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Ontario Federation of Agriculture launches campaign to protect farmland


The  Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has launched an advocacy campaign referred to as Residence Grown in an effort to lower the loss of farmland to improvement.

“Once it’s paved over, it’s gone forever,” the group says.

Residence Grown focuses on defending and preserving farmland and home meals manufacturing, and is designed to enhance consciousness on the problem and improve client data concerning the damaging impacts of city improvement on Ontario’s agri-food system, OFA says. There’s a petition circulating to accumulate signatures for help, as properly.

Primarily based on knowledge from the newest Census of Agriculture (2016), roughly 175 acres of farmland is being misplaced day-after-day to city improvement in Ontario.

“When you look at your breakfast plate, the wheat in your bread, the milk in your glass, the strawberries in your jam; these things all come from a farmer,” says Peggy Brekveld, OFA president. “We have a choice to make – we need to decide if farmers are going to continue to grow food right here at home, for all Ontarians to enjoy, making a difference in our economy, our environment and our rural communities, or if that farmer is going to be feeding us from somewhere else.”

A rising inhabitants is placing important stress on Ontario’s remaining crop land. What’s extra, Minister’s Zoning Orders (MZOs) permits the provincial authorities to bypass land use processes and rezone farmland for city makes use of. For the reason that starting of the pandemic, an MZO has been used six instances in Ontario, OFA says.

On the present fee, OFA says a median of 5 farms per week are misplaced to city improvement. The event additionally threatens wetlands, shorelines, and forests.

The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) has added its voice to the OFA Residence Grown campaign. “Protecting valuable pastureland which, according to Census data, is proven to be lost at a much higher rate than any other type of farmland, is extremely important to Ontario beef farmers. These losses are unsustainable and given the anticipated population growth in Ontario, Canada and the world, further priority and action by government is needed to protect farmland in order to maintain a sufficient supply of locally grown food,” BFO says.

BFO is encouraging its members to help the campaign and signal and flow into the petition.

Farming in Ontario can also be an financial driver, offering almost 1 million jobs within the agri-food sector, and contributing greater than $47 billion to the provincial financial system.

OFA encourages everybody to assist protect our farms and meals ceaselessly by participating within the campaign and signing the web petition at homegrown.ofa.on.ca.


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