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Maintain your planting equipment now, before it goes in the shed

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Most planters are out of the area, and sure sitting in the yard. With spraying subsequent, and the ever-growing to-do checklist demanding consideration, it could also be tempting to park that equipment in the shed, and overlook about it for the yr.

Grayson Catania, product advertising supervisor with Case IH, says the future you’ll solely thanks, if you happen to cope with a few of these upkeep issues now.

“The weather is nice, you’ve got some lead time before next spring and things like that to address those problems or concerns so, it’s really important — the name of the game that we try to encourage is, proactive versus reactive,” Catania explains.

As Catania notes, there are three key issues Case IH is encouraging producers to check out, before you’re finished with the equipment for the yr.

“First, start with cleaning everything. Draining, cleaning tanks, going through that metering system, cleaning out the air delivery system. The next one could be lubrication. All those moving points — get grease on some of those joints, bearing assemblies, to prevent corrosion and further damage, while it’s just sitting in there for six months or so,” he explains. “And then check wear parts. That planter or air seeder is going through wear and tear for days on end, so while the weather is nice, while you have six months or so, look at the hose wear points, look at some of those openers, and if you’ve got to replace them, do it now.”

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