Oil Crops


Oil crops are these sorts of vegetation that are grown primarily for the oil they produce. For instance: soybeans, canola, avocados, grapes, and almonds. Soybeans, peanuts, sunflowers, and canola are primarily used to provide edible oils.

Sunflowers are used to provide sunflower oils, peanuts are used to provide peanut oil (Floor nut oil) which is extensively used to fry meals in lots of nations. Canola is used to provide Canola oil whereas Soybeans are used to provide Soya bean oil.

There are some main oils that are extensively edible oil manufacturing and are additionally produce other significance like getting used as gas oils and so they embody:

Coconut oil: It is a cooking oil which has medical and industrial makes use of and they’re extracted from the kernel or the meat of the fruit of the coconut palm.

Corn oil: this is among the principal oils bought as cooking oil and salad.

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Cottonseed oil: Each domestically and industrially cotton seed oil are used as a salad and cooking oil.

Olive oil: They’re utilized in cooking, in making cosmetics, making soaps, and it’s also used as fuels in conventional lamps.

Palm oil: Palm Oil which may be very fashionable in West African is used to provide palm oil (purple oil) that are utilized in cooking, frying and in addition to make bio-fuel.

Peanut oil (Floor nut oil): That is used for salad dressing additionally used for frying.

Canola oil is among the fashionable cooking oil.

Safflower oil is used within the paint trade and as cooking oil.

Soybean oil: Soya bean oil is produced from soya bean and the soya bean oil is produced as a byproduct of processing soy meal.

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Significance of Oil Crops

Vegetable oils have gained in significance through the previous few a long time ensuing within the doubling of the world oil crop manufacturing within the final 25 years. Oil crops have been more and more used as uncooked supplies for meals, livestock feed and non-food industrial purposes.

Plant breeding has performed a vital position in supporting these developments: Breeding for greater yield and oil content material allowed for a rise in oil manufacturing per unit space, whereas breeding for higher oil high quality has improved each the human well being worth of vegetable oils in addition to the suitability of specific oils in particular industrial purposes.

Furthermore, newly developed distinctive oil qualities are opening new alternatives in agricultural manufacturing and processing. Oil crop species have been developed in numerous botanical households from each the monocots and dicots.

Thus, oil crops are a extremely various set of species from quick season annuals to perennials with a life span of over 2000 years. Consequently, breeding strategies used for oil crop enchancment embody clonal breeding, pure line breeding, enchancment of open-pollinated populations in addition to hybrid breeding.

Specifically, the breeding procedures and strategies embody virtually each exercise from easy mass choice and hybridization to specialised biotechnologies akin to in vitro propagation or genetic engineering.

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Oil crops for manufacturing of superior biofuels

Oil crops are the bottom for biodiesel manufacturing. In Europe, rapeseed is the commonest feedstock for biodiesel manufacturing. Within the US, Argentina and Brazil, soybean oil is probably the most dominant biodiesel gas feedstock. In Indonesia and Malaysia, palm oil is the principle feedstock cultivated.

In 2008, 66 % of biodiesel in Europe got here from rapeseed, 13 % from soybean and 12 % from palm oil (Junginger et al., 2014). Moreover probably the most outstanding oil crops (palm, soybean, rapeseed and sunflower), many different crops akin to, canola, mustard, flax, jatropha, coconut, hemp, and pennycress are good assets of oil.

Using corn oil can be gaining momentum in the US, the place massive volumes of maize are utilized in ethanol manufacturing. Corporations akin to Corn Oil One are growing enhancements to crude corn oil to facilitate conversion into biodiesel. Progressive applied sciences for separation of corn oil are included on the method innovation web page.

Within the EU, issues over iLUC and the Meals vs. Gasoline debate have led to proposals to restrict biofuel manufacturing from meals crops to 7 % (see proposed adjustments to the Renewable Vitality Directive and Gasoline High quality Directive). This has accelerated curiosity in drought-resistant oil crops that may be cultivated on marginal lands and don’t compete with meals crops.

Nevertheless, there are doubts solid on the validity of the assumptions made and fashions used to underpin the iLUC debate. For instance, in Germany in early 2015, UFOP revealed a brochure Alternative or danger for the longer term!? presenting a extra optimistic outlook on the advantages provided by Rapeseed and different oil crops.

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Worldwide Manufacturing of chosen Oil Crops 2014

Oil Crops Manufacturing (tonnes per yr)
Oil palm 52,821,076
Soybean 308,436,057
Rapeseed 70,954,407
Palm kernels 15,913,911
Cottonseed 46,657,005
Groundnut with shell 42,316,355
Olive 15,516,980
Coconut 61,440,691
Maize 1,021,616,584
Sesame seed 5,469,023
Linseed 2,564,535
Safflower seed 867,659

A = Combination, could embody official, semi-official or estimated information
Supply: FAOSTAT | © FAO Statistics Division 2016 | 02 August 2016

Oil crops

Oil seed rape (Brassica napus, B. rapa, B. juncea)

Oil Crops

Globally, industrial provide is dominated by two species, Brassica napus L. and B. rapa L. Each species comprise spring and winter types which are distinguished by vernalization requirement. Seeds of those species comprise 40 % or extra oil and produce meals with 35 to 40 % protein.

In comparison with soybeans, rapeseed can have greater than twice the oil content material however a decrease protein stage. World rapeseed manufacturing in 2015/16 is pegged at 68 million tonnes, a 4–5 % drop relative to the previous two years’ bumper harvests and continues to be ranked proper after soybeans in regards to the manufacturing of main oil crops (FAO, 2016).

Soybean (Glycine max)

Oil Crops

Soy is a bushy, leguminous plant, native of South-East Asia that’s grown for the beans, that are used within the meals trade, for protein in cattle feed and for oil manufacturing. The beans sometimes comprise about 18 – 20% oil, 40% protein, 17% cellulose, minor contents are sugar, ash, fibre and different elements.

Soybeans are the world’s largest oilseed crop, with a manufacturing of about 56 % of the world’s complete oilseeds. America is the biggest single producer of soybeans (FAO, 2016).

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Oil Crops

Sunflower grows in quite a lot of soil situations however performs finest in well-drained soils with excessive water-holding capability. In drier areas it usually wants a minimum of supplemental irrigation for finest yields.

Nevertheless, sunflower is taken into account a drought tolerant oil crops and has a deeper root system than most crops. Sunflower seeds comprise 45 – 55 % oil that’s used for meals, cosmetics or biofuel manufacturing. About 8 % of the world oil crop manufacturing have been sunflower seeds in response to the FAO (2014).

Jatropha (Varied Jatropha species)

Oil Crops
Oil Crops

Photos of Jatropha curcas © copyright JatroSolutions GmbH, which presents experience in tropical plant manufacturing, together with cultivation of Jatropha for biofuel manufacturing. The highest image exhibits pollination of Jatropha by bees. The image instantly above exhibits male flower (proper) and feminine flower (left).

Jatropha curcas is a tropical plant that grows effectively on marginal land, is drought tolerant and has seeds with excessive oil content material (~40%). In Singapore, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and JOil Pte Ltd. have developed Jatropha strains with 75% oleic acid content material, in comparison with the everyday 45% % (Could 2012).

In frequent with different family members Euphorbiaceae, Jatropha incorporates poisonous substances and due to this fact is unsuitable as a meals/feed crop. Jatropha appeared a really promising candidate as a biofuel feedstock and an funding increase adopted within the mid-2000s. Nevertheless, preliminary claims of excessive yields couldn’t be verified on marginal lands; the early cultivars examined required a lot of water, good soils and excessive fertiliser inputs to attain excessive yields.

Nevertheless analysis and funding in Jatropha continues. In 2014, Lufthansa signed a Memorandum of Understanding with JatroSolutions GmbH (a subsidiary of EnBW, the third-largest German power firm) to make jatropha manufacturing commercially viable.

In future, Lufthansa will assist the start-up firm to arrange a uncooked supplies provide chain to make sure the availability of biosynthetic gas derived from the jatropha plant. [Source: greenaironline , September 2014].

In 2014, Jatropower AG, Switzerland, acquired the belongings of Qunivita BV. Jatropower presents a variety of hybrid seeds and Jatropha cultivars. Jatropower has a give attention to high-yielding, non-toxic edible jatropha, which allows safer dealing with of the plant and permits for using the kernel meal (after oil extraction) as animal feed. Its major analysis farms are located in India, and it operates selection testing websites in Paraguay and Kenya. [Source: Jatropower].

NesteOil has additionally researched using Jatropha for biodiesel manufacturing. Galp Energia, Portugal is main a analysis undertaking on Jatropha for biofuels manufacturing in Mozambique.

Stay-fence hedges of Jatropha with a double profit could also be a worthwhile choice for small scale farmers in Africa. This was investigated in a undertaking 2010 – 2011.

Camelina (Camelina Sativa)

Camelina sativa

Camelina sativa is an oil plant that grows effectively on marginal land, is cold-tolerant and has an oil-yield of 35-38%. Sustainable Oils (a partnership between Focused Development, Inc. and Inexperienced Earth Fuels, LLC) at the moment has 30 Camelina breeding trials within the US and Canada.

The corporate first supplied Camelina-based biodiesel for a Japan Airways check flight in January 2009. Biojet gas derived from Camelina has been efficiently used on many demonstration flights within the final 5 years.

The Eureka BIOFUEL-CAMELINA Mission, coordinated by ISCO, Poland, studied the cultivation of Camelina sativa and cameline oil manufacturing, biofuel manufacturing and analysis. The Camelina Affiliation of Ukraine was established in 2014 for cultivation and industrial exploitation of Camelina sativa merchandise in Ukraine.

Macaw palm – Acrocomia aculeata

Oil Crops
Oil Crops

The above pictures (and that of fruits, beneath) are © Copyright Oberländer and kindly supplied by College of Hohenheim, Germany

The neo-tropical palm species Acrocomia aculeata naturally happens in a variety of tropical and subtropical environments. In distinction to the African oil palm, it tolerates low temperatures (> -5°C) with out unfavorable impacts on yields. It grows between 30° north and south of the equator and is even present in areas with longer dry seasons as much as six months such because the Chaco area of Paraguay and cerrado area of Brazil. After 5 to 6 years it yields a harvest of 20 t/ha/a. Since this fruit is unhazardous, all components of it may be used. All have their very own market; nonetheless its potential when it comes to meals, feed and gas continues to be underexploited. Contemplating the yield of perennial vegetation, the Acrocomia palm (2 t/ha/a of Pulp oil and 1 t/ha/a of Kernel oil) can ranked in-between the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis, 3 – 6 t/ha/a of Pulp oil and 1 t/ha/a of Kernel oil) and Jatropha (Jatropha curcas, 1 t/ha/a).

For the previous decade, the College of Hohenheim in Germany and the Catholic College of Paraguay have labored collectively on the domestication of Acrocomia aculeata, which is endemic to the Americas. There may be substantial data obtainable on progress and yield efficiency to determine sustainable and rentable plantations. This palm is good for ‘peasant farmer’ cultivation, however can be effectively suied to sole cropping and agroforestry methods together with silvo-pastoral methods. As a result of its perennial progress sample and long-term means to supply financial yields it presents an enormous potential for carbon sequestration as effectively.

Oil Crops

The fruits of Macaw palm, can be utilized to provide meals, feed, power/gas and uncooked supplies for the beauty and chemical trade. In Paraguay, at the moment ten oil mills are in operation utilizing Acrocomia fruits for oil extraction, though virtually all fruits are collected from wild rising palms with minor management of high quality features.

At the moment, additional reseach to commecialise Acrocomia is going down providing future potential, particularly in Paraguay, Brazil, and Costa Rica the place Acrocomia palm is planted and rising in numerous environments [Source: University of Hohenheim, 2014].

Dwarf saltwort / Dwarf glasswort (Salicornia bigelovii)

A salt mash halophyte that’s discovered on each the east and west coast of the US and Mexico. The plant is of curiosity as a biofuel feedstock because it grows in desert environments, will be irrigated with seawater, and the seed incorporates round 30% oil content material. It’s being grown extensivley throughout the globe, for instance in India.

In The United Arab Emirates, the Sustainable Bioenergy Analysis Consortium is growing an Built-in Seawater Vitality and Agriculture System (ISEAS) to domesticate the halophyte Salicornia as a sustainable feedstock for biofuel manufacturing.

Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus)

Oil Crops

The oil content material of cardoon seeds (artichoke oil) is between 20–32 % (Pasqualino, 2006). The suitability as a feedstock for biodiesel manufacturing has been investigated in a number of research (e.g. Pasqualino 2006, Torres et al. 2013).

Cynara cardunculus (Cardoon) has additionally been investigated as an power crop for co-firing with lignite on the PPC Kardia Energy Plant, Greece, as a part of the FP6 DEBCO undertaking.

Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense)

Oil Crops

Has been investigated within the U.S. by USDA-ARS as a possible feedstock for biodiesel. Pennycress will be grown as a winter floor cowl crop and harvested within the spring, offering soy farmers with extra revenue. Thlaspi arvense varieties are being commercially developed by corporations akin to Arvegenix.

Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata)

Brassica carinata oilseed has been developed as a biofuel feedstock (Resonance™) by Agrisoma Biosciences (Canada). It’s suited to semi-arid areas and produces seed with 44% oil content material.

In April 2012, Agrisoma introduced that Resonance™ will likely be evaluated as a feedstock for Honeywell Inexperienced Jet Gasoline™, and reported that the world’s first civilian flight powered solely by biofuel was flown from Ottawa, Canada.

Indian Beech (Millettia pinnata, Pongamia pinnata)

Oil Crops

Millettia pinnata (Pongamia pinnata) is a leguminous tree species (15-25m) that grows extensively Asia, together with arid areas. It’s pest resistant and produces seeds with 25–40% lipid content material (almost half oleic acid).

It additionally produces in depth root networks and can be utilized to stop soil erosion (but in addition could trigger issues as an invasive weed, if not correctly managed).

Castor bean (Rizinus communis)

Oil Crops

Castor oil can be being developed as a possible industrial-scale biofuel feedstock. “Castor bean is a non-edible, high oil-yielding crop (40%-50% seed oil content) with high tolerance for growth under harsh environmental conditions, such as low rainfall and heat” [Source: Evogene].

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