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Cultivating Resilience: Growing Olives in Palestine


Subsequent month, Abbas Milhem will be part of 1000’s of different Palestinian farmers in the annual olive harvest. Because the solar beats down over the desert of the West Financial institution, farmers and their households will spend lengthy hours reaching up into the branches of the gnarled olive bushes, shaking the fruit unfastened into baskets and onto tarps. They’ll harvest by hand or with lengthy, pronged sticks that may shear a department clear in a single move.

It’s a ritual that Milhem has joined in since he was a toddler, when his father farmed the identical land close to town of Jenin, in the northern part of the West Financial institution. Milhem remembers marvelling on the peach and apricot bushes lined up in his orchard, the almonds and different nuts falling from the bushes as they ripened. Now, his groves are almost all olive bushes, one of many solely merchandise he can depend on even in occasions of drought, both from a dry season or managed water shortages by Israeli overseers. It’s been exhausting to observe his fields, and people round him, change so drastically in his lifetime. Nonetheless, just like the olive tree, Milhem stays firmly rooted to the land the place he grew up.

Abbas Milhem on his olive farm. Picture courtesy of Abbas Milhem

Almost half of the out there agricultural land in the West Financial institution is planted with olive bushes, greater than 12 million of them. Olives and olive oil signify 1 / 4 of the realm’s agricultural revenue. There was much more bushes, however they turned a simple goal for Israeli settlers, who’ve uprooted them or set their trunks ablaze.

The assault on the bushes has been occurring for years, a long time even, though it turned markedly worse after the Palestinian rebellion, referred to as the second Intifada, in 2000. After the violence quieted, the Israeli military set to work uprooting bushes or razing them to the bottom. Farmers had been typically informed that the military wanted the house for army operations or to clear paths between villages. However some suspected the true motive was to make it even more durable for Palestinian farmers to make a dwelling, with studies suggesting that the army particularly focused farmers.

Rami Barhoush, vp of the Arab Group for the Safety of Nature (AP Nature), says watching the bushes systematically disappear was beautiful. In 2001, AP Nature began a marketing campaign to replant a million olive and fruit bushes alongside the rocky Palestinian soil. Up to now, they’ve put greater than 2.5 million bushes again in the bottom.

Picture courtesy of Abbas Milhem.

Replanting bushes definitely helps Palestinian farmers struggling to make a dwelling. However the true points, say Barhoush and Milhem, come right down to an absence of water and an absence of entry to it.

“We are not allowed to dig and search for water in our towns, because water in Palestine is one of the natural resources that live under the control of the Israeli occupation,” Milhem explains as we converse over the cellphone. The road is a bit crackly, and he tells me his web entry may be unstable at occasions, so the decision may minimize out. Fortunately, the road stays sturdy as we converse, and Milhem is crystal clear. “In my town, there is no water.”

In Palestine, by means of the West Financial institution and the Gaza Strip, water utilization is beneath the management of the Israeli authorities. A army order from 1967 prohibits Palestinians from digging wells, tunneling for irrigation or constructing new water installations with out categorical permission. The ensuing disparity leaves tons of of Palestinian communities with out entry to working water, that means they typically have to purchase water—initially sourced in their very own yard—from the Israelis. “It doesn’t mean that we have water scarcity in Palestine,” Milhem says. “We have sufficient water resources, but we are restricted and denied access.”

The World Well being Group recommends a minimal of 100 liters of water per capita per day for all the pieces from ingesting and cooking to bathing. Amnesty Worldwide estimates that Palestinians common simply 73 liters, with some herding communities dropping precipitously low to solely 20 liters. Israelis common 300 liters every day.

With little water out there for crops, Palestinians have turned to indigenous fruit and veggies that may develop in a harsh desert local weather. Though bread is eaten at almost each meal, you gained’t see fields of grain or different money crops on a Palestinian hillside. As a substitute, olives make up the majority of their produce, with stone fruits, apples, dates, figs and nuts supplying the remainder.

If farmers are capable of irrigate fields and water their crops, they’ve moved previous the primary hurdle. The second hurdle is usually scarier, and it could possibly have extra harmful results. In 2002, Israel constructed a wall round Palestinian areas in the West Financial institution, typically working by means of Palestinian-owned land in the method. “This is a very scary, high concrete wall, with checkpoints and gates every few kilometers,” says Barhoush.

Farmers must move by means of these blockades to entry their lands. They have to receive army permits to get previous checkpoints, however even once they do, they’re typically denied entry. When farmers can get by means of, typically, the army will solely let fast relations be part of them. Typically, they must go on their very own, harvesting what they will whereas armed guards look on. Final yr, the UN famous that some Palestinian farmers got entry to their land for a solely few days, when the harvest season runs six weeks or longer.

All collectively, it’s virtually insufferable for Milhem. After I ask him to explain how he feels about farming right this moment, he pauses for an extended second to assemble his ideas. When he speaks, he’s weary. “It’s angriness and ugliness and the feeling of helplessness,” he says. Milhem describes a livestock farmer in the Jordan Valley who he says has fought off eight assaults in two months, making an attempt to maintain his sheep and goats alive. “They feel angry. They don’t have the minimum requirements for a dignified life. Despite that, they are still there…They don’t have machine guns, they’re not fighters. They’re just simply farmers. They have families, they have daughters and sons. They want them to get access to education, they want their families to get access to health services, but they have nothing there.”

Now, Milhem works as the manager director of the Palestinian Farmers Union, and he tries to assist farmers throughout the realm have secure entry to their lands. Though nonetheless going through struggles, he says there was trigger for hope and optimism not too long ago, as protests world wide sprang up this spring in response to violent evictions in East Jerusalem. “I’m not exaggerating by saying it was amazing,” Milhem says. “For those who are living under ongoing violence [it’s good to know] that people in this world care about their suffering.”

In Palestine, olive bushes are greater than only a dependable crop. Their symbolism extends a lot additional. “Palestinian people see themselves [like the olive],” says Barhoush. “Soft and humble on the outside, but really hard to break on the inside.”

So farmers proceed to plant olive bushes, every one taking root in troubled soil, and harvest what they will. “They want to plant trees that will stay for them and for children and grandchildren,” says Barhoush. “There’s a lot of resilience in that.”


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