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How Bee-Impersonating Flies Help With Pollination


Bees and butterflies is likely to be the best-known pollinators, however they aren’t the one ones. Bats, birds, beetles, wasps and flies play an essential function, too.

Rae Olsson, a postdoctoral analysis affiliate at Washington State College (WSU), has studied pollinating bugs since 2014, once they began engaged on a bee-survey challenge led by a current WSU doctoral graduate. Whereas their job was to gather knowledge on bee populations, Olsson realized the flowers acquired a number of various guests.

“While I was standing and staring at flowers, watching insects come and go, I noticed that a lot of the insects that were visiting were not bees,” says Olsson.

Discouraged by the dearth of curiosity in different pollinators reminiscent of flies and wasps, they got down to analysis the class themself. “People overlook the fly pollinators and the wasp pollinators and the beetles because they’re just not as cute,” says Olsson. “Bees and butterflies and hummingbirds are all charismatic and cute, but people just are not as excited about flies and wasps and ants. We have very limited knowledge of them.”

The ensuing examine, not too long ago printed in Meals Webs, highlights the significance of non-bee insect pollinators in gardens and farms. Over the course of two years, Olsson noticed greater than 2,400 pollinator visits to flowers on 19 rural farms and 17 city farms and gardens in Western Washington. They discovered that almost all of visits had been—unsurprisingly—made by bees, accounting for 61 % of the visits. However practically 35 % had been made by flies, most of which had been syrphid flies, black-and-yellow bee-impersonating flies generally referred to as hoverflies. Olsson additionally noticed different bugs—reminiscent of wasps, lacewings, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and ants—go to the flowers, though they solely accounted for lower than 4 % of all visits.

“Bees are definitely still important and generally going to be more efficient pollinators,” says Olsson. That’s as a result of bees deliberately acquire pollen to feed to their offspring. In addition they have dense hair patches that act as Velcro to which pollen simply sticks. Syrphid flies, however, are usually not as furry and pollinate nearly by chance, shifting pollen from one flower to the opposite as they eat and forage for nectar.

However extra growers ought to take note of syrphid flies, that are additionally helpful in that they eat undesirable pests reminiscent of aphids. “There’s a lot of negative connotations that people have with these organisms, when really they’re very diverse and have lots of benefits to the ecosystem,” says Olsson.

For a few of the vegetation noticed, together with peas, kale and lilies, syrphid flies had been the one pollinators noticed visiting—an essential element for farmers of those crops to know in the event that they wish to guarantee a profitable harvest.

“My recommendation for anyone who’s farming is to make sure that you have flowers blooming as much as possible during the season and more than one flower ideally,” says Olsson. “Because providing food and habitat, making sure that there’s access to water and some kind of undisturbed area on the farm will provide a habitat, nesting sites and food resources for these alternative pollinators.”


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