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How to increase corn yield: Management tips

How to increase corn yield: Management tips [ad_1]

As corn costs increase, growers need to increase corn yield per acre and get extra out of their hybrids. How many bushels of corn per acre come off your subject will likely be decided by corn hybrid, and by administration.

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Increase corn yield

We’ll go in-depth on the next corn administration matters:

  • Use slender rows, or twin rows
  • Match seeding charges
  • Soil check
  • Make the most of yield information

Corn planting date

Don’t panic and quit hope, or be tempted to mud issues in throughout a late planting yr. Don’t go right into a frenzy attempting to discover shorter-season hybrids to plant, both – time for these selections might come; it simply is determined by the climate in a given rising season.

Corn planting depth

On common, a 2-inch planting depth ensures the most effective root formation and potential for uniform corn emergence.

Weed management timing

The time period “critical period” is used to outline how lengthy weeds may be allowed to compete with the crop earlier than yields are impacted. To get most corn yield from the crop, weeds have to be managed earlier than the vital interval is reached.

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