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How to Propagate Your Houseplants


Should you’re a brand new plant mum or dad that the pandemic has helped domesticate, permit me to introduce you to an inexpensive approach to increase your assortment. It’s referred to as propagation, and it’s the act of making new crops from current ones.

There are just a few methods to go about propagating a plant: dividing roots of an current plant or rooting a slicing or leaf in both water or soil. The strategy you select will fluctuate relying on the kind of plant with which you’re working. 

Propagation is, by nature, experimental and doesn’t all the time have a 100-percent success fee. Be affected person, and don’t surrender after your first try if it doesn’t take. You’ll enhance your possibilities of success when you propagate crops throughout the spring and summertime after they’re actively rising.

When you develop extra snug with the propagation course of, you’ll need to give away or commerce clippings as a approach to increase your plant household. It’s a good way to share your plant ardour with others—or to simply create little infants of those to which you’re already hooked up.

Water propagation

Rooting in water is the commonest strategy for houseplants and the very best place to begin when you’re a propagation newbie. You’ll first want a plant resembling a pothos with vine-like stems, ones which have littles nodes—close to the place the leaf meets the stem—which is the place the brand new roots will shoot down from. Select a wholesome stem, and utilizing sharp shears, minimize slightly below the node and place the stem in a glass jar with room-temperature water. Place the slicing(s) in a spot that receives vibrant gentle however not direct solar. Proceed checking for brand spanking new root development (simple and enjoyable to see via glass jars) and maintain the water contemporary. When the plant has roots at the very least two inches lengthy, it’s prepared to be transferred to a pot and planted with potting combine.

Good crops for water propagation embody pothos, String of Turtles, philodendrons, inch crops, monsteras and fiddle leaf figs.

Soil Propagation

Cuttings from crops with woody stems usually take higher to rooting in soil. Select a wholesome stem on a mom plant and use a pointy, sterile knife to make a clear minimize at a 45-degree angle. The slicing ought to embody the tip of the stem and at the very least two or three units of leaves. Take the angled finish of the slicing and place right into a small pot with soil. Preserve the soil moist (however not moist) and look ahead to roots to develop over weeks or just a few months (relying on the plant). To establish whether or not roots have fashioned or not, pull frivolously on the crops. In the event that they pop proper out, they’re not absolutely rooted but. Should you really feel some resistance, they’re rooted and prepared.

Good crops for soil propagation embody spider crops, snake crops, jade, succulents and dragon timber (dracaena marginata).

Root Division

This technique is de facto so simple as it sounds—it entails dividing a mature plant with a big root system into smaller items or sections whereas holding its current roots intact. This can be a wonderful means to increase your assortment in case your plant is outgrowing its pot. Some crops, resembling aloe or pileas, will shoot up small child offsets or “pups” on the base of the plant that may be fastidiously eliminated and planted straight into soil.

To divide, first pull the plant out of its pot so that every one of its roots are uncovered. Gently tease and untangle the roots to create separate crops, utilizing a pointy knife or shears to break up via robust roots when you aren’t ready to pull aside by hand. Repot every plant in separate pots and watch as they turn out to be nicely established.

Good crops to propagate with root division embody peace lilies, ZZ crops, pileas (Chinese language cash plant) and aloe.


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