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Daily Poultry Feed Requirements for each Stage


The nutrient consumption of poultry is affected by each the nutrient composition of the food plan and the quantity of feed eaten or poultry feed consumption. The optimum nutrient consumption for poultry raised commercially will depend upon the industrial targets of the poultry enterprise.

The targets in feeding poultry differ between completely different lessons of poultry. On the whole, for poultry raised to offer meat, reminiscent of broilers, the goal is to provide the utmost physique weight acquire for the minimal value of feed whereas controlling the quantity of fats on the carcass.

For egg laying birds, the goal is to maximise egg manufacturing for the minimal value of feed whereas controlling the egg measurement and egg high quality. For mature egg laying birds this typically entails sustaining a comparatively secure physique weight.

These completely different targets, together with variations in digestion and absorption of vitamins, require completely different ranges of vitamins to be supplied to completely different lessons of poultry.

Farmers ought to keep the correct feed portions for rooster at each stage of development as proven beneath:

— For poultry feed, An egg-laying rooster requires 130-140g of feed per day.

— For poultry feed, A chick requires a minimal 60g per day. In the event that they end their day by day rations, give them fruit and vegetable cuttings to make sure they feed repeatedly.

— For poultry feed, Younger chickens (or pullets) that are about to start out laying eggs needs to be fed 60g for 2 and ½ months after which placed on layer food plan (140g per day). Complement the feed with greens, edible plant leaves and fruit peelings along with their feed rations.

— For poultry feed, Broiler chicks require 67g per day. Broiler finishers require 67g of feed per day to the day of slaughter.

— Chickens are very delicate to aflatoxins- by no means use rotten maize (maozo) whereas making feeds.

The place to Purchase Poultry Feed Components

Poultry farmers who want uncooked supplies for feed making together with feed components (pre-mixes and amino acids) can get them organized from agro-veterinary outlets nearest to them.

There are additionally corporations doing calibration companies for farmers who want to make feeds in massive scale farming enterprises and even for any farmer who requires these companies.

The nutrient consumption of poultry might be managed by limiting the quantity of feed out there to be eaten, by adjusting the nutrient content material of the food plan to match voluntary feed consumption or by manipulating the lighting program by way of rising or reducing the length of darkness. Permitting poultry to eat as a lot as they need is named advert libitum feeding.

There are a selection of things that may have an effect on the voluntary feed consumption of poultry, these embrace:

  1. Breed or pressure
  2. Age
  3. Nutrient steadiness of the food plan
  4. Ambient temperature
  5. Well being and welfare standing of the birds
  6. Accessibility of the feed
  7. Flock density

As well as, sure feed components, poor feed high quality or feed contamination can have hostile results on voluntary feed consumption because of poor palatability or the presence of poisonous elements.

Suppliers of economic poultry present data on the optimum nutrient and feed intakes for their birds all through the manufacturing cycle. Feed consumption and manufacturing efficiency of flocks needs to be monitored and changes made to the food plan composition the place required to maintain efficiency on monitor.

Particularly, feed consumption is quickly affected by ambient temperature, with feed consumption rising at decrease ambient temperatures and reducing at increased ambient temperatures. In such circumstances, the food plan could should be reformulated to regulate nutrient consumption to match modifications in voluntary feed consumption on account of modifications in ambient temperature.

For instance, in excessive ambient temperatures a extra concentrated food plan can compensate the decreased nutrient consumption occurring on account of decrease voluntary feed consumption. 

Accessibility to feed is usually neglected as a limiting issue and might be brought about by way of inappropriate or poorly adjusted feeding tools or insufficient feeding house because of overstocking of amenities.

The peak of the feeders needs to be adjusted in keeping with the flock age to offer easy accessibility to the feed for all of the birds.

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Daily Poultry Feed Requirements for each Stage

Vital Tips about Feed Preparation

When making home-made feed rations, it is very important do experimental trials, by isolating quite a few chickens, feeding them and observing their efficiency. If the feed rations are proper, the broilers will develop quick and layers will enhance egg manufacturing (no less than 1 egg after each 27 hours).

Purchase high quality fishmeal from respected corporations. If omena is used, the farmers should be positive of its high quality; many of the omena within the open-air markets could also be contaminated. Farmers are suggested to go for soya meal if they can not get good high quality omena.

At all times combine the micronutrients (amino acids) first earlier than mixing them with the remainder of the feed. For mixing, farmers are suggested to make use of a drum mixer (many jua kali artisans could make one). By no means use a shovel to combine feed as a result of the components will probably be inconsistently distributed.

Vital: To enhance on the feed high quality, farmers making their very own feeds ought to all the time have it examined to make sure the feed is nicely balanced.

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Poultry Feeds Nutrient Requirements

Poultry diets should be formulated to offer the entire hen’s nutrient necessities if optimum development and manufacturing is to be achieved. There are six lessons of vitamins:

  1. Carbohydrates – the main supply of power for poultry. Many of the carbohydrate in poultry diets is supplied by cereal grains.
  2. Fat – present power and important fatty acids which are required for some bodily processes.
  3. Proteins – required for the synthesis of physique tissue (notably muscle), physiological molecules (reminiscent of enzymes and hormones), feathers and for egg manufacturing. Proteins additionally present a small quantity of power.
  4. Nutritional vitamins – natural chemical compounds (chemical compounds containing carbon) which assist management physique processes and are required in small quantities for regular well being and development.
  5. Minerals – inorganic chemical compounds (chemical compounds not containing carbon) which assist management physique processes and are required for regular well being and development.
  6. Water.


Components affecting the nutrient necessities of poultry

The nutrient necessities of poultry are affected by a lot of elements, together with:

  • Genetics (the species, breed or pressure of hen) – Totally different species, breeds or strains of birds have completely different common physique sizes, development charges and manufacturing ranges and can take up and utilise vitamins from feed with completely different ranges of effectivity. Subsequently, they’ll require feed with completely different nutrient compositions. The genetics of economic poultry is consistently altering, and because of this, so are their nutrient necessities. Consequently, breeders of economic poultry present data on the particular nutrient necessities for the birds they promote.
  • Age – nutrient necessities are associated to each physique weight and the stage of maturity in hen.
  • Intercourse – previous to sexual maturity, the sexes have solely small variations of their nutrient necessities and women and men can often be fed the identical compromise food plan to attain acceptable development charges. Variations in nutrient necessities are bigger following the onset of sexual maturity and considerably completely different food plan formulations are then required for each intercourse.
  • Reproductive state – the extent of egg manufacturing in hens and sexual exercise in males will have an effect on nutrient necessities.
  • Ambient temperature – poultry have elevated power necessities to take care of regular physique temperature in chilly ambient temperatures and the other in scorching ambient temperatures. Meals digestion processes produce physique warmth, the quantity of which can range in keeping with the nutrient composition of the food plan. That is referred to as the warmth increment of the food plan. In chilly temperatures it might be fascinating to formulate a food plan with a better warmth increment and the other in scorching temperatures.
  • Housing system – the kind of housing system will affect the extent of exercise of the birds and subsequently their power necessities.
  • Well being standing – birds experiencing a illness problem could profit from a rise within the consumption of some vitamins, mostly nutritional vitamins.
  • Manufacturing goals – the optimum nutrient composition of the food plan will range in keeping with manufacturing goals, reminiscent of optimising weight acquire or carcass composition, egg numbers or egg measurement. Poultry which are raised for breeding functions could must have their power consumption restricted to make sure that they don’t develop into overweight.

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Listed below are some poultry feed formulation books and guides to assist you beneath:

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