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Find out: “Earthen Pond vs Concrete Pond” Which one is Better?


In making a call almost about which kind of fish pond that shall be higher to your fishes, This depends upon the best way you’re looking at it and what you truly need. So far as am involved, the 2 might be very rewarding if adequately managed.

In comparism, water administration in earthen pond is simpler than in concrete pond as a result of most wastes from the fish and the feeds are absorbed by the soil in earthen ponds whereas they need to be flushed out in concrete ponds.

Additionally phytoplanktons and zooplanktons can be found as further sources of feed in earthen pond whereas synthetic feeds are the one supply in concrete ponds. There is no want to scrub earthen ponds because it is achieved for concrete pond.

Nonetheless, it is simpler to make sure ample safety with concrete pond than with earthen ponds as a result of most concrete ponds are normally in-built and enclosure. Additionally sorting, numbering and harvesting are simply achieved in concrete ponds than in earthen ponds.

Ailments, cannibalism and demise is additionally simply noticed in concrete tanks, in the meantime how effectively the fishes are consuming and absorbing their feeds is simply identified in concrete ponds than in earthen ponds and extra importantly, you do not want a water-logged (swampy) space earlier than embarking in concrete pond building.

In the meantime for you to have the ability to resolve as to which of the ponds shall be finest to your intending fishes, you’ll have to first perceive the benefits and the disadvantages of every of the completely different sort of ponds we’ve and examine them with what you wish to obtain out of your fish farm.

Due to this fact allow us to focus on the benefits and drawbacks of the completely different sort of fish ponds we’ve beneath:

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Sorts of Catfish Ponds

1. Earthen Ponds: are synthetic dams, reservoir, or lake constructed for various species of fishes as a way to retain some options of the pure aquatic setting. Earthen ponds are created manually, or mechanically, in a rigorously chosen web site with excessive water retention potential. Earthen ponds are constructed manually with using shovels and diggers.

Nonetheless, in current occasions, using excavators to dig ponds has been on the rise. An excavator can dig a pond that ten males will ordinarily dig in 5 days inside simply ten hours.

For industrial pond building, using excavator is less expensive than handbook building. It additionally saves time and might attain good depths in hours.

The selection of land for earthen pond should take into cognizance availability of water, or at worse affirm wetlands in season and out of season.

Different components that should be thought of embody soil sort, soil texture and soil permeability. A web site positioned in an space that primarily has sandy soil prices extra with regards to building as a result of ponds constructed in such areas will want sandbagging to forestall the collapse of such a pond.

earthen pond

Benefits of Earthen Pond over Different Sorts of Ponds

  1. It is just like the pure habitat of fishes.
  2. Fishes develop higher in an earthen pond than in each different sort of pond.
  3. Upkeep value is cheaper.
  4. It may well help completely different sorts of feed.
  5. It has pure capability to regulate air pollution.
  6. You don’t want an electrical aerator to spice up the oxygen stage.
  7. It requires decrease value of manufacturing.
  8. It permits fishes to develop quicker.
  9. It permits simple water administration

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2. Concrete Ponds: are normally constructed with concrete and typically bolstered to make them stronger. Development of concrete ponds is usually dealt with by extremely expert professionals in civil/building engineering.

For any concrete pond to face the take a look at of time it should be effectively constructed. The usage of blocks for the development of concrete tanks is not normally inspired.

Concrete tanks for catfishes could be constructed beneath or above the earth floor. Concrete ponds are should common in city areas the place catfish farming are practiced.

concrete pond

Benefits of Concrete Pond over Earthen Ponds

  1. It is simple to handle; e.g. counting, sorting, gross sales and different administration practices.
  2. It is higher for manufacturing of fingerlings and juveniles.
  3. It may be constructed on dry land.
  4. It can’t be flooded.
  5. It has manageable floor space.
  6. Ailments are simply detected and managed.
  7. Predators could be stored away or simply managed.
  8. Concrete ponds don’t want demudding.
  9. Waste feed can simply be found in concrete ponds.
  10. It can’t be affected by weed and chemical air pollution.
  11. It could not want main upkeep for years.
  12. Development of fishes can simply be monitored.
  13. Utilization requires much less manpower.

3. Tarpaulin/Artificial Leather-based Ponds: are dug like an earthen pond however the partitions are lined with a type of rubber/leather-based carpet to forestall water percolation. These sorts of ponds are wonderful at elevating juveniles and brood inventory. They’re normally constructed with flow-through system.

Benefits of Tarpaulin/Artificial Leather-based Pond

  1. They’re simpler to handle
  2. They cut back water waste
  3. They’re simple to take care of

4. Plastic/Rubber Tanks: are of various sizes particularly manufactured for elevating catfishes. A few of these containers are constructed to accommodate as a lot as one tonne of table-size fish.

rubber tanks

Benefits of Rubber/Plastic Tank

  1. They can be utilized to lift fishes virtually in all places.
  2. They will simply be moved from one place to the opposite.
  3. They can be utilized to lift fingerlings earlier than they’re transferred to the primary ponds.
  4. They’re protected and safe as a result of they can be utilized to lift fishes indoor.
  5. They pose no risk to the setting i.e. they’re setting pleasant.
  6. They can be utilized to be taught the artwork and science of fish farming.
  7. They’re low cost and cheaper to take care of.

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5. Fiberglass Tanks: are clear tanks used to lift frys and fingerlings below a managed temperature earlier than they’re transferred into the outside tanks.

Benefits of Fiberglass Tank

  1. They’re simple to handle
  2. The actions of the fishes could be monitored at a look
  3. They’re moveable and movable

6. Cage Tanks: are constructed and positioned inside contemporary water. They’re anchored to the encompassing pegs. A lot of the occasions, feeding of fishes within the tanks are achieved with using a canoe as a result of these tanks are positioned in the midst of a big water physique to switch their water setting in an enclosed cage.

Cage pond

Benefits of Cage Tank

  1. It may be used to lift giant variety of fishes
  2. Water air pollution is uncommon
  3. Fishes develop higher on account of fixed contemporary water
  4. Availability of oxygen always
  5. Availability of different water organisms for fishes to feed on
  6. Nonetheless, water air pollution can result in the demise of all fishes within the cage

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