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Is banding fertilizer with soybean seed worth the risk?


Ought to growers broadcast or band fertilizer at soybean planting?

That’s a query Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Meals and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) soybean specialist Horst Bohner has been listening to lots recently. Earlier this week, at a digital Ridgetown/Simcoe agribusiness breakfast assembly, Bohner really helpful growers broadcast and incorporate fertilizer at planting quite than banding. “Putting fertilizer with the seed is dangerous because of the potential for burn,” he mentioned.

When growers do decide to put fertilizer with seed, Bohner believes a 2″ x 2″ band is the place to be in the event that they intend to place dry product by way of the planter. “Some trials do show that 50 lb of MAP in-furrow is okay with soybeans at 15-inch rows, but there is also very little benefit compared to broadcasting,” he mentioned. “That’s why, as an industry, we haven’t gotten too excited about the strategy.”

Bohner notes that OMAFRA analysis trials point out that fertilizer software at planting can improve yield as much as 5 bu/ac in fields that take a look at low for P and Okay, “but broadcast incorporated seems to perform just as well compared to banding.” The one caveat, Bohner notes, is when the soil take a look at is basically low — that’s when banding begins to shine.

Bohner provides that he’s not against banding fertilizer with soybeans: “it’s a good way to supply nutrients.” He makes use of the observe in his trials, particularly high-yield trials, however he doesn’t really feel it’s worth the danger of burning seed. “We don’t see much of a benefit if you just look at the numbers.”


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