Recently, we’ve been discussing extra about snail farming as a profitable enterprise and how one can additionally partake within the snail farming enterprise by going into industrial snail farming and make big quantity of revenue by there.

Now allow us to focus on extra on the totally different predators that eats, destroys and impacts snails and easy methods to management them:

Predators & Defenses

A number of predators eats land snails and slugs, as they’re small and slow-moving invertebrates. Plentiful and nutritious prey, land snails is perhaps thought-about “low” on the meals chain. In response to this predation, land snails have developed an array of subtle defenses.

Invertebrate predators of land snails embody beetles and their larvae, millipedes, flies, mites, nematodes, and different snails. Vertebrate predators of snails and slugs embody shrews, mice, squirrels, and different small mammals; salamanders, toads and turtles, together with the unusual Blandings Turtle Emydoidea blandingii; and birds, particularly ground-foragers equivalent to thrushes, grouse, blackbirds, and wild turkey. By far probably the most complete account of those land snail predators is present in Pure Enemies of Terrestrial Molluscs, edited by G.M. Barker (2004).

Land snail defenses in opposition to predators embody cryptic coloration and
texture; thickened shells and aperture boundaries; protection mucus
manufacturing together with irritating smells and tastes; hiding behaviors, and
fast withdrawal or dislodging actions.

How predators eat land snails differs in accordance with their dimension and capabilities. For shelled land snails, beetle larvae might enter the aperture of a snail’s shell, whereas bigger beetles can crush small snails. Predatory snails can rasp a gap in a sufferer’s shell, then insert their head to feed. Small mammals will break a gap within the shell to drag out the snail’s physique, generally leaving the empty shell on a rock or log. Bigger predators equivalent to wild turkey can swallow even massive snails complete.


Whereas most land snails are herbivores or detritivores, some are specialised predators themselves. The Grey-foot Lancetooth Haplotrema concavum is a big predatory land snail that assaults nematodes and different snails, and is a widespread native in Pennsylvania. This predator will insert its head into the aperture of a prey snail’s shell, or can drill a gap within the shell to realize entry.

Pearce and Gaertner (1996) had been capable of predict which snail prey had been most most popular by the lancetooth utilizing details about how well-armed these prey had been.

The Oval Ambersnail Succinea ovalis has a big aperture and skinny shell, and was attacked most frequently, however the small Maze Pinecone Strobilops labyrinthica with its thick shell and slim aperture, was least most popular.

One other predator and prey relationship of observe is an obvious “arms
race” between land snails and Cychrine beetles (Carabidae), which feed
totally on land snails (Symondson, 2004) – whereas the beetles have developed
narrower heads to extract snails from their shell aperture, the snails
have developed extra obstructed apertures (which might additionally assist in protection
in opposition to the lancetooth).

Cychrine beetles have an elongated head, thorax, and mouthparts that assist them acquire entry by the aperture of snail shells, whereas less-specialized beetles might merely crush snail shells when doable (e.g., Digweed, 1993). Mouthparts of the Cychrini have been described as having “hooks” or “spoons” that assist extract mollusk flesh. Some snails in flip, have boundaries of shell calcium, known as denticles or lamellae, which partially hinder their aperture (e.g. Solem, 1972).

The plasticity of the land snail head and foot enable their protrusion by the aperture regardless of the obstacles. Nevertheless, these “teeth” clearly thwart the entry of beetles and different small predators having arduous exoskeletons. Some snails within the slitmouth genus (Stenotrema: Polygyridae) are so properly armed – with a tough spherical shell, lined by hair-like processes, and a slit-shaped aperture blocked by lamellae – as to seem impervious to assault.

snail farming business

Additional analysis is required to reveal whether or not barrier variations
have developed particularly for protection functions. Different hypothesized
features for boundaries embody storing calcium for different physiological
wants, trapping air if the animal turns into immersed in water (Emberton,
1995); or offering leverage “handles” on the shell so it may be moved
and balanced by the animal (Suvorov 1993, 1999).

Different land snail defenses embody cryptic coloration, which hides them from predators that search by sight. Few land snails in North America are brightly coloured, most are brown or tan, and plenty of have finely-textured shells that don’t replicate gentle. For instance, the tiny pinecone snails (genus Strobilops) are virtually indistinguishable from the fruiting our bodies of fungi on rotten logs.

Some species such because the velvet wedge Xolotrema denotata have hairlike processes on their periostracum that maintain onto mud and spider webs, making an efficient camouflage.

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One other typical land snail protection mechanism is the manufacturing of mucus. Though mucus usually aids in sustaining a snail’s pores and skin and selling locomotion, a defensive model is exuded in giant quantities when a snail is attacked.

The smothering or complicated impact of the sticky secretions may help to cease predators (e.g., Eisner and Wilson, 1970; Parkarinen, 1994). Many slugs have much more copious and stickier protection mucus, suggesting an anti-predator perform compensating for the dearth of a shell.

Protection mucus doubtless accommodates chemical substances repellent to predators, however this isn’t properly studied in terrestrial gastropods (this phenomenon has been established for marine snails).

Home canines and cats keep away from slugs, and a pet lizard fed the launched European slug Arion subfuscus was rendered comatose for a number of days. Some shade types of A. subfuscus are fairly orange, suggesting that they might be promoting their toxicity to would-be predators.

Protection mucus of a number of snails is seen underneath ultraviolet gentle, suggesting their toxicity is being marketed to insect predators that see in that portion of the sunshine spectrum (D. Dourson, pers comm).

Some snails and slugs are attacked by ants, whereas others are ignored, so there could also be ant-specific protection chemical substances which have developed solely in some snails (Hotopp, pers obs).

For protection in opposition to a lot smaller attackers, land snail mucus is thought
for its antibacterial properties, with some constituents used to deal with

In periods of inactivity land snails seem to cover from potential predators. Land snails that stay amongst rock talus or cliffs have a tendency to stay motionless on ceilings, vertical surfaces and inside cracks, somewhat than in areas that is perhaps extra accessible to small mammals.

Within the Northeast throughout summer season months, the land snail Neohelix albolabris is usually discovered singly upon woody particles and snags above floor degree. For aestivation, some bigger land snails transfer from leaf litter to sticks, logs or rocks, although along with predator avoidance, this habits may additionally support in retaining moisture, keep away from pooling water, or different features.

Many shelled land snails will quickly withdraw into their shell when attacked, or generally when merely sensing wind or motion. For instance, the land snail Webbhelix multilineata continuously drops from low vegetation when disturbed.

Giant Neohelix sp. land snails stored in a terrarium will generally be seen quickly twisting their shell when one other snail is crawling upon it. This habits seems to be an try and dislodge the hooked up snail.

Lastly, if a land snail does survive a predator’s assault, it has spectacular powers of regeneration. Harm to shells will be repaired by the snail’s shell-building mantle, though it typically seems that repairs are most full when the break is within the last “body” whorl of the shell.

Discipline collectors are accustomed to this phenomenon, as recovered shells typically present irregularities the place “patches” have been made. Land snails are additionally capable of regenerate some tissue that has been misplaced, together with components of the foot and tentacles (e.g., Bobkova, et al., 2004).

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Under are a number of the predators that impacts snail rearing and easy methods to stop them in your snail farming enterprise.

They embody:

Lizard, Rats, Rodents, Snake, and many others:

  • The wire netting needs to be strengthened with mosquito nets.
  • The doorways to the pens and cages needs to be shut each time.
  • Supplies dropped at the snailery should be properly inspected.
  • Life span: snails can stay as much as 7-8 years

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