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Difference between Day Old Chicks and Point of Lay birds and when best to buy them


Simply because the title implies, Day Old Chicks (D.O.C) are the birds which are simply hatched whereas Point of Lay (POL) birds are birds which have been raised for between and 18 weeks of age.

For Cockerels is it higher that you simply buy Day Old Chicks (D.O.C) or these which are already raised for weeks? Effectively, none of them is dangerous. Nonetheless, in case you are shopping for these raised for weeks, simply just be sure you buy from a dependable supply that will need to have given them all needed vaccinations and drugs.

Day Old Chicks are higher when you can brood them effectively and handle them correctly, and this fashion, you’re certain of what to count on from them.

Day Old Chicks

                                                           (Day Old Chicks)

Difference between Day Old Chicks and Point of Lay birds and when best to buy them                                                   ( Point of Lay Birds)

Now allow us to have a look at the best manner to handle layers birds from dayold to laying stage to obtain most revenue by way of egg manufacturing beneath:

Layer poultry farming means elevating egg laying poultry birds for the aim of business egg manufacturing. Layer chickens are such a particular species of hens, which want to be raised from when they’re in the future previous. They begin laying eggs commercially from 18-19 weeks of age.

They continue to be laying eggs repeatedly until their 72-78 weeks of age. They’ll produce about one kg of eggs by consuming about 2.25 kg of meals throughout their egg laying interval.

For the aim of producing hybrid eggs layer, take into account the assorted traits  of cock and hen earlier than breeding. There are numerous sorts of extremely egg productive layer breeds out there all through the world.

Layer Breeds

In accordance to the character and coloration of egg, layer hens are of two sorts. Brief description of these two sorts are listed beneath.

  • White Egg Laying Hens: This kind of hens are comparatively smaller in measurement. Comparatively eat much less meals, and the colour of egg shell is white. Isa White, Lehman White, Nikchik, Bab Cock BV-300, Havard White, Hello Intercourse White, Sever White, Hello line White, Bovanch White and so on. are some common white egg laying chickens.
  • Brown Egg Laying Hens: Brown egg laying hens are comparatively bigger in measurement. They eat extra meals, in contrast to white egg layers. Lay greater eggs than different laying breeds. Egg shell is brown coloured. There are numerous sorts of brown layer out there. Amongst these Isa Brown, Hello Intercourse Brown, Sever 579, Lehman Brown, Hello Line Brown, Bab Cock BV-380, Gold Line, Bablona Tetro, Bablona Harko, Havard Brown and so on. are very appropriate for business layer poultry farming.

Layer Hen Choice

You may have to take note some important data earlier than choosing the layer hens on your poultry farming enterprise. You may have to choose these breeds that are appropriate on your layer poultry farming enterprise and can produce effectively in your space. Learn beneath for choosing correct breeds for your online business.

  • For business eggs manufacturing, you may have to selected extremely productive laying hens accurately.
  • All sort of hens don’t produce equal quantity of eggs.
  • The chosen breeds will need to have to have good manufacturing functionality.
  • In case your chosen breed comprise the specified attribute and have a fame for egg manufacturing, then that breed is appropriate for your online business.
  • At all times buy wholesome chicks from a well-known and common hatchery. You may see their catalog earlier than buying.

Protecting Day Old Chicks for Layer Poultry Farming

Throughout the first weeks after delivery, many chicks are not looking for to drink water due to transporting them from one place to one other. So you may have to make sufficient water consuming programs of their brooder home, and you may have to practice them for consuming water. Combine 5% glucose with water, in order that they will simply get vitality. Present them any sorts of prime quality multivitamin.

Multivitamin and electrolyte ie. Electral Power are very efficient when you transport chick from a protracted distance. It reduces tiredness and lack of water, and assist to make the chick regular. You will need to observe Vaccination Program for Pullet/Layer Birds for the best manufacturing and the very best revenue.

Vaccination and it’s Significance for Layer Poultry Farming

Vaccination program is a should for chicks for holding them free from every kind of ailments. The principle benefit of poultry vaccination are listed beneath.

  • Well timed vaccination makes illness resistance energy within the physique of chick.
  • Assist to preserve the hen free from infective poultry ailments.
  • Illness prevalence shall be much less.
  • Mortality price will cut back.
  • And low mortality price = extra manufacturing = extra revenue.

There are numerous sorts of poultry vaccines can be found for layer hens. Marex, Ranikheth, Gamboro, Bruchaities, Bosonto, Salmonela and so on. are used for layer chickens.

Earlier than Vaccination of Layer Poultry

You may have to keep some guidelines earlier than vaccination.

  • Maintain the chickens very fastidiously.
  • Vaccinate the chickens with none pressure.
  • There isn’t a want to vaccinate the ailing hen.
  • Wash the vaccination equipments with scorching boiled water
  • Do the vaccination program in chilly climate situation.
  • Preventive vaccine is at all times relevant to wholesome chook. By no means vaccinate an contaminated chook.

Protecting Rising Chicks

You may have to keep the suggestion listed beneath for holding rising layer chickens.

  • You may have to present the rising chicks particular care till they attain 4-5 weeks of age.
  • After brooding serve them good high quality pellet feed. It’ll make good outcomes sooner or later. They’ll produce egg extremely. Prime quality pellet will make the chickens wholesome and enhance their physique weight.
  • So it is rather vital to present them high quality pellet feed throughout rising interval.
  • Observe the Layer Poultry Medication Chart: Observe this hyperlink for the vaccination chart (Vaccination Program for Pullet/Layer Birds).

Egg Manufacturing  for Layer Poultry Farming

Egg manufacturing from a Layer Poultry Farming is dependent upon the care and farm administration. If you happen to take excellent care of your birds and handle them correctly, then the manufacturing and revenue shall be excessive.

  • Withing the primary 20 weeks of age, about 5% of hens begin laying eggs.
  • About 10% birds begin laying at their 21 weeks of age.
  • Once they attain 26 to 30 weeks of age, they produce extremely. Though, it might be totally different relying on their pressure.
  • After laying a most quantity of eggs, they normally cease laying for a couple of days.
  • And after this era, their egg manufacturing may reduces slowly.
  • Egg laying price and measurement of eggs will increase regularly.
  • The hens develop until their 40 weeks of age.
  • Weight and measurement of eggs will increase until their 50 weeks of age.

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Methodology and Significance of Lip Chopping

Chopping the lip of laying hens is essential. The principle advantages are listed beneath.

  • Lip slicing assist to cut back mutual fights.
  • It assist to stop meals waste.
  • You may have to lower your chick’s lip at their age of 8 to 10 days.
  • Reduce the lip of rising hen at their 8 to 12 weeks of age.
  • Reduce the lip of chicks 0.2 cm from their nostril.
  • Reduce 0.45 cm in case of rising chickens.
  • Reduce the each higher and decrease lips.
  • Don’t lower the each lip collectively. Reduce one after one other.
  • Use block chick trimming machine to lower the lips.

Don’t lower their lip two days after or earlier than vaccination, after or earlier than utilizing some medicines like sulfur. Don’t lower the lip if the hen in a pressure, and throughout hostile climate situations and if the hen begin laying eggs.

Serve the hen water blended with vitamin “K” three days earlier than slicing lips. Wash the lip slicing. Take a look at the sting and temperature of blade. You may have to watch out, and don’t harm their eyes and tongue.

Select chilly climate for slicing their lips. Lip slicing course of needs to be noticed by an skilled technician. After slicing lips, serve them water in a deep pot. Present them some further vitality enriched feed.

Feeding for Layer Poultry Farming

There are numerous corporations out there all through the world, that are producing business feed  and feed dietary supplements for layer chickens. You may buy feed out of your native market or make the feed at your personal home. You may have to ensure that the feed  and feed dietary supplements to procure are enriched with important meals worth.

Protein,Nutritional vitamins and Mineral are essential for laying hens which is affecting the standard of eggs ,layer poultry fertility and layer chook’s well being

  • Present 2% of calcium for 2 weeks after their delivery.
  • If you happen to discover they don’t seem to be gaining anticipated weight, then you may have to serve starter feed for eight weeks.
  • Serve feed two or thrice in a day until their 18 weeks of age.
  • Demand of feed enhance very quick when the birds begin laying.
  • Serve them layer poultry feed in accordance to their age and weights.
  • Don’t lower the quantity of feed whereas laying (even when their weight enhance).

Water Administration for Layer Poultry Farming

Chickens well being rely upon the availability of pure, clear and recent consuming water. You may have to present sufficient water in accordance to the demand of your laying hens. Provide chilly water throughout summer time season and scorching climate, and barely scorching water in chilly climate or winter season.

In accordance with the age and species of chickens, meals offering can management the weights of hen. Use ample calcium, phosphorus, nutritional vitamins, amino acid and different mineral substance of their meals. If you happen to observe the strategies talked about above, then you can also make higher revenue out of your layer poultry farming enterprise.

Layer Farm Sequence

An ordinary process is adopted for the Layer Farm Sequence. This process begins when feminine chicks are raised into pullets for business egg manufacturing. This stage is known as ‘rearing’, and there are a number of frequent rearing programs.

Some farms elevate layer chicks on a litter flooring in a shed comparable to a meat hen shed. Different pullets are both completed off or reared solely in wire-floored cages.

Brooding for Layer Poultry Farming:(Day-old to 6 weeks)

When a hen sits nonetheless for a chronic interval with out consuming or consuming usually, she is alleged to be ‘broody’. This can be a regular course of throughout which the hen stops producing eggs so as to incubate a nest full of eggs.

When the eggs hatch the hen then cares for the chicks by holding them heat and discovering feed and water for them. Fashionable strains of hen have been chosen not to go broody in order that extra eggs are laid over a interval of time.

When rearing chicks commercially the goal is to do the identical factor because the hen. The stage of life when chicks want some extra warmth is known as the brooding stage. It lasts up to six weeks, relying on the temperature of the surroundings till the chicks can management their physique temperature themselves.

From day-old they normally obtain chick starter feed which goals to guarantee they’ve lots of protein (19%) and vitality for physique progress.

Rising Layer Birds (6 to 20 weeks)

As soon as chicks can management their physique temperature they nonetheless want to be shielded from local weather extremes. At this stage they obtain pullet grower feed which is inexpensive and comprises solely 15% to 17% protein and 7% much less vitality than the starter feed.

Beak trimming and some vaccinations are executed throughout the grower stage to put together the birds for his or her grownup life as laying hens. Something that limits progress at the moment can have an effect on their potential to lay effectively. Nonetheless, extreme feeding at the moment could be dangerous, once more main to poor manufacturing.

Restriction to feed provide to birds throughout rising stops them from rising at a quick price and leads to each feed financial savings and elevated egg manufacturing when the birds mature.

Cautious weekly weighing of the birds is crucial to limit physique weight and work out how even the flock is rising. Breeding corporations suggest what weight birds needs to be at every age.

Shifting the Layer Birds

Pullets are normally moved into their laying quarters, at 16-18 weeks of age, earlier than they attain sexual maturity. This ensures that they’re settled in earlier than egg manufacturing begins.

Dealing with birds at any time have to be executed with care to keep away from damage. As pullets mature into laying hens they’re fed a layer ration designed to allow them to carry out best.

Grownup Layer Birds (20 to/up to 78 weeks)

Grownup hens are the actual employees of the business. For best efficiency they want to be fed fastidiously and stored in a home at 21-28oC. Which means that hen homes are designed to preserve as close to as attainable to this temperature 12 months spherical.

The hens are checked commonly to monitor their well being and medicines could also be administered as wanted. Tinted egg strains normally require much less feed (105g feed/hen/day) than brown egg strains (120g feed/hen/day).

The standard of feed supplied to hens could also be various for the extent of manufacturing. Hens can want extra vitamins simply earlier than and throughout their peak manufacturing than at different occasions. That is referred to as section feeding. It may be economical to alter rations for such excessive demand durations.

Egg Gathering and Grading

Mechanical assortment of eggs is frequent in trendy layer farms. It takes about 26 hours for every egg to develop and every hen lays an egg slightly later every day. This isn’t a precise factor and most eggs are laid within the morning.

Eggs needs to be collected commonly and transferred from the hen home to an egg room the place they’re graded or checked for weight and for broken shells. A pattern of eggs is commonly damaged open to verify inside high quality.

Eggs are packed into cartons for 12 eggs or trays of 30 eggs on the market. Costs differ with egg measurement, so eggs have to be separated on the premise of egg weight. That is executed routinely by a machine referred to as an egg grader.

Advertising and marketing of Eggs

Eggs are saved in a cool room at about 13oC and transported in an insulated truck. Sadly, many outlets promoting eggs don’t retailer them below excellent situations.

Within the residence and store state of affairs it’s best to retailer them at regular fridge temperature (4-6oC). Advertising and marketing includes a variety of costs, relying on the totally different sizes of egg, totally different manufacturers, or different variations which are a magnet for explicit patrons.

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