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Painting a picture for your agronomist: Considerations for in-field photos


Face-to-face interplay is much more uncommon than common lately. Having the time or capacity to schedule an agronomist to come back to your subject might be tough. That doesn’t cease points from popping up in your subject, nevertheless.

Agronomists can help us from afar, although, with the assistance of the little cameras in our pockets. Nevertheless, there are specific stuff you’re going to wish to seize to be able to ensure that stated agronomist can actually perceive what’s going on in your subject.

Jeremy Boychyn, agronomy analysis extension specialist with Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions, says if you’re assessing affect — whether or not or not it’s illness, insect, or environmental points — you wish to paint a picture that exhibits your state of affairs from each 10,000 ft up and an inch away.

As a way to do that, you’ll have to ask your self a few vital questions — and take photos of the solutions — says Boychyn, together with:

  • Is the difficulty in low areas of the fields? Is it in excessive areas of the fields?
  • Am I seeing it near borders?
  • Am I seeing it extra within the centre, or extra at entrances?
  • Am I seeing it in irregular patterns?
  • Does it transfer with the panorama?
  • Is it probably extra of a man-made sample — the place you see a straight line going up the sphere?

“Asking those questions to yourself first, can then help later down the road when you are trying to make a decision of what is actually impacting my crop right now,” says Boychyn.

From there, you’ll wish to get into the nearer pictures of no matter challenge you might be seeing on the plant.

“Get multiple examples of similar but different symptoms of what you’re seeing. Not every disease or issue that comes up looks the same on every plant through the issues timeline on that plant,” explains Boychyn. “We might see more or less of those issues in different parts of the field. So you really want to paint a wide picture of whats going on. Nothing is more challenging then when you get a single picture of a single plant, and someone says ‘what is this’.”

Boychyn additionally acknowledges when producers are asking their agronomist a query just about, the reply very often is “it depends.” By capturing these pictures, we are able to mitigate these solutions by exhibiting what’s going on throughout the sphere, in addition to the micro degree of particular person vegetation.

One other vital word to recollect when taking photos for your agronomist — the cellphone you will have will seemingly take excessive sufficient high quality photos, so long as we bear in mind to focus these cameras.

“I can immediately think of multiple images I’ve gotten where I have to squint and say ‘is that canola, or is that wheat,’ so yes, absolutely. Make sure that you know how to use the tool that you’re using,” Boychyn explains. “There’s no need to get too fancy — leave that up to the scientists when they’re trying to get good images of certain issues. We just want to get a good idea of whats going on.”

It can be useful to incorporate one thing for scale, similar to a ruler or glove, and ensure to incorporate as many particulars as doable in your description.

Wish to hear extra? Hearken to Boychyn’s full dialogue on the t0pic throughout this Q&A!


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