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There are principally two strategies of storage: in luggage and in bulk. Baggage will be saved both within the open air or in warehouses; whereas bulk grain is saved in bins or silos of varied capacities.

a) Drying Cribs

Drying crib can be utilized for a storage barn however it’s too harmful to depart the grain uncovered to bugs, birds, and different pests in an effort to keep away from that, when the grain is dry it needs to be moved to a greater storage place.

b) Bag Storage

Bag storage is a extremely popular type of storage as a result of luggage are straightforward to deal with and the jute bag means that you can retailer totally different grains in the identical room. When storing your agricultural merchandise in luggage, be sure to be aware the next:

– Be sure the storage room is clear and freed from all bugs. In the meantime Holes also needs to be repaired.

– Wash all previous luggage, shook out, and positioned within the solar to dry to drive away any bugs nonetheless within the sack.

– Examine the baggage usually for any issues.

Guarantee that the sacks by no means relaxation straight on the bottom or in opposition to partitions.

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c) Bamboo Containers

Bamboo bins are normally constructed with bamboo sticks and bamboo rope. The ground of the field is all the time raised off the bottom in an effort to forestall water to stand up from the bottom to enter the field.

The underside of the partitions is commonly full of mud soil to forestall rats and the field roofed with zinc or is positioned beneath the leaves of the home to make sure the rain off the field.

d) Drums (Air Tight Storage)

Drums are one other good storage materials, be sure that the drums are nicely cleaned, don’t have holes and is sealed correctly. Place solely dried grains within the drums and the drum should be saved in a cool place.

f) Others

Baskets, tins, and empty calabashes can be used to retailer grain. Simply be sure that the grains and the containers are clear and freed from bugs. Maintain the container in a clear, cool, dry place. Baskets, tins’ finish calabashes are small and are perfect for seed storage.

Metals drums should be put out of the solar. Good storage locations are cool, dry, and darkish.

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Lengthy-term Storage Methods

(i) Storage baskets (cribs) made completely of plant supplies

In humid international locations, the place grain can’t be dried adequately previous to storage and must be saved nicely ventilated throughout the storage interval, conventional granaries (cribs) are normally constructed fully out of domestically accessible plant supplies: timber, reeds, bamboo, and so on. (Determine 6.4.). Beneath prevailing weather conditions most plant materials rot pretty rapidly, and most cribs have to get replaced each two or three years – though bamboo buildings could last as long as 15 years, with cautious upkeep.

Principally just like the outside kind of platform described above, in all its variations, the standard crib differs in all the time having a roof and wall(s). It might even be elevated a minimum of one metre above floor degree, with a hearth maintained beneath to help drying of the contents and, allegedly, to cut back insect infestation. Nonetheless, such cribs (particularly the bigger ones) are extra generally raised solely 40 to 50 cm above floor degree.

Entry to the inside of a crib is gained normally over the wall. This may increasingly contain elevating the roof, however some cribs have a spot between the highest of the wall and the roof to facilitate entry. Comparatively few cribs have sealable gaps within the wall or ground for the elimination of grain.

(ii) Calabashes, gourds, earthenware pots

These small capability containers are mostly used for storing seed and pulse grains, resembling cowpeas. Having a small opening, they are often made airtight, by sealing the partitions in and out with liquid clay and shutting the mouth with stiff clay, cow dung, or a picket (cork?) bung strengthened with material.

If the grain is dry (lower than 12% moisture content material) there there’s normally no drawback with this sort of storage.

(iii) Jars

These are giant clay receptacles whose form and capability fluctuate from place to put. The higher half is slender and is closed with a flat stone or a clay lid: which is sealed in place with clay or different appropriate materials. Usually saved in dwellings, they serve equally for storing seeds and legumes. In order that they could stay in good serviceable situation, they shouldn’t be uncovered to the solar and shouldn’t be both porous or cracked.

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(iv) Strong wall bins

Such grain shops are normally related to dry weather conditions, beneath which it’s potential to cut back the moisture content material of the harvested grain to a passable degree just by sun-drying it. Strong wall bins are subsequently conventional within the Sahel area of Africa, and in southern African international locations bordering on the Kalahari desert.

The bottom of a strong wall bin could also be manufactured from timber (an more and more scarce useful resource), earth or stone. Earth just isn’t beneficial as a result of it permits termites and rodents to enter. The higher base is manufactured from stone.

Mud or clay silos are normally spherical or cylindrical in form, relying on the supplies used (Determine 6.5). Rectangular-shaped bins of this kind are much less widespread, as a result of the uneven strain of the grain inside causes cracking – particularly on the corners.

Clay, which is the fundamental materials, varies in composition from one place to a different. That mostly used for such building work is obtained from termitaries, as a result of the termites add a secretion which supplies it higher plasticity.

To present it added energy, sure straw supplies resembling rice straw could also be combined with it; whereas, in some international locations, néré juice is added to make it nearly as sturdy as concrete. The range of supplies used explains why the capacities of such silos can fluctuate from 150 kg to 10 tonnes.

In West Africa, when solely clay is used, the partitions are 15 to twenty cm thick: the form is then kind of cylindrical and the development is just like the partitions of a home.

Nonetheless, when the clay is strengthened as described above, the bin is normally rounder in form and resembles a jar; with partitions solely 2.5 to five cm thick, however very robust, in order that it’s potential to climb on high to enter the silo for normal withdrawal of grain.

The inside is commonly compartment by vertical inner partitions, becoming a member of on the centre on a central column which serves to help the foot when one enters the silo.

The partitions are rendered as clean as potential, in and out in such a method as to not supply refuge for bugs and their larvae; fissures are sealed with liquid clay earlier than every loading. Equally, the angles fashioned by the interior partition partitions and exterior wall are rounded for a similar causes.

In southern Africa, the place the bins are generally rectangular in plan, inner compartments are normally lined with mud-plastered timber ceilings and are accessed through sealable ‘windows’. These face a brief hall resulting in the exit, which can be fitted with a normal lockable door.

The roof is normally manufactured from thatched grass, with a beneficiant overhang to guard the mud wall(s) from erosion. The place a aspect door or a removable ‘cap’ just isn’t offered, the roof must be lifted for entry to the bin. Such silos can serve for 30 and even 50 years.

(v) Underground Storage

Practised in India, Turkey, sahelian international locations and southern Africa, this technique of storage is utilized in dry areas the place the water desk doesn’t endanger the contents. Conceived for long run storage, pits fluctuate in capability (from just a few hundred kilogrammes to 200 tonnes).

Their conventional type varies from area to area: they’re normally cylindrical, spherical or amphoric in form, however different varieties are recognized (Gilman and Boxall, 1974). The doorway to the pit could also be closed both by heaping earth or sand onto a timber cowl, or by a stone sealed with mud.

The benefits of this technique of storage are:

  • few issues with rodents and bugs;
  • low value of building in comparison with that of above-ground storage of comparable capability;
  • ambient temperatures are comparatively low and fixed;
  • hardly seen, and subsequently comparatively protected from thieves;
  • no want for steady inspection.

The disadvantages are:

  • building and digging are laborious;
  • storage circumstances adversely have an effect on viability; the saved grains can solely be used for consumption;
  • the grain can purchase a fermented odor after lengthy storage;
  • elimination of the grain is laborious and will be harmful due to the buildup of carbon dioxide within the pit, if it isn’t fully full;
  • inspection of the grain is tough;
  • dangers of penetration by water should not small, and the grain on the high and involved with the partitions is commonly mouldy, even when the remainder of the inventory is wholesome.

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