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How to Plant Maize – Complete Guide


Maize is a warm-season annual that’s finest planted after the soil temperature reaches 60°F, normally two or three weeks after the final frost in spring. Corn planted in chilly, moist soil is unlikely to germinate.

• Corn grows finest in air temperatures from 60° to 95°F.

• Corn can take from 60 to 100 days to attain harvest relying upon selection and the quantity of warmth in the course of the rising season.

Maize is a young annual and a member of the grass household that may develop from 4 to 12 toes tall. One to two ears of corn type on the aspect of every tall, inexperienced, grass-like stalk.

Flowering tassels type on the prime of every stalk; pollen falls from the tassels onto silky threads rising from every ear beneath. Every silk is linked to an unfertilized kernel.

Every ear of corn types as many kernels because the variety of silks that had been pollinated. (Tassels are the male flowers of the corn plant. Kernels and ears are the feminine flowers.) Kernels of candy corn may be yellow, white, black, purple, or a mixture of colours.

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A big corn selection might type one or two harvestable ears on every stalk. A dwarf selection might type two or three harvestable ears per stalk. When pollination doesn’t happen the stalk will produce solely a cob.

Soil requirement: Nicely drained loam and silt loams with tremendous tithe.

Methodology of Maize propagation: Seed.

Date of planting: Mid-march-early April (early maize), late august –mid September (late maize).

Spacing: 80cm between rows and 50cm between holes.

Variety of propagation per gap: 3 to be later thinned to 2 from two to three weeks after planting.

Planting depth: 4-5cm

Maturity interval: 13-16 weeks.

Methodology of harvesting: Cob torn from dad or mum whereas inexperienced or dry.

Maize Storage

  1. Maize hung up with a part of shuck and dried by smoking.
  2. Cob faraway from chuck, shelled and saved in insect free container at moisture content material of 10-15%

Advertising and marketing: Bought domestically

Makes use of:

1) Grains eaten roasted or boiled

2) Starch extracted and brought as “ogi”

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