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Mosquito populations booming after rains


That acquainted buzz and chew are indicators that mosquito season in Texas is right here, in line with a Texas A&M AgriLife entomologist.

Sonja Swiger, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologist and affiliate professor within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Department of Entomology, Stephenville, stated biting mosquitoes are a seasons-long drawback that usually modifications primarily based on the setting.

Which species are current and whether or not mosquitoes are an annoyance or vectors for illnesses seemingly is determined by these situations, she stated. Equally, the temperature, availability of water and sort of water out there, similar to clear floodwater in ditches, a wheelbarrow that has collected water or stagnant puddles in sizzling, dry climate are all contributing components to what kind of mosquito is visiting you and your loved ones.

The annual mosquito increase

Rainfall, particularly with a number of storm methods which have saturated and flooded areas across the state, can considerably contribute to a increase in mosquito populations, Swiger stated. 

“People are seeing, and should expect to see, quite a bit more mosquito activity in the next days and weeks,” she stated. “Our focus is going to be disease carriers that typically become a problem in late summer and early fall. However, all this rain has created plenty of habitat for floodwater and container species.”

Swiger divides mosquitoes into these three classes – floodwater, container and stagnant – they usually usually emerge within the order associated to the breeding setting they like.

“Mosquitoes come in waves and can overlap as the season progresses,” she stated. “It can help to understand what type you are dealing with, how to do your part to control them around your home and how to protect yourself and your family because we are in mosquito season.”

First wave: floodwater mosquitoes

Floodwater mosquitoes are the primary to emerge after rain occasions, Swiger stated.

Heavy rains go away the bottom saturated and create standing puddles in ditches and low spots in fields and lawns. Floodwater mosquito larvae emerge rapidly after water turns into out there. Eggs are positioned there by females and anticipate water, typically two to 5 years earlier than rainfall reaches them relying on the species, Swiger stated.

Floodwater mosquitoes are usually bigger and are aggressive. A majority of these mosquitos are sometimes the persistent biters from daybreak to nightfall, Swiger stated.

“The potential for standing water could make their habitat more widespread, which will make them a greater issue for more people than normal,” she stated. “Any location that is holding water, even in grassy areas, could be a breeding ground.”

Swiger stated females lay extra eggs within the moist soil round puddles, and both extra larvae emerge, or they’ll go dormant and anticipate water to return. Subsequent rains can wash larvae downstream however may also set off dormant mosquito eggs.

Second wave: container mosquitoes

Container mosquitoes, which embody the Aedes species recognized by its black and white physique and white striped legs, usually emerge subsequent. Feminine mosquitoes lay eggs in something holding water – from tires, buckets and wheelbarrows to gutters, unkept swimming pools and trash cans. They like clearer, more energizing water, and females are always on the lookout for good breeding websites.

Container mosquitoes like Aedes are daytime feeders however will be opportunistic at nighttime when giant teams of individuals collect, Swiger stated.

“Anytime after a rain, it is good to make a round on the property to look for anything that might be holding water,” she stated. “It just takes a matter of days for these mosquitoes to go from egg to biter, so they can become a problem pretty quickly.”

Third wave: Culex mosquitoes

Culex, a mosquito species that prefers stagnant swimming pools of water with excessive micro organism content material, usually emerge as waters recede and dry summer time situations set in and create breeding websites in low-lying areas. They’re the illness carriers that concern the general public and well being officers, Swiger stated.

It’s not straightforward to forecast their emergence as a result of their very best setting will be washed away by further rains or dried up by excessive warmth and drought, Swiger stated. In rural areas, bogs, pooled creek beds or standing water in giant containers similar to barrels, trash cans or wheelbarrows could make a great habitat for Culex. Within the metropolis, comparable swimming pools in dried up creeks or different low spots can create breeding websites, however most city points happen underground in storm drains the place water can sit and stagnate.

“It’s difficult to predict when or where these mosquitoes might become a problem,” she stated. “Widespread heavy rain makes it even more difficult to predict.”

The best way to repel mosquitoes from your self, kids and pets

Swiger stated lowering mosquito numbers in your location and the usage of spray repellents are a great begin relating to defending your self from bites. Overlaying uncovered pores and skin with long-sleeved shirts and lengthy pants assist as nicely.

Making suggestions for shielding folks or areas from mosquitoes is usually a difficult proposition, Swiger stated. She doesn’t advocate any repellents or mosquito repelling merchandise that aren’t authorized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Anecdotal proof exists that options like important oils repel mosquitoes, Swiger stated. Spatial repellent units like Thermacell are fashionable, nevertheless some folks could balk on the chemical particles the items emit to create a barrier round an individual or area.  

Crops like citronella, geraniums, lemongrass, lavender, lantana, rosemary and petunias have been proven to repel mosquitoes, however Swiger stated the distribution limits effectiveness for shielding an area. The variety of crops and the situation amongst different components would weigh closely into their effectiveness.  

Candles and different smoke-based repellents fall into an identical class as crops, Swiger stated.

“Protecting yourself with any spray-on, CDC-approved repellent like DEET, picaridin or lemon eucalyptus oil is my best recommendation anytime you go outside for an extended period,” she stated. “Personal protectants are the only certainty against bites.”

Swiger stated pets needs to be faraway from areas with mosquito infestations. Young children shouldn’t be taken open air for lengthy intervals if mosquitoes are a difficulty as a result of they will have antagonistic reactions to mosquito bites, and spray merchandise needs to be used sparingly on them, particularly infants. There are age restrictions for many repellents; no repellents on infants lower than 2 months outdated and don’t use lemon of eucalyptus oil on kids 3 and below.

“This time of year, it’s just best to limit their exposure to mosquitoes,” she stated.

The best way to management, stop mosquitoes

Controlling mosquitos after widespread, heavy rains is troublesome as a result of their habitat will be so unpredictable, Swiger stated. Container mosquitoes are a bit simpler – take away the habitat by dumping the water or deal with the water with granular or dunk larvicides.

“Empty containers filled with water as much as possible and look for standing water that can be drained or where dunks larvicides can be effective,” she stated. “It’s just a matter of, how far do you take it before other options are necessary?”

There are numerous locations within the typical yard that may function a breeding floor for mosquitoes. (Texas A&M AgriLife graphic)

Sprays or barrier remedies that kill grownup mosquitoes are another choice, however effectiveness is proscribed, Swiger stated. Merchandise that owners can apply solely final 24 hours. Professionals can apply longer-lasting barrier merchandise – usually pyrethroid-based or natural merchandise – however their effectiveness degrades with time.

Some teams and municipalities provoke mosquito abatement applications, particularly when main outbreaks happen or mosquitoes change into a well being danger, however they’re short-term as nicely, Swiger stated. They usually spray at evening to kill grownup mosquitoes, and the residue burns off within the daylight after daybreak.

“Some cities and counties do a pretty good job staying on top of mosquito control, but it can be an overwhelming task, and weather can hinder effectiveness,” she stated. “The best thing to remember is to protect yourself when outdoors for extended periods, reduce breeding sites as much as possible in your space and then be mindful of areas nearby that might become problematic.”

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