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How to Preserve Your Own Flowers


I like all the time having a jar filled with contemporary flowers in my house, from fluffy hydrangeas to delicate peonies to fiery birds of paradise—particularly once they’re snipped from my household’s backyard. Alas, these bouquets are fleeting, nevertheless it is attainable to lengthen flowers’ magnificence by drying them.

Listed below are 3 ways to protect your yard or slicing backyard’s floral bounty or that of your native CSA, farmers market or florist. You’ll have flowers even within the colder months, and it’ll prevent somewhat cash on preparations, too.

Keep in mind, with so many alternative flowers and climates, you could want to check out and tweak which technique works greatest for various kinds of blooms and, in fact, which you get pleasure from most

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Air Drying

The best manner of drying flowers is to grasp and air dry them. Flowers that work nicely for air drying are these with sturdy stems and a low water content material. Some good candidates embody Acroclinium, child’s breath, bachelor’s button, Bells of Eire, cockscomb, globe amaranth, larkspur, sea lavender, statice, strawflower and arrow. Many grasses, comparable to pampas, and vegetation, comparable to cattails, additionally air dry nicely and look nice in dried preparations.

You’ll be able to harvest flowers for drying any time throughout the rising season, though you’ll need to decide blooms earlier than they’re totally open, as they’ll proceed opening throughout the drying course of. Ideally, reduce the flowers on a sunny morning after the dew has dried. Be sure to acquire greater than you suppose you want as you’ll doubtless lose some—they’ll shrink throughout the drying course of, too. Go away no less than 5 to eight inches of stem, and contemplate placing your stash of just-cut flowers in water to hold them from wilting as you proceed to decide extra flowers.

When you’ve gathered your haul, take away all leaves and foliage from the stems. Then, tie a pair collectively (and extra for smaller, delicate flowers like child’s breath) with a string or a rubber band. Chances are you’ll want to lend flowers which have very superb stems somewhat further help by including wire to the stems. In an area that’s heat, dry and will get good air circulation—comparable to an attic, storage, shed or barn—grasp the floral bundles the other way up from hooks or on a clothesline. Keep away from inserting flowers within the direct solar, although, as that can zap their shade. Flowers will often dry in two to three weeks, however test on them earlier in the event you stay in a very scorching local weather.

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Drying Brokers  

Some flower preservers choose drying flowers with a desiccant, or drying agent, comparable to sand, borax or silica gel. Utilizing these supplies may also help retain the colour and form of flowers higher, and it’ll dry vegetation extra rapidly than air drying (suppose: a few days versus just a few weeks). Flowers that dry nicely utilizing this technique embody: annual larkspur, dahlias, delphinium, marigolds, plumed celosia, roses, salvia and zinnias.

To dry flowers with any of those desiccants, the overall technique entails rigorously burying blooms within the drying agent inside a container.

Silica gel, generally discovered at craft shops, is efficient and reusable many occasions over. It’s not truly a gel however a granulated substance. It shouldn’t be eaten or ingested, and ensure not to reuse containers that housed the gel to retailer meals.

Within the backside of a shallow, flat-bottomed, hermetic container, unfold a one-inch thick layer of silica. Place the flowers on high of the silica, then rigorously pour extra silica in over the blooms till they’re fully coated (cautious not to crush them!). Seal the container and go away anyplace from three days to every week. Examine each few days and gently take away them once they’re dry however earlier than they get too brittle.

For a fair speedier drying course of, you should utilize the microwave after making ready the flowers and silica as within the earlier technique. Simply be certain your container is oven-safe, and don’t use the duvet whilst you prepare dinner. Time required varies primarily based on the flower, however you’ll be able to microwave for one to three minutes, checking the petal progress typically. As soon as they’re dry, cowl the container, leaving the lid cracked barely, and go away the flowers within the container for no less than a day and up to two days.

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Urgent Flowers

Like grasp drying, urgent flowers is one other pure technique of preserving blooms. You’ll be able to body pressed flowers, add them to stationery, use them as bookmarks or in garlands. Flowers with flatter buildings, comparable to pansies, geraniums and daisies, are best to press. Whereas you should buy a particular flower press, a straightforward, widespread technique is to place small flowerheads between sheets of newspaper or wax paper in the midst of a hefty quantity comparable to an encyclopedia—or previous school textbook—and place extra books or weighted supplies on high. Examine them within the first 24 to 48 hours to be certain there’s no extra moisture, which may lead to mildew, after which weekly; in the event that they’re not but dry, change the paper and return them to urgent.

You too can use the microwave right here! Take the guide and put it within the microwave oven, checking it in 30-to-60-second increments till dry. As soon as nearly dry, let the flowers keep within the guide for a day or two. You too can style a microwavable press out of two, non-metallic ceramic tiles, sandwiching the flowers in between paper towels, with the tiles on the skin, and secured with rubber bands. Once more, microwave for brief bursts, ensuring flowers are dry and tiles are cool sufficient to deal with earlier than you take away them from the oven, after which end the flowers off with the guide technique for a pair days.

How to Take care of and Retailer Dried Flowers

Dried flowers aren’t mirror copies of their contemporary counterparts, and they’re going to have darkened or modified colours and diminished dimension. Additionally they sadly additionally received’t final perpetually. When you’ve gone by the work of preserving your tiny blossoms or grand bouquets, there are a few issues you are able to do to hold them wanting nice for longer.

You’ll be able to attempt spraying your completed dried flowers with hairspray or acrylic spray to additional defend them from crumbling.

You’ll additionally need to hold them out of direct daylight to hold them from fading, calmly mud them to hold them clear and hold them away from heaters, too.

In the event you’re not displaying them, stop your dried beauties from getting crushed by placing them in a tight-fitting container that received’t let in extra moisture or bugs.

And bear in mind: There’s all the time subsequent season to repeat the entire course of once more.


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