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Different Breeds of Poultry Birds and Their Uses


Poultry birds is a class of domesticated birds saved by people for the aim of accumulating their eggs, or killing for his or her meat or feathers.

Varieties of Poultry


Many alternative breeds of chickens have been developed for various functions. For simplicity, you may place them into three normal classes: Laying, meat-producing and dual-purpose breeds.

Laying Breeds:

These breeds are recognized for his or her egg-laying capability. Fashionable laying breeds embrace the White Leghorn, Purple Intercourse Hyperlink and Black Intercourse Hyperlink breeds. A wholesome hen will lay eggs for a number of years. Hens start to put at roughly 16–20 weeks of age and will lay between 20–23 dozen eggs the primary yr.

At 14 months, laying hens normally start to molt, the method by which they drop their outdated feathers and develop new ones. No eggs are laid throughout this era. After molting, hens will lay bigger however fewer eggs per yr (about 16–18 dozen).

Meat Breeds:

Meat-producing breeds are very environment friendly at changing feed to meat, producing roughly one pound of physique weight for each two kilos of feed they eat. A well-liked meat-producing breed is the Cornish breed.

The Cornish recreation hen is a cross between the Cornish and the New Hampshire or Plymouth Rock breeds. Meat-producing chickens are broad breasted and bigger than the laying breeds.

They develop and feather quickly and will weigh 5 kilos or extra at eight weeks. Broilers and fryers are butchered at 31/2 to five kilos, whereas a roaster is butchered at 6 to eight kilos.

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Twin-Function Breeds:

The twin-purpose breed is the traditional yard hen. These breeds are hardy, self-reliant and pretty giant bodied. Most lay giant brown-shelled eggs. Examples embrace Rhode Island Purple and New Hampshire breeds.

Some laying and dual-purpose hens are likely to get broody, which suggests they may wish to sit on and hatch eggs. As a result of broody hens don’t lay eggs, egg manufacturing might be affected. Seek the advice of along with your native extension agent or different poultry skilled that will help you select the precise breeds.

Turkeys, Sport Birds and Different Poultry

Turkeys, geese, geese and pheasants are sometimes raised as pets or for his or her egg and meat-producing qualities. Additionally they could make terrific initiatives for youngsters to be taught accountability and animal husbandry abilities.

Different Breeds of Poultry Birds and Their Uses

There are differing kinds of poultry birds together with totally different makes use of which embrace:

Title of Chicken Uses of the fowl  
Rooster Use for meat, feathers, eggs, leather-based  
Duck Use for meat, feathers, eggs  
Emu Use for meat, leather-based, oil  
Goose Use for meat, feathers, eggs  
Indian peafowl Use for meat, feathers, landscaping  
Mute swan Use for its feathers, eggs, landscaping  
Ostrich Use for meat, eggs, feathers, leather-based  
Turkey Use for meat, feathers  
guinea-fowl Use for meat, pest consumption, and alarm calling  
pheasant Use for Meat  
Golden pheasant Use for meat, primarily decorative  
Rhea Use for meat, leather-based, oil, eggs  

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