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NEONATAL PIG DIARRHOEA – Introduction, Clinical Signs, Prevention/Treatment


Neonatal Pig Diarrhoea is without doubt one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in neonatal pigs. Diarrhoeal illness in neonates is usually sudden in onset and causes a fast decline in scientific situation because the pig turns into dehydrated and develops systemic infections.

Thus prevention, early identification and fast initiation of supportive care and remedy in neonatal diarrhoea circumstances are important.

Therefore, the understanding of the essential elements of neonatal diarrhoea in pigs which embrace scientific indicators, pathogenesis, prognosis and management methods could be extremely advantageous for each pig farm house owners and associates.

Clinical Indicators

The most typical scientific indicators noticed with neonatal diarrhoea embrace water to pasty stools, lethargy and dehydration. Diarrheic stools are sometimes noticed alongside the partitions, flooring and on different pigs.

Nonetheless, at occasions diarrhoea could be troublesome to understand, particularly if the diarrhoea is watery and is probably not seen within the pens. Subsequently, cautious examination of each the piglets and the pens is vital to determine diarrhoeal illness.

Extra scientific indicators to search for are moist backsides, reddened perineal space and huddling. A attribute odor from greasy, scouring pigs may also be famous when strolling by means of a room.


Nearly all of neonatal diarrhoea is brought on by infectious pathogens which embrace bacterial, viral, and parasitic organisms.

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The most typical infectious brokers chargeable for neonatal diarrhoea are listed beneath:


The age at onset is useful in ruling out some infectious causes of diarrhoea. For instance, Clostridium perfringens causes diarrhoea predominantly within the first week of life and turns into a lot much less frequent after 7 days of age.

Coccidiosis, brought on by isospora suis, doesn’t have an effect on pigs youthful than 6 days of age. Nonetheless, different pathogens akin to E.coli (K88) and Transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) may cause illness in any age group, however the illness is extra extreme in neonatal animals.

Widespread Clinical Indicators Related to Neonatal Diarrhoea in Piglets

  • Watery to pastry stools
  • Lethargy
  • Moist backsides
  • Soiled pens and pigs
  • Reddened perineal space
  • Huddling


Though age at onset, morbidity, mortality and previous historical past on the farm can assist develop a presumptive prognosis, necropsy and pattern submission to a diagnostic laboratory is important to substantiate the causative agent and to assist the suitable remedy and management applications.


Most of the pathogens inflicting diarrhoea in neonatal pigs are regular inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract and don’t trigger illness in wholesome piglets. This is because of innate protection mechanisms current within the wholesome piglet.


Nonetheless, when protection mechanisms are compromised, infectious pathogens can make the most of this and trigger illness.

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There are a number of stress-related elements in swine manufacturing that contribute to impaired protection towards pathogens and thus predispose piglets to infectious diarrhoeal illness.

These embrace unsanitary surroundings, excessive chilly or massive fluctuations within the pen temperature, stress, and insufficient consumption of colostrums and / or lack of safety of maternal antibodies transferred from the sow.

Additionally, on the subject of the cleanliness of the surroundings, particular adherence to All-In, All-Out pig move is important within the prevention of neonatal diarrhoea.

This contains washing rooms with cleaning soap/degreaser to take away biofilms, applicable disinfection, and full drying of rooms in between pig turns.

For instance, loading pigs right into a moist farrowing room that has been swiftly cleaned will enhance the chance of neonatal diarrhoea points.

As talked about beforehand, insufficient barns temperature management is a crucial predisposing issue for neonatal diarrhoea subsequently provision of supplemental warmth for a minimum of the primary 3days is important because of the piglets’ incapability to self regulate their physique temperature.

One other issue influencing the susceptibility of piglets to neonatal diarrhoea is sow parity (Parity is the variety of occasions a feminine animal has given delivery).

Litters from low parity dams are extra vulnerable to infectious diarrhoea due largely to the decrease passive immunity obtained from naïve dams.

Sow vaccine applications have confirmed efficient within the prevention and management of neonatal diarrhoea akin to E.coli and Clostridial illness.

Sows are sometimes vaccinated twice throughout gestation to reinforce the passive switch of protecting antibodies from the sow to the piglet by means of colostrum.

Antimicrobials may also be included in sow rations in efforts to cut back the variety of infectious pathogens shed in sow feaces and subsequently restrict the environmental pathogen publicity to piglets.

As soon as diarrhoeal illness has begun, remedies typically embrace antibiotics and supportive remedy together with protecting pigs heat with warmth lamps and hydrated with sugar-based electrolyte options offered within the water.

Nonetheless, it can be crucial that remedies are based mostly on a correct prognosis and veterinary perception to make sure applicable remedy and a profitable final result.

NEONATAL PIG DIARRHOEA – Introduction, Clinical Signs, Prevention/Treatment 


Neonatal scours proceed to be a significant reason behind neonatal morbidity and mortality. Cautious consideration to each the piglets and surroundings is important for the well timed identification of scientific illness and initiation of remedy.

The impression of diarrhoeal illness could be largely decreased by eliminating predisposing stressors and instituting preventative and management applications.

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