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Cow Milk Production


Cows solely produce milk after they’ve given delivery, and dairy cows should give delivery to 1 calf per 12 months with a view to proceed producing milk. Sometimes they’re artificially inseminated inside three months of giving delivery.

These high-production cows produce milk on common for lower than three years, after which they’re culled and their meat used for beef.

The common lactation interval for a dairy cow is 305 days. In that point a cow can produce round 22,000 kilos of milk. At 8.6 lbs of milk per gallon, this comes out to roughly 8 gallons of cow milk per day.

These numbers are for a Holstein, that’s the breed of cattle with the very best milk manufacturing and it’s what most dairy farmers within the US, use for milk manufacturing.

One thing like a Jersey cow, which many dairy farms additionally maintain as a result of excessive butterfat content material of their milk, can produce anyplace from 1 to six gallons of wealthy milk per day.

Steps to extend Cow Milk Production

Past the weight-reduction plan, rearing circumstances and herd administration have a direct influence on the quantity of milk produced per cow per day. Step one to be carried out consists of enterprise an audit. The conclusion drawn from this audit will assist determine areas for enchancment.   

This course of will take varied elements into consideration : diet, well being, environmental and herd housing by specializing in the next factors:

  • Administration of reproductive points: poor reproductive efficiency will increase the calving to calving interval and, due to this fact, the common size of lactation. As a direct impact, low reproductive efficiency can forestall the weight-reduction plan from being totally utilized.

  • Management of well being points: the assorted illnesses generally encountered in dairy herds can scale back the effectivity  of digestion (ketosis, acidosis, fatty liver, alkalosis …) and trigger issues in consuming behaviors (acidosis, lameness) in addition to have an effect on secretory tissues (mastitis …).

  • Housing circumstances: housing should favor a greater expression of the complete potential of animals’ habits. Animals ought to have everlasting entry to the feed bunk and consuming water. Applicable housing should additionally forestall the emergence of illnesses inherent to rearing contexts (the significance of air flow, brightness, of bedding high quality, of stalls setting…).

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How a Cow Make Milk

1) Breeding

Earlier than cows could make milk, they need to give delivery to a calf. Sometimes, cows develop into pregnant with their first calf at a 12 months and a half of age. Farmers normally know a cow is able to be bred by her behaviour.

Dairy farmers spend many hours of their barns every day, and in consequence, know their herd properly. When a cow enters a fertility interval (also referred to as a “heat”), she is normally bred shortly thereafter.

Relying on the farm, feminine cows are both bred by a bull, or by a course of generally known as AI. Some farms have a bull on farm, and use a mix of bull breeding and AI.

2) Being pregnant and Calving

Farmers have an in depth relationship with their veterinarian, who makes routine visits to their barn. A farm’s vet checks up on cows which are bred with a view to verify being pregnant. These checks are essential to watch the herd, but additionally for the well being data of particular person cows.

A dairy cow could have her first calf when she is round two years previous. Since farmers maintain detailed data, they watch their cows rigorously round due dates. Most cows calve unassisted, however typically a cow requires their farmer’s intervention if the birthing course of proves extended or troublesome. Veterinarians are on name ought to a complication in supply come up.

Calves are normally delivered in part of the barn separate from the remainder of the herd, the place the mom cow has privateness and her personal area. The farmer prepares the supply space by offering recent, clear, and cozy bedding.

Cow Milk Production

3) Cow and Calf Care

Witnessing or helping in a delivery is a humbling expertise for a lot of farmers. Even those that have been farming for a very long time report that it’s a miracle every time a calf is born.

After a cow provides delivery, the farmer instantly attends to her wants, and the wants of the calf. The farmer inspects the calf to make it possible for she or he is in good well being and with time, in a position to stand. At the moment, the mom usually licks the newborn clear, or is assisted by the farmer, who could towel dry the calf.

The primary feeding is essential to a calf’s wellbeing, as its mom’s milk comprises important vitamins required to guard from illnesses and construct its immune system.

The milk a cow produces after giving delivery is named colostrum. Colostrum is thick, creamy and golden-hued. Calves ought to drink colostrum inside the first few hours of their life.

Most farmers, after performing a well being examine, milk the cow shortly after delivery. This observe ensures that there’s sufficient colostrum to feed her calf straight away. The farmer will usually bottle feed to verify the calf receives all of the colostrum she or he wants.

The well being of each the mom cow and calf are monitored intently throughout this time. The farmer makes certain the mom cow is snug, with entry to nutritious meals and water as she recovers from delivery. Moreover, the farmer then data the calf’s delivery date, gender, and names the calf.

4) Transition to Milking

The vast majority of milk produced on a dairy farm is for the aim of feeding Canadian households. In a dairy system, cows produce many instances extra milk than their calves are in a position to drink. As soon as calves are deemed wholesome, they’re usually moved to the calf nursery to be cared for by the farmer.

The farmer is ready to monitor the calf intently, making certain it receives the diet and medical care wanted to get a powerful begin in life. Caring for calves individually of their early phases additionally decreases the probability of them contracting an sickness illness earlier than their immune system is totally developed. The cow returns to the principle a part of the barn and joins her herd-mates.

5) The Milking Course of

Dairy cows are most snug after they preserve a constant milking routine. Cows are usually milked twice a day, or more and more, select their very own time to be milked.

On a farm the place cows are milked twice a day, the farmer usually wakes up early and makes his or her method to the barn. At the moment, the herd is guided into the milking parlour, the place the farmer has the possibility to check out every cow and clear her udder.

The farmer then attaches a milking machine, which is made out of mushy rubber or silicone suction cups. These suction cups are fitted round every teat to create a vacuum, which causes the milk to be launched by mild pulsation (with out inflicting discomfort for the cow!). It takes about 5 to eight minutes for milking to be full.

Milk machines are routinely eliminated when a cow is finished milking. She will then head again into the barn to eat, drink, calm down and socialize together with her fellow herd-mates.

Cows produce milk for about 10 months. After a 10-month interval, every cow could have two months of relaxation. This time period (generally known as “the dry period”) is essential for cows to relaxation and put together to provide delivery to a different calf.

Whereas a cow is taking a two-month relaxation, the farmer adjusts her weight-reduction plan, with the assistance of an animal nutritionist. This adjustment ensures she has the best steadiness of vitamins to advertise a wholesome delivery.

6) From Subject to Desk

Dairy cows are ruminant animals. This implies they’ve a novel digestive system made up of 4 abdomen compartments, with every compartment enjoying a particular position in helping digestion.

The rumen and the reticulum are primarily for consuming and breaking down meals into smaller items, whereas the omasum and the abomasum are used for digesting meals.

The udder has 4 ‘quarters’ the place milk manufacturing happens. It may take as much as two days for a cow’s meals to develop into milk. On common, a cow can produce anyplace between 25 and 40 litres of milk per day.

This milk is saved in a sterilized bulk tank on farm, and a licensed milk truck grader picks it up each second day.

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The Profitability Variables of Dairy Cow Farming

The important thing variables that may enable a rise in a farm’s margin by milk manufacturing are:

  • the quantity bought: the quantity of milk bought is the primary lever to maximise income. A rise in manufacturing quantity and commercialisation permits a dilution of the burden of accelerating mounted prices (heating, electrical energy…).

  • the gross sales worth: this worth extremely relies upon in the marketplace and alternatives obtainable on the farm. Certainly, sure levers on the farm stage can enable for increased earnings. The primary entails the command of milk composition with regard to exploit solids (fats and proteins). The second lever pertains to the command of milk high quality for avoiding possible dangers (germs, somatic cell depend …). These two levers can maximise the value of every ton of milk.

  • Optimisation of the weight-reduction plan: enchancment of the Milk Index, or the quantity of milk produced per kilogram of dry matter consumption, is more likely to generate a excessive return on funding contemplating the preliminary feed prices engaged.

  • The management of upkeep charges: some upkeep prices are proportional to the variety of animals current on the farm. These prices embody the next: authorized constraints for the management of manure, animal housing and milking gear wanted to make sure respectable working circumstances, employment prices…. Boosting the productiveness per cow ensures a greater return on funding of those charges.

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Listed below are some wonderful cow milk manufacturing guides and books that can assist you get began:

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