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Plan now to can that garden bounty later


The 2020 pandemic led to a large resurgence in gardening and canning recognition amongst these staying at house. Some explored it as a brand new pastime, whereas others used their gardens to complement their meals provides. And that led to folks from all walks of life rediscovering the fun of canning.

5 STEPS: Ok-State Analysis and Extension (KSURE) reminds you there are 5 steps to preserving meals recent, and preserving it safely. (Courtesy of KSURE)

In accordance to analysis performed by Axiom Advertising, 86% of householders plan to proceed gardening this summer season, with 47% of these surveyed saying they’ll plant extra and increase their gardens this season. That would lead to meals preservation provides being in excessive demand once more.

“Now is the time to check canning equipment, and make repairs needed or replace worn items,” says Karen Blakeslee, coordinator of Kansas State College’s Fast Response Middle for meals science. “Examine jars and take damaged ones out of your canning supply. Canning lids were in short supply last year, so be patient as those supplies get replenished.”

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Native Ok-State Analysis and Extension places of work ought to give you the chance to examine a number of manufacturers of dial-gauge stress canners, together with Presto, Nationwide, Maid of Honor and Magic Seal, to ensure that they’re working correctly. And Blakeslee says this service is free.

“If you are new to canning, practice using your equipment now before you want to can food,” she says. “Learn how the canners work with your stovetop. Use water-filled jars as substitutes to process through the canners. Also, be aware that some canners should not be used on flat glass stovetops. Always follow the canner and stove manufacturer’s directions.”

Blakeslee says canners ought to use recipes that have been validated by analysis to guarantee a safely canned meals.

“A majority of food preservation failures occur due to user errors,” she says. That features forgetting to regulate processing for elevation.

The Fast Response Middle has a number of recipes, how-to movies and publications on meals preservation and canning online.

“Take the time to get educated before you start,” Blakeslee says. “This will help guide you to making safe food and reducing waste.”

Kansas State Analysis and Extension contributed to this text.


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