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Foliar Boron during Flowering through Boll Development in Cotton


Peak Demand for Boron in Cotton is from Flowering through Boll Development

Agronomics / Background

Boron is crucial in any respect levels of plant development; nevertheless, it’s essential from flowering through fruit growth. Boron aids in sq. retention and boll set, which is much more evident with right this moment’s fast-fruiting and high-yielding varieties.  Further advantages from boron embrace improved translocation of sugar to the fruit and stronger, well-developed fibers.

Circumstances Resulting in Boron Deficiencies

Boron could be very water soluble and deficiency is expounded to soil kind, natural matter content material and timing of lime software (soil pH). Boron availability decreases with growing soil pH. Deficiencies usually tend to be an issue in sandy soils and sandy loams. Boron uptake additionally decreases beneath drought circumstances. 

Desired Boron Tissue Check Values

The specified vary for in tissue check for boron is between 25 to 60 ppm previous to or at bloom stage.

Key Utility Timings and Charges

Key timings for foliar sprays of boron are during flowering through boll growth. For foliar functions, provide adequate boron to account for uptake inefficiencies and to offset leaching losses. The advice is to make use of 0.5 kilos per acre of precise boron utilized at early bloom or 0.25 kilos per acre at early bloom and one other 0.25 kilos per acre about two weeks later. On deep, sandy soils, cut up foliar functions guarantee availability during the essential bloom and boll-filling intervals. Soluble boron sources are usually suitable with mepiquat chloride and most pesticides and fungicides if sufficient water is used to dissolve the compound

Key BRANDT product foliar software embrace: BRANDT Sensible B Mo, BRANDT Sensible Okay B and BRANDT 10% Boron. 

Boron Deficiency in Cotton 

Boron deficiency is extra frequent in youthful leaf tissue towards the highest of the cotton plant. Deficiency signs might seem as distorted and/or stunted terminals; irregular uppermost leaves, and aborted flowers. Further deficiency signs might seem as “coon-tailing” on the petioles and/or petioles which can be shorter and thicker than these in wholesome crops. In extreme conditions, flower abortion and boll shedding might happen which might outcome in extreme vegetative development and diminished yields. An instance of “coon-tailing” might be seen in the picture under.

Darrin Dodds and Bobby Golden, Mississippi StateB-Deficiency.jpg



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