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Corn School: Three early season considerations


Early-season corn scouting requires slightly little bit of time and a spotlight, however can actually repay for the remainder of the 12 months, and even into the subsequent.

Sara Meidlinger, market improvement specialist with Satisfaction Seeds for Western Canada, joins Kara Oosterhuis for this Corn Faculty episode.

Scout consultant areas of the sphere together with good and unhealthy patches, depressions or hill-tops, and get boots on the bottom, recommends Meidlinger.

“Even emergence is critical for corn, so that’s one of the most important things you can do to have a high-yielding corn crop, silage or grazing,” says Meidlinger. Even emergence could be affected by soil temperature, planting depth, and even residue administration, so now is an effective time to take a look at how planting went, to notice for subsequent 12 months.

Within the video, Meidlinger explains the flag take a look at she’s finishing up this rising season, utilizing a number of vegetation in 1/one thousandth of an acre, trying on the impact of even emergence on yield. (Story continues beneath)

An excellent goal plant inhabitants could be as excessive as 36,000 to 38,000 per acre, so long as the assets are there, says Meidlinger. “As you move into areas with less heat units, you might want to draw that population back a little bit, or if you have less fertile ground, or if you’re looking for a bit higher quality silage,” she says.

To measure  plant inhabitants, use 1/one thousandth of an acre — for 30 inch rows, that’s 17 ft, 5 inches — depend the vegetation and multiply by 1,000. Meidlinger suggests a number of areas of the sphere to get a mean.

Scouting for weeds can be a key job as corn is a poor competitor with different vegetation. Frost has additionally been a priority this 12 months, and corn is delicate within the first 24 to 36 hours of its life, when imbibitional chilling can happen. If frost did happen after emergence, Meidlinger says to be affected person and wait about 5 days for regrowth, because the crop is prone to develop out of it.


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