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PIC announces investment into pea, canola protein products


Protein Industries Canada (PIC) introduced a co-investment into pea, canola, and blended pea-canola protein elements in new plant-based products.

Advantage Practical Meals, TWC Diet, Daiya Meals, and Grand River Meals are partnering to product the brand new plant-based products, which might embrace various meat products, various dairy products, or different drinks.

“Adding value to our crops by turning them into innovative food products is a boon for our communities and the Canadian economy as a whole. This partnership will not only benefit Canadian pea and canola farmers by expanding their domestic market, but it will also benefit consumers of plant-based foods by giving them more options for top-quality Canadian-made products,” says Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Meals Marie-Claude Bibeau.

PIC will present half of the investment to the undertaking, with the opposite corporations offering the remaining half. The overall undertaking investment will quantity to $7.9 million.

The undertaking’s scaling up of Advantage Practical Meals’ ingredient improvement represents a big step ahead, not just for mental property potential, but in addition the power to make the most of Canada’s numerous crop choice in new methods, that prioritize shopper well being and style.

“Canada is known for our diverse selection of high quality crops, but we have the potential to be known for what we can do with them,” says Invoice Greuel, CEO of PIC. “Merit Functional Foods has proven that our peas and canola make for ideal plant protein ingredients, and now TWC Nutrition, Daiya Foods and Grand River Foods will help show consumers around the world that these ingredients can be the base for healthy, delicious plant-based foods and beverages.”

That is PIC’s twentieth undertaking announcement and their nineteenth, particular to their know-how program.


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