made an inoculum sticker.

2. Take a debe (15kg) of unpolluted soybean seeds or any large sized seeds

3. Empty the seeds into clear basin.

4. Pour the ready inoculum sticker into the seeds

5. Empty the MAK BIO-N-FIXER inoculant onto the wetted seeds.
6. Combine the seeds completely so that every seed is uniformly coated with the inoculant.

7. Cowl the inoculated seeds with paper, fabric or basket to guard from direct daylight. Sow the seeds instantly in moist nicely ready discipline.


5ton of nicely decomposed compost (Cow dung or any Farm Yard Manure (FMY) is unfold together with basal software of 150-200 kg tremendous phosphate ,40 kg urea and 50 kg muriate of potash per acre in splits.
Phosphate at 2weeks,one month, and at 2months
Urea at 2months
Muriate of potash at 3months, after which after 3weeks after first software. This must be in accordance with soil testing!


Soybeans are notably delicate to weed competitors in the course of the first weeks of the season. Weeds are a significant menace to manufacturing of most crops, as a result of they deprive vegetation of important progress assets like water, vitamins and light-weight.

Apart from, seeds from sure weed species not solely intervene with harvest operations but in addition cut back high quality and worth of grains. In soybean, annual and perennial weeds are problematic at early vegetative stage.

Weed management is essential as a result of it reduces competitors for vitamins, water, and light-weight and prevents mixing of weed and soybean seed throughout harvesting.


Later after the crop has totally established, hand weeding will be performed twice in a cropping season at 2 and 5 weeks after planting, respectively. Sadly, hand weeding although cost-effective can facilitate the unfold and propagation of perennial weeds with underground tubers and rhizomes.


Herbicide management when cautiously utilized can successfully management weeds in soybean. Alternative of herbicide is influenced by weed species traits i.e. life cycle, nutrient necessities and modes of copy.

Making use of roundup (glyphosate) to soybean fields earlier than planting is extremely really useful. It considerably reduces the time earlier than emergency of weed seed after planting, resulting in discount within the variety of weeding and subsequently complete value related to hand weeding.

Deployment of built-in approaches for weed administration are notably vital to forestall weeds from producing seed all through the cropping cycle.

This may be achieved by farmers making certain that soybean seeds they intend to sow are usually not contaminated with weed seeds and have over 85% germination share, since vigorous seedlings are able to suppressing weeds.


The soybean crop usually doesn’t require any irrigation throughout rain-fed season. However, if there have been any a protracted drought on the time of pod filling, one irrigation could be required. Throughout wet season, make certain crop soil has correct drainage to keep away from the water logging. Wet crop would require about 6 to 7 irrigation.


The key pest in soybean farming is heliothids which makes holes in younger pods and eats the seeds. Acquire the worms and destroy them or spray with Dimethoate Methyl dematon (pesticides with this as an lively ingredient) or black off or nimbecidine or ALPHA
Throughout the rising phases of the soy seed crop, incidence of wilt being noticed. The affected vegetation with wilt will flip brown and die, these vegetation will be eliminated after they get seen.

The affected space of crop is sprayed utilizing fungicide resolution. One other widespread illness in Soybean farming is “Powdery mildew” it causes white powder deposits on the leaves. This illness will be managed by spraying Dithane M45 on the charge of 4grams / liter of water or mister 72 or some other healing fungicide.


The maturity of soybean crop interval ranges from 50 to 145 days relying on the varieties used for cultivation. It must be a sign of maturity when the leaves flip yellow and drop and soybean pods dry out in a short time. There could be a fast lack of moisture from the seed. At harvesting time, the moisture content material within the seeds must be about 15 %. Harvesting must be carried out by breaking the stalks on the bottom stage or hand, or with sickle.

Harvesting is the final vital operation to be thought of for the manufacturing of excellent high quality seed and grain. Most soybean varieties are harvested inside a interval of 90 – 120 days after planting.

Well timed harvesting of soya beans seed minimizes seed deterioration within the discipline, infestation by bugs and losses from bodily harm.

Delayed harvesting of soy beans might trigger the pods to begin shattering in prone varieties resulting in yield loss.

Soybeans must be harvested as quickly because the vegetation have dried.

The crop is prepared for harvesting when pods dry and provides a rattling sound when shaken. If the harvesting is delayed, the pods might shatter with a consequential lack of seed.
a) Hand harvesting; this methodology is appropriate for small areas, the place a big labour drive is available.

The benefit of this methodology is that losses are saved at a minimal, soybeans of a top quality are produced and the beans are usually of a excessive viability. Due to this fact the hand harvesting is appropriate for seed manufacturing.

The same old system of hand harvesting is to permit laborers to chop or pull as a lot plant materials as they can thresh in a day.


May be carried out manually or mechanically. At threshing, the seed ought to have a moisture content material of 14-15%. It is necessary that seed of various varieties are threshed on completely different days to keep away from admixing of the varieties. The seed must be dried on clear tarpaulins to keep away from soiling and contamination.

Drying of seed shouldn’t be carried out at excessive temperatures as a result of this adversely impacts the standard. Correct drying of seed reduces storage losses.


May be pure or synthetic. Pure drying is finished by the traditional motion of ambient air across the moist seed unfold on trays, canvas or instantly on paved flooring.

Synthetic drying is finished with heated air blown mechanically by way of the seed; the temperature of this air shouldn’t be above 35 to 37oC.

Complete drying time is set by the preliminary and ultimate moisture content material of the seed, the depth of the seed, the air velocity and temperature, and the relative humidity of the environment.


Throughout this train, seed must be graded based on selection and high quality. Additionally take away all impurities, together with inert matter and weed seeds.

After the seed has been cleaned, it must be weighed and packed. Seed must be dry earlier than storage in order that its viability will be maintained in the course of the storage interval.

Soybean must be saved at a moisture content material of 10 – 12% or much less. Seed is sufficiently dry when it can’t be dented with the enamel or fingernails.

Dry to 12% moisture for storage of 6–12 months and to 10–11% for longer storage. If seed is saved with excessive moisture, it can accumulate warmth and quickly deteriorate.


Crop yield relies upon on the number of seed cultivated and agronomic practices .A mean yield 7 to 25 tons/acre will be anticipated.

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