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Feeding Tips for Rabbits


Rabbits are small mammals present in a number of components of the world. Rabbits are herbivores which effectively convert fodder to meals. The totally different breeds of recent home rabbit have advanced way back to the 18th century.

In early 1960, united state division of Agriculture (USDA) was concerned in introducing extra rabbit to western states of Nigeria. Rabbit could be shortly grown and are an affordable supply of protein.

They are often reared for consumption or business endeavor. Rabbits which are on forage feeding attain desk weight round 6-7 months of age.

At the moment we might be discussing among the feeding ideas for rabbits that you have to find out about for your rabbit farming to achieve success.

The next are the feeding ideas for rabbit:

(1) Feed twice a day – within the morning and night when it’s cool.
(2) Filling feed troughs to such an extent that there’s feed for a number of days will not be advisable.
(3) The quantity and kind of feed to supply to them rely on :
-The age of the rabbit
-The load or development charge of the animal.
-Exercise and physiological standing: development /fattening, mating interval, being pregnant, lactation or physique upkeep.
(4) Feed your rabbits a variety of vegetation. This tends to steadiness the weight loss plan.
(5) Don’t feed forages lately sprayed with insecticide.
(6) By no means feed forage collected from locations the place canines, cats generally defecate to stop worm infections.
(7) By no means change feeds and feeding time abruptly.
(8) Permit inexperienced feed to wilt by spreading them beneath the shed earlier than they’re fed. This will increase dry matter.
(9) By no means feed soiled feed.

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Significance of Rabbit Farming

·   Rabbit are environment friendly feed converters to prime quality protein, they makes use of native forages and meals wastes which are of no direct worth to people.

·   Meat from rabbit is an all-white meat product that’s excessive in protein of about 20.8% and low in fats, sodium and ldl cholesterol as in comparison with different widespread meats, corresponding to beef, lamb, pork and poultry. Rabbit meat has been advisable for years by some physicians to their sufferers with coronary coronary heart circumstances.

·  Rabbit additionally provides helpful by-product just like the fur which is beneficial for making cardigans

· There may be wonderful product acceptance with respect to social and spiritual traditions in different phrases it isn’t restricted by any robust taboos or specific beliefs that stop the consuming of rabbit meat or its promotion as meals.

·  It matures for desk between 5 -6 months, breeding (5 – 7 months)


There are over 40 acknowledged breeds of domesticated rabbit on the earth. In Nigeria, the most typical breeds embrace

commonest breeds embrace:

  • New Zealand white,
  • Californian, Angora,
  • Chinchilla,
  • California,
  • Dutch and so forth.


Take into account that the rabbits have to be at the least 6 months of age earlier than being bred. Regardless that rabbits shouldn’t be bred till 6 months of age, they will get pregnant as younger as 3 months, so ensure that bucks and does are separated by 8 weeks of age, as to not have any accidents. It’s not good for a doe to have a litter earlier than she is absolutely grown, which the smaller breeds are absolutely grown at 6 months of age.

Rabbits don’t undergo warmth cycles like most animals. To have the ability to inform if the doe is able to be bred, verify her genital space. Does who’re able to be bred might be actually pink, nearly a reddish, purplish colour down there. Additionally, when petting them over their again and backside, they’ll stick their backside up within the air. They’re organising, displaying they’re able to undergo the buck. A rabbit’s gestation interval is 30-32 days. 


Rabbit housing relying on the next: climatic situation, uncooked supplies (Availability and value), Scale of manufacturing, and the manufacturing system (Intensive, In depth or semi-intensive).

The home must be spacious for free motion of the rabbits, enable air flow to disallow being choked up from ammonia from the urine. It must also shield the animal from rain, daylight, predators like cat, rat, ants and so forth.

 A typical hutch dimensions for a basic objective hutch are as follows:

·         1 m above the bottom roughly;

·          peak of hutch: 60 cm on the entrance, 50 cm on the again;

·          width: 50-60 cm;

·         size: 90-120 cm

Flooring could be made from arduous bamboo-like materials slatted collectively. Bamboo flooring of this sort is advisable for grownup rabbits solely, as younger rabbits have a tendency to slide on the sleek slates and may develop deformed legs. Nesting containers could be constructed from thinner materials and even from clay.

Wire has many benefits when used for rabbit housing, particularly for flooring and the fronts of cages. It must be famous, nonetheless, that this materials can rust quickly in heat humid climates if not galvanized or if the galvanized coating is broken

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Rabbit manufacturing in creating nations is predicated on low price feeding, utilizing regionally obtainable feedstuffs. For enhance development charge extra vital concerns could be to formulate low-cost diets primarily based on feedstuffs which are of little direct worth as human meals.

If the rabbits are saved on a small scale, diets corresponding to inexperienced succulent fodders could be fed with little prices. Present feeding practices range broadly within the tropics, relying on the sorts of feed materials which are obtainable regionally (Aduku and Olukosi, 1990).

In tropical Africa, feeds generally given to rabbits embrace grasses corresponding to Guinea grass (Panicum most) and star grass (Cynodon dactylon); legumes corresponding to Kudzu (Pueraria phaseoloides), groundnut haulms and cowpea haulms; root crops corresponding to candy potato leaves and cassava chips; and varied herbs corresponding to Tridax procumbens, Euphorbia and Aspilla (Aduku and Olukosi, 1990).

Rabbits could also be maintained solely on inexperienced feeds along with family vegetable waste. Nonetheless, cautious administration and balancing of diets is important (Aduku and Olukosi, 1990).


The various kinds of illnesses that have an effect on rabbits are as follows.

·  Ear Canker and Pores and skin Mange: That is brought on by exterior parasites corresponding to mites. This trigger quite a lot of pores and skin and ear circumstances. With ear mange all the ear might turn into stuffed with crusty scabs.

·  Coccidiosis: That is the most typical illnesses in rabbits. Signs in reasonable or extreme circumstances embrace a lack of urge for food, “pot belly”, diarrhoea and an incapability to realize weight.

·  Mastitis: It is a bacterial illness will not be widespread however is often seen in rabbit. It happens when there’s an an infection and irritation of the teats, which turn into arduous and sore.

·  Snuffles: It’s a bacterial an infection of the respiratory system just like chilly in people. The signs are sneezing, noisy respiratory, a runny nostril and moist and matted fur on the face.

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