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PlantTape offers the best automated transplanting system

If you’re a grower of any scale, you’ve probably looked into automated transplanters. A company called PlantTape doesn’t just sell automated transplanters: they sell automated transplanters that are part of a comprehensive automated transplanting system.

PlantTape, an agricultural technology firm based in California, is quickly becoming the leading transplanting system for growers of vegetables, tomatoes, and hemp.

What makes PlantTape’s transplanter the best

Automated transplanter - PlantTape automated transplanting system

Aside from the fact the the planting mechanism for the PlantTape 3-point automated transplanter is 100% mechanical, these are some reasons why vegetable, tomato, and hemp growers should try their transplanter:

  • Doubles or triples transplanting productivity while saving up to 80% on labor expenditures
  • Allows growers for easy bed configuration and line-to-line adjustments
  • Strengthens root architecture resulting to healthier roots
  • Transplants seedlings at almost any stage of growth, giving growers tremendous flexibility on when to plant
  • Enables growers to plant different crops consecutively
  • Increases crop yield—what every grower wants

How PlantTape’s transplanting works

Automated transplanter - PlantTape automated transplanting system

The PlantTape’s transplanting process starts with sowing of the seeds into the PlantTape material.

After sowing, trays of PlantTape material are brought to a commercial nursery to start the germination on schedule with standard irrigation methods.

From the nursery, trays of PlantTape transplants are put into bins and transported to the planting site.

The PlantTape transplanter has a capacity of 68 seedling trays. At 840 seedlings per tray, a PlantTape transplanter has a full capacity of roughly 57,000 plants.

The PlantTape material is pulled from the trays by the transplanter’s planter modules as it moves through the field. To ensure a seamless transplanting pull-through from tray to tray, the tape on each tray is clipped to the next.

The planter module removes the tape between plants and inserts each seedling in the soil with precision plant spacing and depth settings.

Partner with only the most trusted automated transplanter

PlantTape values its excellent approach to customer service. This agricultural technology company provides 24-hour agronomic and equipment-related customer support.

To learn more, visit the PlantTape webpage about automated transplanter at http://www.planttape.com/automated-transplanter/

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