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Corn School: Tag-team weed control with tillage and pre-emerge herbicide


Perennials and winter annuals like dandelions, shepherd’s purse, and even chickweed may be powerful to control, at one of the best of occasions. So, what could make a perennial and winter annual weed control technique more practical in corn?

Going again to a earlier dialog between Rob Miller, agronomist at BASF, and Bernard Tobin about utilizing tillage and herbicides collectively for weed control, Miller stated that utilizing tillage alone can create some powerful conditions.

“We know that a lot of tillage has occurred over the last couple months, and when it comes to weed control it can be an effective mode of action in terms of controlling weeds, but not the total solution, especially when we’re controlling perennial and winter annual weeds,” says Miller on this Corn Faculty episode.

For instance, the dandelion proven within the video had three passes of tillage, the place the soil coated it up, and it wasn’t uprooted. It’s going to develop into powerful to control with a herbicide as a result of a lot of the leaves are coated by soil, says Miller.

So, relating to utilizing soil-applied herbicides, it’s going to be extraordinarily tough to get good uptake and due to this fact good control, cautions Miller.

“That’s why we always say, especially using a tillage implement, always apply the herbicide prior to conducting that tillage for more consistent weed control,” he says.



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