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How much space you need for your poultry farm


The wanted space for the poultry farm is determined by the variety of birds you like to boost and different buildings you wish to put in place on the farm. The buildings may embody employee’s home, feed mill, feed storage home, egg depot and many others. and all these will decide the space wanted.

It’s subsequently extremely obligatory that specialists are carried alongside to information within the development in order to maximise the space accessible.

Space Necessities for Poultry

For Chickens (Per/ Chook)

Sq. ft* of space Linear inches* of trough/100 birds
Weeks of Age Ground Cage Feeder Waterer
Brooding 0-4 1/2 1/2 1 1/2 24
Rising 4-12 1 3/4 2 1/2 48
     Roasters 8-12 2 1 2 1/2 48
12-16 2 1 3 48
Replacements 8-12 2 1 3 48
12-21 2 1/2 – 3 1 4 60
     Leghorn kind 21+ 2 1/2 – 3 1 4 60
     Twin-purpose 21+ 3 – 3 1/2 1 4 60

Dimension of cage

Birds per cage

Typical laying cages
(depending on breed)

9 X 14 X 18
18 X 14 X 18
32 X 30 X 18

3 – 5

For Turkeys (Per/Chook)

Sq. ft* of space Linear inches* of trough/100 birds
Weeks of Age Ground Cage Feeder Waterer
     Small kind 0-8 1 1 1/2 30
     Develop-out 8-18 2 1/2 3 60
     Massive kind 0-8 1 2 30
     Develop-out 8-18 2 1/2 3 60
     Hens 16-20 3 4 80
     Toms 16-24 5 4 80
Exterior Yards/Runs
                                                                                                                  Sq. Ft.
Chickens Mature 10
Turkeys Mature 20

*To transform to metrics, use these equivalents – 1 sq. foot = .083 sq. meter; 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

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Fast Details…

  • Correct brooding temperatures are obligatory for chicks to be wholesome and to quickly feather. The brooder temperature will lower with every week of age.
  • All poultry requires a minimal quantity of sq. ft in coops, runs and cages that will increase with age to take care of well being and to forestall social issues. Additionally they require a certain quantity of space at feeders and waterers.

Now earlier than we go any additional, let’s first focus on in regards to the excellent option to assemble the poultry home contemplating sure components beneath:

Home Orientation (Route)

The poultry home needs to be situated in such a approach that lengthy axis is in east-west route.  This can stop the direct sunshine over the birds.

poultry farm


Every broiler require one sq. foot of ground space whereas a layer requires two sq. ft of ground space beneath deep-litter system of rearing.  So the dimensions of the home is determined by the variety of birds to be reared.


The size of the home will be of any extent.  The variety of birds reared and availability of the land determines the size of poultry home.


The open sided poultry homes in tropical international locations ought to have a width no more than 22 to 25 ft so as to enable ample air flow and aeration on the mid-portion.  Sheds wider than this won’t present sufficient air flow through the scorching climate.

If the width of the shed is greater than 25 ft, ridge air flow on the center line of the roof high with correct overhang is a should.  Sizzling air and obnoxious gases that are lighter than air transfer upward and escape by means of ridge air flow.

In environmentally managed poultry homes, the width of the home could also be even 40 ft or extra because the air flow is managed with the assistance of exhaust followers.


The peak of the perimeters from basis to the roof line needs to be 6 to 7 ft (eaves top) and on the centre 10 to 12 ft.  In case of cage homes, the peak is determined by the kind of cage preparations (3 tier or 4 tier).


Good basis is crucial to forestall seepage of water into the poultry sheds.  The muse of the home ought to of concrete with 1 to 1.5 ft beneath the floor and 1 to 1.5 ft above the bottom degree.


The ground needs to be made from concrete with rat proof machine and free from dampness.  The ground of the home needs to be prolonged 1.5 ft exterior the wall on all sides to forestall rat and snake issues.


The door should be open exterior in case of deep-litter poultry homes. The dimensions of door is ideally 6 x 2.5 ft.  On the entry, a foot bathtub needs to be constructed to fill with a disinfectant.

Aspect partitions

The aspect wall needs to be of 1-1.5 ft top, and customarily on the degree of hen’s again top.  This aspect wall protects the hen throughout wet days or chill local weather and in addition gives enough air flow.  In case of cage homes, no aspect wall is required.


The roof of the poultry home could also be thatched, tiled, asbestos or concrete one relying upon the associated fee involvement. Several types of roofs are Shed, Gable, half-monitor, full-monitor (Monitor), Flat concrete, Gambrel, Gothic and many others.  Gable kind is generally most popular in tropical international locations like India.


The overhang of the roof shouldn’t be lower than 3.5 ft so as to stop the entry of rain water into the shed.


Gentle needs to be offered at 7-8 ft above the bottom degree and should be hanged from ceiling.  If incandescent bulbs are used, the interval between two bulbs is 10 ft.  In case of fluorescent lights (tube lights) the interval is 15 ft.

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Significance of a poultry home

  • To guard birds from opposed weather conditions
  • To make sure simple and financial operation
  • To make sure scientific feeding in a managed method
  • To facilitate correct micro-climatic situations in a close to neighborhood of hen
  • For efficient illness management measures
  • To make sure correct supervision

Number of excellent location for your poultry home

  • Poultry home needs to be situated away from residential and industrial space.
  • It ought to have correct highway services.
  • It ought to have the essential facilities like water and electrical energy.
  • Availability of farm labourers at comparatively cheaper wages.
  • Poultry home needs to be situated in an elevated space and there shouldn’t be any water-logging.
  • It ought to have correct air flow.

Ideally suited Brooding Temperatures

Correct situations are obligatory for child poultry modifications through the first weeks of life. Guarantee child poultry are dry and bedding supplies should not moist. Hypothermia attributable to moist situations is likely one of the most typical causes of child poultry deaths in small farms.

Poultry flock homeowners ought to try to comply with the prompt temperatures within the chart beneath by regulating warmth within the brooding unit. The temperatures needs to be measured on the outer fringe of the hover (a cover kind brooding unit/lamp) 4 to six inches (10.2 to fifteen.2 centimeters) above the ground.

Room temperature shouldn’t be over 75°F (23.9°C) through the first few weeks. It’s advisable to maintain room temperature within the appropriate vary to encourage fast feathering of the chicks.

If climate situations change exterior of the brooding unit, attend shortly to temperatures to see if changes need to be made.

Age Brooding Temperature
0 to 1 week 93° to 95°F (33.9° to 35°C)
1 to 2 weeks 88° to 90°F (31.1° to 32.2°C)
2 to three weeks 83° to 85°F (28.3° to 29.4°C)
3 to 4 weeks 78° to 80°F (25.6° to 26.7°C)
4 to five weeks 75°F (23.9°C)
5 to six weeks 70°F (21.1°C)
6 weeks and over Consolation Zone 50° to 70°F (10° to 21.1°C)




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