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Factors to consider when purchasing Ruminant Animals


There are particular components to consider when purchasing ruminant animals and under are a number of the issues it’s best to look out for in a ruminant animal earlier than purchasing them.

If you need to buy a male ruminant as an example, the final well being standing of the animal should be critically examined. The animals should be freed from ectoparasites and any bodily deformity.

Ruminants with any signal of ill-health should not be purchased. For male verify the testicles to be certain you aren’t shopping for a castrated animal. The animal should have properly developed muscle tissue and hind limbs in order to make mounting of feminine animal simple.

For the feminine, take correct reproductive price of the dad and mom, reproductive interval, incidence of abortion or any associated reproductive downside and many others. normally, it’s higher an skilled is carried alongside earlier than any choice is completed in order to keep away from pointless issues.

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Observing the animals is most vital so as to ensure that producers can acknowledge abnormality if any is current. Extension professionals working with these producers ought to have the expertise to assist them on how to observe the animals’ habits, strolling, feeding, temperament, and look.

Additionally, observing the hair coat, eyes, nostril, ft, abdomen, genitals, hooves, horns, tail, head, and again is vital. For females, producers ought to observe the udder and variety of teats current, as a result of the animals have to produce milk for the children.

Lameness is a standard downside in goats and sheep that will consequence from extra moisture from rain that induced flooding of areas, together with the sheds the place fecal matter is current.

Animals which can be unable to stroll across the pastures and feed usually will expertise weight reduction, as a result of goats and sheep love to browse and graze the pastures and won’t get sufficient to eat

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Strategies of Ruminant Animals Choice

These include:

Mass choice – Animals with superior traits (extremely heritable breeds) are chosen from a herd after which allowed to mate amongst one another at random.

The offsprings will present increased efficiency than their dad and mom. It is because mass choice will increase the prevalence of the fascinating genes in a inhabitants.

Progeny testing – is a offspring ensuing from chosen dad and mom ( Household choice).

On this technique a gaggle of progenies (offrprings) are used as an assist to improve accuracy within the choice ofa breeding inventory.

That is technique is used when the character to be chosen is of low heritability and expressedby one intercourse solely. This methodtakes upto 9 years for the outcomes to be seen.

Modern comparability:
Contemporaries refers to different heifers within the herd sired by the identical bull.

It is a progey tasting technique which entails comparability of common manufacturing of daughters (Heifers) of every bull with that of the opposite heifer refered to as contemporaries.

On this strategies it’s assumed that thedifference between the herds of the identical breed are non-genetic in origin.


  • It’s doable to examine heifers of various ages in numerous places worldwide.
  • It eliminates distinction led to by the setting.
  • it’s doable to make direct comparability of stut bulls at completely different synthetic insemiation centres.
  • It’s correct since we’re utilizing a big herd of animals.

Collection of Ruminant Animals Breeding Inventory

Choice is used as a device for livestock enchancment. A breeding inventory is a gaggle of men and women which act as dad and mom of future generations.

Choice is the method of permitting sure animals to be dad and mom of future generations whereas culling others.

Culling is the elimination of animals which don’t carry out to the specified stage, from the herd. The animals retained have sure fascinating traits which make them produce extra.

Chosen animals make up the breeding inventory.
The breeding inventory ought to go the great qualities to their offsprings for higher efficiency, to enhance the livestock.

Choice course of repeated for a lot of generations will increase probabilities of formation of fascinating qualities in an animal.

Genetically termed as gene frequency(prevalence of the genes that carry fascinating traits.) Choice will increase prevalence of fascinating genes and reduces occurance of undesirable genes.

Throughout choice, the traits to be chosen for are first studied carefully to confirm that it’s not influenced by the setting, however primarily by the genetic make-up.

Choice helps enhance traits that are extremely heritable.
Heritability means the chance of a specific trait to be transmitted to the offspring and they’re strongly inherited.

A personality like milk yield is lowly heritable, i.e. it’s weakly inherited and an even bigger share of the character is affected by the setting.

The diploma to which choice impacts a personality depends upon the next components


The heritability of the character, The depth with which the choice is completed and the interval between generations and type of choice being practiced.



Factors to consider when purchasing Ruminant Animals

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Breeding Inventory

  • Age
  • Degree of efficiency
  • Bodily Health
  • Well being
  • Physique Conformation
  • Temperament or Behaviour
  • High quality of merchandise
  • Mothering Potential
  • Adaptability
  • Prolificacy


  • Younger animals,
  • Those who haven’t parturated for greater than 3-times, ought to be chosen.
  • They’ve an extended productive life.
  • Outdated animals are poor breeders and low producers.
  • Manufacturing and breeding effectivity decline with age.

Degree of efficiency

  • Animals with highest manufacturing stage chosen.
  • Efficiency finest indicated by data.

Good efficiency of animal indicated by;

  • Excessive milk, wool and egg manufacturing,
  • Good mothering means
  • Excessive prepotency which is the power of a dad or mum to go good qualities to their offsprings.
  • The animals with poor efficiency ought to be culled.
  • Good data stored and utilized by the farmer for this objective.

Bodily Health
Animals chosen ought to be free from any bodily defect e.g.

  • mono-eyed,
  • limping,
  • irregular variety of teats,
  • scrotal hernia,
  • faulty and weak backline

Well being

  • Sick animals don’t breed properly and are costly to preserve.
  • Animals which can be resistant to ailments go these traits to their offsprings

Physique Conformation

  • Animals for breeding to be chosen in accordance to correct physique conformation.
  • A dairy cow ought to be wedge-shaped with a big udder, skinny legs, lengthy neck.

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Temperament or Behaviour

  • Animals with unhealthy behaviors ought to be culled. e.g Cannibalism, egg consuming, aggressiveness, kicking

High quality of merchandise

  • Choose animals that give merchandise of top of the range equivalent to meat, wool, eggs, milk.

Mothering Potential

  • Animals chosen ought to have a very good mothering means,
  • That’s animals with good pure intuition in direction of their younger ones.
  • This may allow them to rear the younger ones up to weaning.

Animals chosen ought to be properly tailored to the prevailing climatic situation within the space e.g Ardi and semi arid areas.


  • Animals chosen ought to be extremely prolific.
  • That’s, animals with the power to give beginning to many offsprings at a time(bigger litter).
  • It is a high quality that ought to be thought-about when choosing pigs and rabbits.
  • The ancestry data help to select the prolific breedsfor mating

Collection of Cattle and Sheep

Choice in cattle

Consider the next;

Degree Of Efficiency Which Embody;

  • Milk Yield Buter Content material.
  • Size Of Lactation Interval.

Age of the Animal, Fertility, bodily Health, Well being Of The Animal, Physique Conformation and suitability of the enterprise-milk or beef

Choice in sheep

Consider the next;

Degree of efficiency which incorporates;

Suitability to the enterprise-wool or mutton
Flocking intuition Well being of the animal
Bodily health
Inheritable defects
Inheritable defects.

Choice in Goats
Consider the next:
Mothering means.
Progress price.
Twining price
Carcass high quality/dressing share
Progress price.
Suitability to the enterprise – milk or mutton.
Well being of the animal.

Choice in Pigs

Consider the next:
Carcass high quality/dressing share
Suitability to the enterprise (bacon or pork)
Progress price.
Well being of the animal.
Mothering means.
Variety of teats
Physique formation.
Heredity defects

Choice in Camels
Well being of the animal.
Foraging means.
Degree of performance-milk, meat, fur and transport.

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