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Integrated Livestock Production System


An excellent variety of manufacturing practices have developed which entail integration of 1 system of livestock manufacturing with one other agriculture follow. Most intensification practices of this nature are nonetheless on path or at experimental stage, whereas a couple of circumstances are literally in follow.

Livestock manufacturing intensification practices usually come up from constraints of accelerating stress of urbanization, complementary between system when it comes to profit or useful resource sharing, disposal of waste or manure, laws and many others.

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Integrated Livestock Production System
Integrated Livestock Production System

An instance of such intensification of livestock
manufacturing is the age lengthy follow of crop-livestock integration. On this
system, crops are grown primarily or partly for feeding livestock and the
latter is employed in land preparation and soil fertility enchancment utilizing the
animal manure.

In city areas, integration of poultry manufacturing with aquaculture fish farming has been reported. The poultry droppings are channeled into the fish pond to counterpoint and fertilize the pond to assist development of plankton on which fish feed. In locations the place duck are saved as poultry, swimming within the pond additionally helps to aerate the water.

Related intensification follow has been urged between small ruminant of fish manufacturing. In swamp rice rising space, introduction of fish into irrigated rice farm has been urged.

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In sure elements of Nigeria, crop residue (or leftover) of
farm harvest are intentionally preserved for grazer to feed on and encamp for a
specified interval to make sure ample dropping of manure for cereal manufacturing
within the subsequent rising season. The benefit of intensification is appreciable
and enumerated.

A number of system of livestock manufacturing abounds within the tropical space in response to the setting. The principle custom and fashionable techniques with their subdivision arose from climatic and seasonal results, farming system, carrying capability and many others.

The benefits and downside of every system requires new modifications adaptation and adoption relying on sure components and capability of the farmer.        

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