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Corn School: Measuring the impact of fertility and strip till timing


In the case of strip tilling, is it higher to plant corn into fall strips or spring strips?

Ben Rosser, corn lead with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Meals and Rural Affairs, has been engaged on this query for some time now, and on this Corn Faculty episode, Bernard Tobin catches up with him in the discipline to seek out out what he’s realized.

In 12 months one of Rosser’s trials, there was lots bigger, early season development of corn in spring strips, in comparison with the fall strips. However extra not too long ago, there isn’t fairly as large of a visible distinction between fall strips plus fertility, versus the spring strips plus fertility.

“Comparing the same system, when we’re putting 60 pounds of P and 60 pounds of K down in those strips, either in a fall application in a strip, or into a spring strip, consistently we’ve seen a larger yield response for those spring strip and fertility applications,” says Rosser.

On common for the two years of knowledge from the trial, Rosser says there’s a 5 bu/ac benefit for the spring strip and fertility remedy.

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General, Rosser thinks that profit comes from time of tillage or maybe a bit of nutrient tie-up in the fall functions. One other risk is that fall functions would lose a bit of the ammonium or early P uptake from the MAP, that may usually assist with the pop-up impact.

If making use of fertilizer in the fall with the strip till is one of the inhibiting elements, Rosser suggests to splitting the fertilizer utility between fall and spring, though his analysis didn’t discover a vital yield response in doing this.

For growers who’re changing from typical tillage to strip till practices, the yield benefit isn’t an ideal apples to apples comparability as a result of there are variations in fertilizer placement, says Rosser. Nevertheless, he does say that in his trials the strip till, with an excellent fertilizer bundle, are out-yielding the typical tillage which has had fertilizer broadcasted.

It’s essential to notice that the trials had been performed on low-fertility soils, so the response from the fertilizer bundle or profit of having fertilizer in the strip might be a powerful driver of the outcomes.


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