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Introduction to Rabbit Rearing


Rabbit (s) are being reared for meat and they’re being raised on nests or housed. Rabbits (or, colloquially, bunnies) are small mammals within the household Leporidae of the order Lagomorphs, present in a number of components of the world.

Cuniculture is the agricultural observe of breeding and elevating home rabbits as livestock for his or her meat, fur, or wool.

There are eight totally different genera within the household labeled as rabbits, together with the European rabbit (Oryctolaguscuniculus), cottontail rabbits (genus Sylvilagus; 13 species), and the Amami rabbit (Pentalagusfurnessi, an endangered species on AmamiŌshima, Japan).

There are lots of different species of rabbit, and these, together with pikas and hares, make up the order Lagomorpha. The male is known as a buck and the feminine is a doe; a younger rabbit is a kitten or equipment.

It is among the livestock enterprises with the best potential and room for enlargement world wide. That is due to their minimal funding necessities and skill to reproduce quick.

Their feed requirement is low, particularly with regard to demand for grain. Their housing and illness management administration necessities are additionally low but their meat is extremely nutritious and more healthy supply of protein when put next with different sources of meat.

They reproduce at a primary fee as their gestation interval is simply 30 days. Because of this they may give beginning up to ten occasions in a yr. Nevertheless, warning ought to be taken to permit them a interval of relaxation in between giving beginning.

They may give beginning to up to ten rabbits; due to this fact, a severe farmer has to put together housing beforehand.

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It’s manufacturing has skilled a gradual progress prior to now few years, with gender biases related to its manufacturing fading away. It is a important change contemplating that for a few years rabbit manufacturing in Kenya as an illustration was confined to the youth, primarily 4-Ok membership members and younger farmers.

Although their meat advertising is but to acquire floor, there’s hope that with the rising consciousness of the advantages of it’s meat, it is going to be potential for his or her meat to be launched into the common meat market.

The conclusion that they’re nicely suited to speedy manufacturing of protein has elevated the variety of industrialized manufacturing items similar to in poultry.

The preferred breeds used within the meat trade are the New Zealand White, Californian, Flemish Large, French Ear lop, Chinchilla and Dutch. Different breeds embody the Angora primarily saved for fur and as pets; many of the regionally out there breeds are cross breeds.

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Vital info about Rabbits and Their Meat

  • They develop quick particularly if fed nicely reaching maturity at 5 months and slaughter weight at 3 months.
  • They require much less land (house) with diminishing land measurement; due to this fact could be saved on the yard.
  • They’ll derive their feed requirement totally on greens solely.
  • They’re prolific every doe able to reproducing 4 occasions a yr a mean of 8 kits per kindling.
  • They’ve one of many highest feed conversion ratios at 4:1.
  • The meat is  chicken of top of the range, simply digestible with low fats, low ldl cholesterol and excessive protein in contrast to most different meats.
  • The unsaturated fat (good fat) within the meat make 63% of the full fatty acids.
  • Their meat is decrease in share fats than rooster, turkey, beef and pork.
  • Their meat supplies the bottom energy per kilogram of meat consumed in contrast to different sources of meat.
  • Their meat is among the cleanest meat as it’s raised off the bottom.
  • Different vital merchandise from rabbits embody manure, skins and fur. They will also be produced as lab animals.

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